Reality Bites Back

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Quotes (2)

  • Mo Mandel: Greg Louganis is here tonight. Hey Greg, do you remember when you hit your head on that diving board? Oh, probably not.

  • Michael Ian Black: Welcome back to "Michael Ian Black Collects a Paycheck," I'm Michael Ian Black.

Allusions (11)

  • Episode Title: Big Mother It is a parody of the reality show Big Brother

  • Episode Title: Shock of Love. This is a parody of Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

  • Episode Title: The Biggest Chubby. This is an obvious parody of the show The Biggest Loser. The scale they use in this episode actually looks identical to the one used on The Biggest Loser. It even has the same sound effects.

  • The final competition of the episode is "Are You Smarter Than An Immigrant." This is a parody of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.

  • Episode Title: Almost-American Gladiators This is a parody of the show American Gladiators.

  • The final elimination of this episode takes place in boardroom, similar to The Apprentice.

  • Following each diving competition, Greg Louganis presents one of the comedians with a rose, to save them from elimination. This is a reference to The Bachelor.

  • Episode Title: So You Think You Can Dive This is a parody of the show So You Think You Can Dance.

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