Raising Dad

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  • Matt: I don't need your pity. Emily: I think you do.

  • Matt: Do you realize the last time I dated, Madonna was a virgin, and N'Sync were stem cells! Sam: Well, it's about time you got back in the game. Oh, and by the way, Madonna was never a virgin!

  • Sarah (To her dad about Emily): That little brat was reading my diary! Dad: Hey, is that true? Emily: She pushed me! Dad: That's not an answer. Sarah: She was reading my diary to Henry! (Henry comes running down the stairs and grandpa opens the front door to let him through) Grandpa: Just lost our star witness.

  • Sarah: Kissing you is like licking an ash tray.

  • Sam: Sometimes, I get confused between my jobs as grandpa and sex machine.

  • Emily: I got 10 snaps today!

  • Emily: How'd you like my present grandpa? Grandpa: Thats the best N*sync CD I ever heard!

  • Grandpa: So he went too far and tried to kiss you? Sarah: I wish!

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Notes (9)

  • In "Raising Dad", Bob Saget's character is in the same situation as in "Full House": a widower trying to raise his daughters.

  • After Nickelodeon UK saying they wouldn't air it, they finally did a few weeks after Raising Dad started airing in the UK.

  • a.k.a. "A Special R-Rated Episode"

  • Jeremy Sumpter, famous for his role of Peter in "Peter Pan" guest stars in this episode

  • Ben Indra (Josh) is added to the credits in this episode. Since the episodes aren't shown in production order, he guest stars in the next two episodes.

  • This episode was part of the WB's Wild Country Friday. Each show included a country singer. Deana Carter was on Raising Dad.

  • Jennifer Kelly Tisdale and Courtney Peldon both appeared on MTV's Undressed as regulars.

  • WB promoted this episode as a "season finale." No network would dare say an episode is a "series finale" unless the show's retiring. This one's canceled, that's different.

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Trivia (2)

  • When Sarah got out of the car (after she got mad at Matt) she didn't have her backpack but when she came home she did.

  • A bit weird that about 7 episodes before this showed her having this room that she was asking for.