Bringing Out the Inner Fab: Jeff B

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Quotes (5)

  • Jai: All of us are very different. We don't fit one specific stereotype. Ted: Except for Carson.

  • Ted: Thom's style is really masculine, oddly enough. Considering what a flamer he is.

  • Thom (sitting on Jeff's lap): We're trying to get you a date and here you are— Jeff: I like older men. Thom: Older! Oh my god! You're in so much trouble.

  • Carson (yelling out the window): Hey! Are you single? Thom: No. He's just annoyed.

  • Carson: You are suffering from the post-collegiate t-shirt syndrome. PCTS. Not to be confused with post-traumatic stress disorder. Which I have after looking at this.

Notes (1)

  • This episode is the second time Queer Eye has made over a gay person (the first time being the Wayne H episode). Both episodes first aired during June, which is Gay Pride month.