Quick Draw MCGraw

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    By Tellaphone, Jun 08, 2008

    wow this show was good I never lived in its time when these episodes were still new I get to watch some in Boomerang.I just watch like 2 hours of this in my whole life and I already got up to 7.1 if I were to watch it more then I know my rating will go up reaaaaaaally slow(slower than a turtle).This show is not bad also it doesnt show much in boomerang though but I get exited when it shows up mostly when quickdraw is El kabong that is so cool and also his little sidekick I know his name but I dont know how to spell it. I also like YogiBear but personally I think I like Quickdraw McGraw better I also think I like it better than Huckelberryhound. Ok thats all gooooooood bye!.moreless

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