Reasonable Doubts

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    If you like Law and Order you'd love Reasonable Doubts

    By cierob, Jul 03, 2009

    A precursor to L&O franchise this gripping drama followed the personal and professional lives of Tess Kaufman (Order)and Dicky Cobb (Law). It was way ahead of it's time. Mark Harmon's character Dicky was the shows moral compass. Hated by cops for daring to cross the thin blue line, he reported corrupt cops, ad they retaliated. Although he banged heads repeatedly with the brass and fellow officers Dicky was very effective at his job.

    Tess Kaufman was a highly successful Deputy District attorney despite being deaf. Although she had an interpreter she also relied on Dicky to translate in more informal situations.

    The relationship between the two was the most stable one in both their lives, and blossomed into a great lasting friendship. This is one for the book. It definitely should be released to introduce a whole new generation to a simply fantastic show. Don't take my word for it. Demand your Reasonable Doubts.moreless

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