Radio Free Roscoe

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  • Robbie: We're constantly bombarded. Listen to this, look like this, be like this, but before you follow around blindly, just ask yourself why. That's all we're doing. What do you want, what do you think, how do you feel? That's what counts.

  • Robbie: We got an audience. Ray: Next stop: glory town.

  • Robbie: Ray, is it go time? Ray: Sell me. Robbie: No one can tell us what to do, we can say anything we want, play any music, get girls. Ray: Sold.

  • Ray: You have to be something in high school or else you're a loser. That's just the way it is.

  • Robbie: Travis lived in Hong Kong! Ray: Hong Kong. Him and 7.2 million other people!

  • Robbie: I picked up this underground radio show from Cleveland. These kids are just talking about bands and music and stuff. It's all staticky but it's pretty cool. Ray: Yeah, static kids from Cleveland. Sounds so... (snores loudly)

  • Ray: Working on a song? Lily: Oh yeah, working on lyrics here. Ray: You know, I've always loved your w's. They remind me of waves. Lily: Thanks Ray. I think.

  • Ray: Oh man, look at this freak. He is gonna get eaten alive. You know what he said to me in homeroom? "Hey man." You don't say hey man the first time. You gotta fight a battle with them, you gotta become brothers. Lily: "Hey man." It's stupid. Ray: I don't expect you to understand Lily. Guys live by a certain code and well, you're a girl. (Lily punches Ray) Ray: Ow. Have you been working out?

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  • Music Played: Taken - The Getaway Hopeless - The Candidates Coldplay - In My Place Lunatic - One Drop The Situation - Knacker

  • During the Aptitude Test, the boy sitting behind Ali M. (Ray B.) is Manuel F.J.P. D'Souza.

  • The pilot was originally filmed in New Jersey with a different cast. It was changed later on and filmed in Toronto, which is the version released.

  • Although this episode is clearly intended as the series' opening, it aired several months after the show premiered with "About A Girl".

  • Along with "The Power of Radio", this episode was obviously intended as one of the opening episodes for the series, but aired several months after the series premiered.

  • First shown on Teenick on August 24, 2003, making it the third episode to be shown. It aired over three weeks after it first priemiered.

  • This was the first episode of Radio Free Roscoe aired.

  • Aired on Teenick two days after it premiered on The N.

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Trivia (25)

  • The main characters all choose an alias for their broadcast: Lily: Shady Lane Robbie: Question Mark Ray: Pronto Travis: Smog

  • Lake Erie is located in Ontario.

  • Goof: When Robbie is talking about love, you can faintly see a camera in one of the panes.

  • Lily had at least two pets when she was a kid: A goldfish when she was seven and a frog called Jumpy, when she was eight.

  • In Robbie's class, the topic is Wuthering Heights, the only novel published by Emily Brontë in 1847 under the pseudonym Ellis Bell.

  • The book Travis is seen reading is called A Mermaid's Tale.

  • Goof: Right after the episode starts Ray is playing with Lily's guitar. In the window behind him there is a reflection of an overhead microphone in one of the panes.

  • Goof: In the first RFR broadcast of the show, Robbie (Question Mark) says that Lily Randall got all the students pumped yesterday, but later in the same broadcast, Lily (Shady Lane) says "Today was just a fluke".

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  • Ray: I bought into this whole Spiderman Peter Parker trip, A: because I've got some deep personal problems, and B: because who doesn't wanna be spider man right? But here's the thing, yesterday we weren't Spiderman, we were just a bunch of wimpy Peter Parkers. Travis: By Day he's Peter Parker, but by night… he's Peter Parker… These quotes allude to Peter Parker and his alter ego Spiderman, from the famous comics, cartoons and movies.

  • Title: "About a Girl" The episode's title refers to the British film About a Boy.

  • Episode Title: "Clark Kent" Clark Kent is Superman, a comic book superhero that has been around since the 1950s.

  • Lily: May the force be with me! This is a reference to the Star Wars quote "May the force be with you".

  • Ms. Mitchell: When was the last time you read The Chrysalids? The book that the kids are discussing in class is The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. The quote was to Principal Waller, as he obviously wasn't reacting to the book so much as the discussion referencing RFR.

  • Episode title: "These Bossy Boots are Made for Walking" "These Boots Are Made For Walking" is a famous 1960's song by Nancy Sinatra.

  • Bridget: (about Travis) Sometimes we called him Mr. T. Mr. T is a famous actor who's most famous show was the 80s classic The A-Team.

  • Episode title: "Bridget Over Troubled Water" The title refers to the Simon and Garfunkle song "Bridge Over Troubled Water", one of their most popular songs.

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