The Best Little Frat House in Texas: Cameron A

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (5)

  • Thom: You just have to become really comfortable and confident about yourself and who you are -- not in a cocky way, like, you shouldn't be sort of a jerk about it, but you should definitely be like 'you know what? I'm good enough...' Cameron: Smart enough... Thom: I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it... Carson: Gosh darn it... Carson, Thom & Cameron: People like me!

  • Thom (opening the fridge): Oh my God, get out of there! Ted (Ted climbs out of the fridge): Guess who's coming to dinner?

  • Kyan: Where's the porn?

  • Thom (opening the fridge): Nothing really smells bad. Ted: That's 'cause there's nothing in here.

  • Carson: Wow, it's warm in here. We should all talk our shirts off! Go ahead, everybody, start taking your shirts off!

Notes (1)

  • This is the first time the Fab Five have taken the show on the road (not counting the original pilot, which had a different cast, which was shot in Scout Productions' home town of Boston). A few months later they travelled to England for two episodes, and the following year visted Florida to makeover the Red Sox.

Trivia (2)

  • The Fan Five's Denali is decorated with a pair of longhorns for the three Texas episodes.

  • Thom cuts his forehead open during the food fight, and can be seen wearing a band aid covered with makeup later on in the show. In later episodes the resulting slight scar is visible.

Allusions (2)

  • There are many references to the movie Animal House in this episode, the main one being the frat boys and their guests recreating the "Shout" dance scene.

  • The episode is titled: "The Best Little Frat House in Texas." This is a play on the title of the movie "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas."