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    Some conservatives will blame the "Liberal Media" (by the way I believe that the media is only as liberal as the corporations who own it) for undermining family values by presenting an immoral life style as acceptable.

    By COTV, May 26, 2007

    Queer Eyes are seeing Red. Knowing that I live in a blue state and work in the entertainment industry, one might conclude that I tend to lean to the left politically and socially. You would be correct. Growing up in L.A. I knew that certain celebrities were gay and assumed that the rest of the country knew it as well, only to be stunned over the scandal created after that celebrity came out. Especially Liberace. Come on, how could you not know? But I’d like to make a pragmatic observation. I, like many of my friends, both gay and straight, were surprised to hear that on election day voters in 11 states (Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah and Oregon) approved constitutional amendments limiting marriage to a man and a woman. When you look at the ratings for shows like "Will and Grace", Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and to a smaller extent "The L Word", Queer as Folk" and "Six Feet Under", one would think that our collective tolerances have evolved over the last few years.

    Some conservatives will blame the "Liberal Media" (by the way I believe that the media is only as liberal as the corporations who own it) for undermining family values by presenting an immoral life style as acceptable. Well, somebody was watching these shows and I tend to believe the Nielsen TV Ratings more than I believe the pollsters. Is it morality or hypocrisy when people are in essence saying, "Sure I like seeing them on TV, but I don’t want them getting married and moving into my neighborhood".

    There have been times when I’ve used the word "Homophobic" to describe people’s behavior, only to hear in response, "I don’t like that word". Hey, I don’t like "Couch Potato" but if the shoe fits...

    Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary defines homophobia: ho·mo·pho·bia Function: noun: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals

    There is a fear that same-sex unions will weaken the institution marriage (would someone please tell me how?). People have used the so-called liberal media to scare citizens with stock footage of the most outrageous moments from Gay Pride parades and say, "This can happen in our town". Instead of trying to find ways to overcome their fear, they just prefer that I just not to use the word "Homophobic" in describing them. Fine, I’ll stop using the word "Homophobic" when you stop using the word... Actually there are several words and I don’t want to dignify them in this column.

    Let us all live by The Golden Rule "Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you."

    To quote Jerry Sienfeld, "Not that there's anything wrong with that".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroamoreless

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    Funniest makeover show!

    By tomluver4life, Oct 01, 2006

    I started watching this show at the beginning and even though I don't have the time to watch this show it is still great to sit down every once in awhile and enjoy an episode. The guys are funny and kind of mean, but not so mean that they offend the poor guy that they happen to be making over. They usually make the guy laugh as well. This show is a pure work of genius. What the Fab Five do to these men is absolutely amazing! The transformations are always great and the guys always turn out much better once the Five have had their way with them. This is a GREAT show!moreless

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    this is a really good show...

    By whoever2100, Jul 12, 2006

    i think this is a really good show because it teaches guys how to become better people... it seems kinda ironic at first queer guys teaching straight guys to become more of a man. but if you think about it, it actually makes sense. who knows better about fasion and food and stuff like that but queer guys! i really like this show not only do they help guys its also so funny! i love kyan douglas... if only he wasn't gay! hahahahahha!moreless

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    Who ruined this show?

    By BaylorPinoy, Jun 14, 2006

    Really? What happened? When Queer Eye first came on, it was great. Not only did they change lives, but they showed how you could do the same things yourself. And let us not foget that it was enterntaing. Eversince they finished their "Queer Eye for the Texas Guy" episodes the show has lost itself. It's more like extream makeover where it's not light-hearted and entertaining to watch, but actually kind of depressing. They've even stopped showing you how to do things and just showing the end result. Okay, it's nice the guy doesn't live in a dump any more, but how can I do something similar for myself?moreless

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    Great show and funny!

    By JPPT1974, Jun 10, 2006

    Even though I don't agree with the sexuality of the

    Five gay men, I do think the show is funny

    As well as just the men being happy go lucky indeed

    Carson with fashion

    Kyan with grooming

    Thom with home interior

    Ted with cooking

    And last but not least Jai with culture

    Very good show to give straight men housetips and grooming!

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    a great show!

    By mistyann21, Mar 29, 2006

    A great intresting sweet show. it is smart and defantily useful. I know more than a few guys who, if they where confident enough to watch the show it would do them a world of good. I like that the people on the show are simply themselves. they are all different but all of them are invaluable to the show.

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    Well, it was a tie between "Trendsetter" and "Absolutely fabulous" and fabulousness won out!

    By candozier, Mar 25, 2006

    This season, after having dropped "for the Straight Guy" hasn't diminished the enthusiasm and candor with which these guys approach their tasks. They have branched out in helping couples wanting to get married, a Moose Lodge in NY and even Kevin Bacon's younger brother!

    I look forward to seeing how much more of the world they can "turn on with a smile", just like Mary Tyler Moore!

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  • 9.2

    QE is an interesting and markedly different way of looking at the Reality and Makeover subgenre.

    By doubleshiny, Mar 12, 2006

    The so-called 'victims' appearing in QEFTSG appear willingly, and despite being harangued in a playful manner over their cleanliness, fashion sense and the contents of their fridge, they emerge from this show as more confident and more mature people. This is a show with lasting effects, not just for the wardrobe and the home, but for the lifestyle.

    The Fab Five are not about tearing a person's confidence to shreds and dressing them like a doll, as we have seen in some of the lesser makeover shows (What Not To Wear, Extreme Makeovers). The subjects are listened to, they are counselled and delivered back to their partners and friends as better versions of themselves. No more bad haircut, no more dangerous living conditions. Think of the difference between wearing makeup and wearing a mask. This is the difference between QE and other makeover shows.

    Thom Filicia in particular, handles the design of the subjects home in a way that no other reality show decorator does. His designs, furniture and decor choices reflect the person living in them. He extols the virtues of using your living space as you want to use it. Don't eat at the the table? Then don't have a dining room. Use the computer a lot? Put it in the lounge. And always, put your personality and your own stamp on the rooms. Watch Thom work a room, and you will forever see Changing Rooms and other interior makeovers as severely lacking.

    QE never has one of those awkward 'reveal' moments where you can tell that someone hates what the makeover team have done. They are roundly thanked, sometimes tearfully, by the straight men they transform from ugly ducklings to 21st century swans. I have yet to see one person show any distaste at the changes made to their life. The response is always, as it should be. A heartfelt 'thankyou'moreless

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    Not a make-over, a make better

    By mercyangel09, Feb 24, 2006

    Make-over shows started with Maurry and Sally Jessie Raphael. We’ve come along way since then. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy takes Joe Straight and fixes him up with new furniture, a new wardrobe, new body and hair products, and basic introductions into culture and cooking. Most women agree: men on the whole need a lot of work, and who better to help them than five gay men who have an area of expertise that can be universally helpful.

    The tips aren’t insane or out there. They’re usable, practical, and not gender limited. As a straight girl, I find it extremely useful to learn interior design and cooking tips from Thom and Ted. The whole population can benefit from these “make-better” tips. And by make better, I mean that they’re simply not changing his wardrobe and fixing up the living room, they’re dishing out useful hints and tricks that can be used every day to make the quality of life better all together.

    For anyone looking for decorating tips, hair care tricks (never underestimate the power of a nose hair trimmer) and fashion advice, the Fab Five have it covered. Want to better appreciate art or wine? The Fab Five have it covered. There is a wealth of good, useful information on this show and the fact that the hosts are gay is merely a footnote. Anyone obsessing over the sexual orientation of the Fab Five and the fact that the word “Queer” is in the title needs to get over it. This show is extremely useful, for anyone!moreless

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