Queer as Folk

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  • S 5 : Ep 14

    QAF Saying Goodbye

    Aired 7/31/05

  • S 5 : Ep 13

    We Will Survive!

    Aired 8/7/05

  • S 5 : Ep 12

    Mr. Right (Never Broke a Promise)

    Aired 7/31/05

  • S 5 : Ep 11

    Fuckin' Revenge

    Aired 7/24/05

  • S 5 : Ep 10

    I Love You

    Aired 7/17/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sharon Gless

    Deborah 'Debbie' Jane Grassi Novotny

  • Hal Sparks

    Michael Novotny [ Season 1-5 ]

  • Chris Potter

    Dr. David Cameron

  • Robert Gant

    Professor Benjamin 'Ben' Bruckner [Season 2-5]

  • Peter Paige

    Emmett Honeycutt [ Season 1-5 ]

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  • Queer as Folk is an innovative, provocative, and groundbreaking series that has now ended after a five year run, the series chronicled the friendships, careers, loves, trials, tribulations, and ambitions of a diverse group of gay men and lesbians living in Pittsburgh, PA. Blending strong drama with necessary charm and humor, it rivals any other show presented on television. Over the shows run it has managed to cover a wide range of issues including Aids, cancer, drug addictions and the trials of love.moreless

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  • Quotes (570)

    • (Justin reaches orgasm while Brian is on the phone with Melanie.) Brian: Jesus Christ! I told you not to! Justin: I tried! I'm sorry. I tried! Brian: All over my new duvet! Justin: I tried. Brian: (wiping the bed) Thank you very much. Justin: It'll wash out, won't it? I mean, you should see my sheets at home.

    • Brian: Coming in? Justin: Huh? Oh, yeah. Brian: Shut the door. (Justin hesitates, then shuts the door.) Justin: This is a... really nice place.

    • Emmett: Don't look now but somebody's wat-ching. Michael: Oh, him. He's been cruising me all night. Emmett: Hmm... playing hard to get. I love that in a man. Michael: Not playing, just not interested. Emmett: Check out that bubble butt. And that basket? Enough in there for the big bad wolf.

    • (Brian and Justin are about to have anal intercourse.) Justin: Wait. In school we had this lecture, about safe sex. Brian: And now we're going to have a demonstration. (Brian grabs a condom from beside the bed, rips it open with is teeth, and while handing it to Justin.) Brian: Put it on me. Go on slip it on my dick.

    • (commenting on missing the birth of his son) Brian: Wish I could have been there. How often do I get to see snatch?

    • Daphne: Where have you been? Your mom called. I didn't know what to tell her. I said you're still asleep. Justin: I just saw the face of God. Daphne: Huh? Justin: His name is Brian Kinney.

    • (Everyone at Justin's school is staring at Brian's jeep with the word 'faggot' on it.) Brian: Here we are sonny boy. Michael: Be sure to come home right after school. Brian: No lingering on the playground or the locker room with the gym teacher. Michael: Oh you did not tell him about that! Brian: It's the most famous shower scene since Psycho. Justin's schoolmate: (passing by, screaming at Justin) Hey Justin, wanna suck me off? Brian: No. (getting down from his jeep) But I'll kick your tight little virgin ass so hard you won't sit down for a week!

    • Brian: (surprised by the graffiti on his jeep) Oh that's beautiful Mikey. Just beautiful. Michael: It's not my fault! I've told you about those two psychopaths down the street. Brian: What? A couple of 12-year-olds? Michael: They start early these days! (looking at Justin) What are you laughing at? Justin: Nothing... You. Sound like my parents fighting.

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    Notes (98)

    • Sharon Gless (Debbie) does not appear in this episode. She made her first appearance in the next episode, which originally aired as a 90-minute episode with this episode.

    • International Air Dates: Germany: Monday January 09, 2006

    • In the Queer as Folk UK version, during the first anal intercourse scene, Stuart (US: Brian) relaxes Nathan (US: Justin) by telling him about the footballers entering the field each time he goes in deeper. The US version does not have a similar scene; instead Justin asks Brian if it always hurts. Brian says it'll hurt a little bit but that's part of sex, and asks him to relax.

