Ready Steady Go!

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  • This is the very first television appearance of The Rolling Stones.

  • This week dancer Patrick Kerr made his RSG debut.

  • Please see "Recap" for more episode details.

  • Next week (27 March 1964): RSG! was probably pre-empted. It is not mentioned in the 27-Mar-1964 programme listings.

  • Please see "Recap" for more episode details.

  • Taped 20 April 1964 at The Golden Rose International TV-festival, Montreux, Switzerland. (Recorded at The Casino, Montreaux)

  • On Wednesday, 6 May 1964, ITV aired "Around the Beatles," a special featuring the Beatles and other performers. This special was not part of "Ready Steady Go!" However, in the 1980s, excerpts from "Around the Beatles" were released on home video under the misleading title "Ready Steady Go! The Beatles Live!"

  • Janice Nichols was a panelist on "Thank Your Lucky Stars." She was one of the judges on the Spin-A-Disc segment.

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Trivia (2)

  • In February 1967, Melanie Coe, the girl Paul McCartney judged the winner in mime competition, vanished. Paul is said to have written the song "She's Leaving Home" about this young girl.

  • "MoStokes" submitted the following info:
    As I recall (and I have very good reason for doing so), this episode included P J Proby and my husband's band The Cherokees playing their current record "Seven Daffodils". P J Proby performed "Hold Me" and Brenda Lee was backed by Bobby Patrick Big Six. I have searched the web in vain for details of this episode but I watched it; my husband was actually there in person; and as the Cherokees only only appeared once on Ready Steady Go, it was well and truly cemented in my memory and our family history. I also remember with annoyance, Cathy McGowan saying at the end of the Cherokees' performance that next week there would be featured the Mojos who also had Seven Daffodils as their current record and her tone of voice implied that theirs was the better version. I strongly disagreed!