Quick Draw MCGraw

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  • Baba Looey: You gotta admit one thin', Quicksdraw is a man of his word. Meet Quicksdraw McGraw, the fastest broom alive. Quickdraw: (sweeping) I said I was goin' to clean up this one horse town and I'm a gonna!

  • Baba Looey: Wha' happen Quicksdraw? Quickdraw: How would I know? I just got here.

  • Grumble-weed: Leave us face it, I'm a western delinquent.

  • Narrator: Would you show us your famous quick draw, Quickdraw? Quickdraw: Yep, there's nothin' to it. I just toss this tin can up in the air...(tosses)...whip out my six gun...(whirls it around and fires hitting himself in the face) Shucks, I had the bullet in backwards.

  • Tombstone: I'm plumb shook up about your beauty, ma'am. Quickdraw: (dressed as a lady) What is it about me got you shook up? Tombstone: You remind me of my horse, you cute little cactus.

  • Tombstone: You wouldn't shoot a ring tailed varmint like me, would you? (Baba Looey shoots him) I guess you would.

  • Baba Looey: (dressed like a baby) Goo goo, money. Tombstone: I'll goo goo you, you little coyote!

  • Quickdraw: I still say we are going to get it. Baba Looey: You are so right, Amigo!

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Notes (2)

  • This is the first episode of Quickdraw McGraw.

  • The coyote assimilates the voice (by Daws Butler) and mannerisms of Jerry Lewis.

Allusions (1)

  • Scooter Rabbit: Welcome, welcome to You Bet Your Life You Won't Catch Me! Alludes to You Bet Your Life, Groucho Marx's popular NBC quiz show of the time. Scooter Rabbit's mannerisms and dialogue also reflect those of Groucho.