    • The Logo channel removed the sex scene (rimming and anal intercourse) between Brian and Justin when showing the pilot episode (9/24/2006 @ 00:30 CDT). This version cuts from Michael watching Schindler's Fist (a gay POW movie) to Brian and Justin waking up in the morning together and Justin holding Brian.

    • Randy Harrison (Justin) would run in place and jump up and down to constantly maintain the exhausted/hyperventilating feeling he needed to perform in his sex scenes.

    • Music: "Can You Feel It" by The Tamperer; "Let's Hear It for The Boy" by Katty B.; "Synasthesia" by Junkie XL; "Deeper Love" by Ruff Driverz; "Sandstorm" by Darude; "You Think You're a Man" by Full Frontal; "Proud" by Heather Small; "X-Hale Slowly" by Bootsy McQueen; "So Good" by The Aloof; "Heavy Scene" by Meg Lee Chin; "More Effeminate Than You" by Robin Black

    • Set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this series is actually filmed in Toronto, Canada.

    • Sharon Gless (Debbie) first appears in this episode , which originally aired as a 90-minute episode with the previous episode.

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    Trivia (67)

    • The word FAGGOT is on the passenger’s side of the jeep but Brian looks back at the gawking people over his left shoulder (and the driver’s side). People on that side of the jeep would not see the word.

    • Brian wears a white jockstrap by 2(x)ist and black button fly jeans, when stripping for the first time in front of Justin.

    • Brian lost his virginity at 14, to his gym coach in the locker room.

    • When Brian pours the water over him, trying to seduce Justin, his hair is wet. In the next shot his hair is dry, then wet again.

    • In the pilot episode, Michael goes through the back room of Babylon looking for Brian. On his way, he sees another friend (who's having sex) and says, "Hey, Todd! How's it going?" Todd looks at him and says, "Fine!" A different character asks Todd the same thing in the first episode of the first, second, fourth, and fifth seasons.

    • Michael's first sexual encounter happened at 14 (15 tops), when Brian gave him a handjob. Michael doesn't think it should count because he didn't climax (his mother walked in without knocking).

    • In Ted's apartment, there is a picture of him, Michael and Emmett at Babylon. Judging by the clothes, the picture was taken from the first scene of The Pilot.

    • Emmett's home town is Hazlehurst, Mississippi; where he was ostracized by the community for being gay so badly that the mailman would spit at him.

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    Allusions (41)

    • On the hospital roof, Brian gets up on the ledge. Brian: I could end it all now right now. Michael: Oh, that would be dramatic like ER. Birth and death in the same episode. Now get down! This is an allusion to the TV series ER, in which sometimes birth and death happens in the Emergency Room in the same episode.

    • Porn Title - Schindler's Fist Parodies the 1993 Holocaust drama Schindler's List starring Liam Neeson and directed by Steven Spielberg.

    • Brian: Kids grrrrreat! Grrrrreat! is the catchphrase of Tony the Tiger, mascot for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal.

    • Michael: Okay Boy Wonder, I'm taking you home. Boy Wonder is the title given to DC Comics superhero Robin, who is the young sidekick of Batman.

    • Brian: Don't say that Wendy! We'll never grow up! This is paraphrased from the stories/plays of Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. The stories revolve around a fairy boy named Peter (usually accompanied by his friends the Lost Boys) who wants to have fun all day and never grow up and accept adult responsibilities. Wendy is the young girl who plays mother to Peter and his friends but in the end realizes you can't stay young forever and leaves.

    • Brian: It's the most famous shower scene since Psycho. Psycho is the classic 1960 Alfred Hitchcock horror film, most famously known for the murder of character Marion (Janet Leigh) in a shower.

    • Brian: They'd probably tie you to a fence and bash your brains in. This is an allusion to the brutal slaying of Matthew Shepard in 1998, who was beaten, tied to a fence and left for dead in a remote area in Wyoming.

    • Brian: So Dawson, how're things down at the creek? This is an obvious reference to the WB teen drama Dawson's Creek, which focused on the problems and trials of aspiring film maker Dawson Leary and his friends Joey, Pacey, Jen & Jack.

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