Showtime Renews Ray Donovan for Season 2

By Tim Surette

Jul 16, 2013

The fix is in... for Ray Donovan! Wait, I'm not even sure that makes sense. But anyway, Showtime has renewed its Hollywood "fixer" drama Ray Donovan for a second season, which makes a ton of sense, if you're Showtime. The drama set a network record for a series debut with 1.35 million viewers, and then went against the television laws of nature and drew even more viewers in its second week. Mind you, we're not looking at NCIS or even Game of Thrones numbers, but for pay-cable network Showtime, they equate to a good start for a new series. Showtime also says that Ray Donovan's viewership rose to 6 million once things like OnDemand, DVR, and people peeping into the living rooms of homes with Showtime were factored in. 

Okay, editorializing time! This is a series that will be fun to follow, numbers-wise, because it's a new pillar of Showtime's drama slate via attrition; Dexter, its current lead-in and Showtime's biggest ratings hit, is calling it a series later this summer. After that, everyone moves up a rung, meaning Homeland becomes Showtime's QB1 after second season that earned mixed reviews, wildly underwatched vet Shameless lands in the two-hole, and Ray Donovan is the new up-and-comer, with the unproven Masters of Sex set to debut this fall. The network has a lot riding on Ray Donovan's success, but based on what little I've seen, I don't know that I see it being the hit Showtime needs once initial interest fades and it doesn't have Dexter as a lead-in (although lead-ins are admittedly less important in the world of pay cable).

What do you all think? Can Ray Donovan fill the void left by Dexter?

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  • trintv May 10, 2014

    Didn't think I would like it. LOVED IT. I want that knuckle dragging Ray to throw me against a wall and have his way with me. #sexycaveman

  • renepinguin Oct 14, 2013

    Dexter season 1 2 3 and maybe 4 were awesome but the only one responsible for killing Dexter is showtime. They messed everything up by obviously not knowing where the series would en en more important when. The ending should have been written faster then just after 8 seasons.
    Ray Donovan gives me the same feeling I got with dexter when I stated to watch it. It was blowing me away! Great story line, awesome characters, good casting. Just great. I hope they learned from other shows that stalled to much and killed themselves.

  • MollyHolzschl Sep 20, 2013

    After watching 11 episodes I can confidently say that Ray Donovan stands on its own. It doesn't fill anyone's shoes, and if the script quality keeps up, it's going to have a good life span. The characters are extraordinary and the cast is jaw-dropping delicious. For anyone wavering based only on the first few episodes, I encourage you to watch the season. I'm impressed.

  • AmyTeves Sep 15, 2013

    Its' a subject that some people may find disturbing, and Ray Donovan is certainly an antihero, but the drama is definitely compelling and different. The writing and acting are superb and much better than anything else that is on at that time. The show has already captured a loyal audience and it is growing, already a good sign. Thankfully, it is not up against NCIS, and thank goodness for on demand viewing. If the writing, acting, and story keep up with this kind of quality. I think its a keeper. The writers just have to avoid some of the pitfalls where they take the characters off on a trip that only a deux ex machina can get them out of.

  • Gem-n-eye Jul 17, 2013

    Can't pick either option cause it won't make up for Dexter but its better than just a middle-of-the- road drama

  • c07111 Jul 17, 2013

    Viewers just want something interesting to watch, and so far RD fits that bill. If the show can keep me watching until the closing, I'm good. It may not be The Wire or Homeland, but it will suffice. Plus the acting is excellent. At first, I didn't really like the main character RD, but through LS acting skills and the obvious dysfuntion of his family, I began to see why RD is the way he is. And by 2nd eppy, I enjoy this guy. But who wouldn't with a father like his. JV does a good job of giving cringe worthy presentation of dialogue.

  • smithinjapan Jul 17, 2013

    Good production value, awesome cast, and the potential for something good. Problem is, I have no clue what the show is about. It seems to want to present similar stresses in terms of 'problems at home' for a guy working in the underworld as was so successful for The Sopranos, but it's NOT the Sopranos and won't work. There's no substance gelling the show together yet.

    Again, amazing cast, though. Hurry up and make the show about something before we lose interest!

  • marlonjones Jul 17, 2013


  • hockeyrick Jul 17, 2013

    RD is very good and getting better all the time!

  • dagrimmreepa Jul 17, 2013

    I think RD is one of the best things on-air right now. It's excellent. Amazing performances, brilliant sense of humor, and a great story. I'm certainly enjoying it more than Dexter, which hasn't been great since S4's Trinity died.

  • renepinguin Oct 14, 2013

    exactly! Great comment!

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