Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew

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  • Lil Mama (About Fysh and Chick's performance) It's always good to see a group of ladies comin' hard and strong. It's always good to see that and you guys definitely bring that to the table.

  • Laura Edwards: We're going to try to incorporate as many styles as we can this week.

  • Shane Sparks: (About the JabbaWockeeZ performance) Crazy! Like everything was just perfect and beautiful. Like they way y'all used the music was just insane. I can't get enough of it.

  • JC Chasez: (About Live In Color's Performance) I've only seen you guys one other time before and I love your energy. You guys are always energetic.

  • Mario Lopez: This is dancing like you've never seen before. Each week, new challenges will push the crews to their limits. Who will rise to the challenge and who will crack under pressure?

  • Mario Lopez: Nine teams were cast in our series. The humorous daredevils Status Quo, the explosive and turbo charged Live In Color, and the most dangerous boys on roller skates Breaksk8. Then there's the rough and tough gangsta girls Fysh and Chicks, the sophisticated and Broadway trained Iconic, and the super type precision of Kaba Modern. There's the masked men Jabawockeez, the in your face Enigma, and the pop queens Femme5.

  • Rynan Paguio: We all pick up really fast, so I don't really see that as being an issue.

  • Mario Lopez: Now, it's on to Status Quo and BreakSk8. Both of you impressed the judges but only one of you is in the top four. Status Quo, Shane loves that you guys are showing America what street dancing is like. BreakSk8, judges thought you were impressive but didn't have enough real dance moves. Well, what did America think? BreakSk8, you're in the top four!

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Notes (17)

  • The JabbaWockeeZ previously auditioned in America's Got Talent Season 2.

  • The grand prize is $100,000 and a touring contract.

  • Flo Rida guest stars in this episode.

  • Live in Color and Fysh 'n' Chicks were the bottom two. Live in Color was voted off and Fysh 'n' Chicks was saved for the second time.

  • Super Cr3w is crowned as season 2's, America's Best Dance Crew.

  • Team Millennia, HIStory, Full Effect, and Shhh! were the eliminated crews.

  • The JabbaWockeeZ made an appearence and performed to a master mix of The Boss by Rick Ross featuring T-Pain at the end of the show.

  • Distorted X is eliminated

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Trivia (35)

  • One of the members of Enigma, Jodi, was kicked off the crew. Enigma's leader, Mouse, didn't like the fact that she had her ex-boyfriend over in her hotel room and he said it was against the rules. Jodi said that she was important to the crew and that they would fail without her. Ironically, they were given bad feedback from the judges and were eliminated.

  • The JabbaWockeeZ danced to the song Apologize by OneRepublic. They were the first crew to dance to a slow song.

  • Iconic and Enigma were in the bottom two. Iconic was saved.

  • Songs featured in this episode: Live In Color- "Watch Dem Roll" by Sean Paul JabbaWockeeZ- "Apologize" by One Republic Fysh and Chicks- "Whine Up" by Kat DeLuna Status Quo- "Good Vibrations" by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Femme5 "Do It Well" by Jennifer Lopez Enigma- "I'm So Hood" by DJ Khaled Iconic- "Cyclone" by Baby Bash BreakSk8- "Get It Shawty" by Lloyd Kaba Modern- "Technologic" by Daft Punk

  • One of the members of Breaksk8 was dancing with an injured knee.

  • Kabba Modern, JabbaWockeeZ, Breaksk8, and Live In Color were in the top four. Femme5, Fysh and Chicks, Status Quo, and Iconic were in the bottom four.

  • Music Featured on the show: BreakSk8- "Get Up" by Ciara ft Chamillionaire Femme5- "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani Fysh and Chicks- "Freakum Dress" by Beyonce Iconic- "Kiss Kiss" by Chris Brown JabbaWockeeZ- "Ice Box" by Omarion Kaba Modern- "Wall to Wall" by Chris Brown Status Quo- "Can't Touch This" by M.C. Hammer Live In Color- "Hey Mama" by Black Eyed Peas

  • Fysh n Chicks and Femme 5 were at the bottom two, but Fysh n Chicks was saved.

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