Shall We Fight

Season 1, Ep 20, Aired 12/29/04
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  • Episode Description
  • When Matt offers to give Carol and Bob dance lessons, Carol is overjoyed but Bob doesn't seem quite as joyful. But as always Carol convinces Bob....Or threatens him. Meanwhile Patton has a date with Julie and Penny has her own date but when they find run into each other Penny and Patton's dates suggest they double date...Which turns out to become more of a miserable time for Patton and Penny and a "flirtatous" time for their dates. Pearce is outraged when he finds out that Alayna has agreed to going for a mani-pedi with Paige instead of going out with him. He finds it hard to cope without Alayna and begins to stalk her. Meanwhile Bob and Carol are taking their dance lesson when Carol hurts her ankle. After Bob is forced to take the dance lessons alone, Matt tells him that Bob isn't excatly "a pleasure to teach". Bob then gets a new instructor, a female one, named Sophia. When Bob tries to go to his next dance lesson, Carol quickly figures out that he now has a female instructor and accuses him of feeling guilty. When Carol heads down to where the dance lessons are being held she meets Sophia and realizes why her husband liked her so much. She also finds out that Bob didn't go to his lesson. Meanwhile Pearce convinces Parker to make sure that he doesn't go anymore which unables him from going after Alayna which makes him look like a "psycho stalker boyfriend". In the end however Alayna came to him. Awwwww! Patton and Penny however end up having their hearts broken; Penny's boyfriend breaks up with her because she's too smart and Patton's girlfriend breaks up with him because he's too cocky. Meanwhile Carol admit to Bob that she unerstood how he felt.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Johnny Lewis

    Pearce Chase

  • Andy Richter

    Bob Chase

  • Rebecca Creskoff

    Carol Chase

  • Ryan Pinkston

    Patton Chase

  • Jake McDorman

    Parker Chase

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  • Quotes (14)

    • Penny: I'll have the turkey club. Patton: (reading the kids' menu) And I'll have a Choo-Choo Cheeseburger.

    • Bob: There's nothing going on between me and Sophia. Except for the fact that when I'm with her, for one hour, I'm not Bob the Husband. I'm not Bob the Father. I'm Bob the Dancer. Carol: Oh please. You just like to be able to press up against a sexy woman who's not your wife and get away with it. Bob: I don't need to take dance lessons to do that. I can do that on the bus.

    • Carol: Okay, Bob. What the hell's going on? Bob: What do you mean? Carol: For one thing, you're quoting that stupid novelty toilet paper your mother gave us.

    • Patton: I can't stand to listen to anymore of your pseudo-intellectual crap. "I'm Penny and I quote poets and act superior to everybody to hide the fact that I really hate myself." Penny: Yeah right. Look who's talking. "I'm Patton. If I act cocky, maybe no one will notice how insecure I am." Patton: Wrong. I'm cocky because I gots the goods. Penny: The goods? You mean "Yes I am. You likey?" Patton: Don't you ever mock the likey!

    • Patton: If I have to go out with you one more time, I'm going to pull out my intestines and strangle myself with them. Penny: Which one? Your small intestine or your smaller intestine?

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    Notes (2)

    • The mani-pedi was first mentioned in "The Sixth Quint".

    • Previously titled "Addicted to Love."

    Allusions (1)

    • Shall We Fight The title refers to the movie Shall We Dance about a man who sees a woman through a window and joins her dance class to spend more time with her.

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