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  • S 6 : Ep 13

    The Kids are Alright

    Aired 2/18/07

  • S 6 : Ep 12

    The Housewarming

    Aired 2/18/07

  • S 6 : Ep 11

    She's With The Band

    Aired 2/11/07

  • S 6 : Ep 10

    Cheyenne's Rival

    Aired 1/28/07

  • S 6 : Ep 9

    Bullets Over Brock

    Aired 1/21/07

  • Cast & Crew
  • Reba McEntire

    Reba Hart

  • JoAnna Garcia

    Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery

  • Christopher Rich

    Dr. Brock Hart

  • Steve Howey

    Van Montgomery

  • Scarlett Pomers

    Kyra Hart

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  • show Description
  • Being a single mom in today's world is a daunting task. For Reba Hart (Reba McEntire), parenthood encompasses not only watching over three kids, but also keeping an eye on a son-in-law, a granddaughter, an ex-husband and an ex-husband's neurotic wife. 'Reba' began with the Hart family in the midst of a divorce as Texas soccer mom Reba watched her white-picket-fenced world collapse before her very eyes. Her dentist husband, Brock(Christopher Rich), left her after what she thought was 20 happy years of marriage for his impossibly perky and unfortunately pregnant dental hygienist, Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman). The cherry on top of this bitter sundae was the pregnancy of Reba's then 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne (JoAnna Garcia) and her decision to marry her high school football star boyfriend, Van (Steve Howey). Rounding out the happy brood is teenage Kyra(Scarlett Pomers), who continues to greet puberty with venom, and son Jake (Mitch Holleman).THEME SONG: "I'm A Survivor" performed by Reba McEntire. It can be found on Reba's CD, Greatest Hits Volume 3"My roots are planted in the past Though my life is changing fast Who I am is who I want to be A single mom who works too hard Who loves her kids and never stops With gentle hands and the heart of a fighter I'm a survivor."The series is produced by Twentieth Century Fox and is filmed in Century City, California.'Reba' Seasons on DVD Season 1 Released December 14th 2004Season 2 Released December 13th 2005Season 3 Released April 25th 2006Season 4 Released November 14th 2006Season 5 Released January 13th 2009Season 6 Released June 23rd 2009All available at Amazon.commoreless

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  • Quotes (879)

    • Van: I told you it was better without a bra! Reba: Are you aware I'm her mother?

    • Kyra: Don't worry Mom, I know all about birth control. Reba: Oh really? And what age is it appropriate for a young lady to become sexually active? Kyra: Forty. Reba: Have I mentioned you're my favorite?

    • Barbra Jean: There she is, the mother of the bride. Reba: (Crying) You were only suppose to bring the ice.

    • Kyra: So when Daddy marries Barbra Jean, what am I suppose to call her anyway? Reba: You're not suppose to call her anything, when you see her at the Wal-Mart just point to her and say "There she is. The woman who stole my daddy."

    • Brock: Reba, I have to marry her! Reba: Have to? The only reason you'd have to marry her is-- Oh my god. Cheyenne: Dad! How could you!?

    • Brock: Barbra Jean never talked about Dental School Reba: She wasn't alive back then!

    • Reba: (Yelling at Brock) You ruined it! You ruined everything! We were suppose to grow old together!

    • Reba: Why is it we're the only family in Texas without a gun?

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    Notes (541)

    • For the first episode the scenes in the opening credits go like this; It starts with a black screen with blue letters R-E-B-A flashing in the backround as a solid Reba forms, and the letters in the backround fade to black. Then it shows four different clips of Reba on a soundstage with a blue backround. Then it shows another clip of Reba on a soundstage with Created By Alison M. Gibson in blue letters, on the left side.

    • For this episode, the cast is credited during the scene after the theme song.

    • All of the scenes in the first season theme song (starting in episode two) are from this episode: Reba's scene is from a part that didn't air (possibly a blooper) where she stands at the counter and laugh Brock's scene is from the part where Reba says you can get pregnant from in a hotel hot tub, using the part where Brock smiles. Cheyenne's scene is from the part where Van kneels down to propose to her and she smiles. Van's scene is from an unaired part where he and Cheyenne kiss. Kyra's scene is from the part where Reba says the food is ruined, and Kyra says much like our lives, using the part where Reba gives her an annoyed look, and Kyra looks at her like she's in trouble. Jake's scene is from a blooper where he puts his hands up and smiles. Barbara Jean's scene is from the part where she walks in the door, and Reba frowns.

    • The shortened version of the theme song "I'm a Survivor" is used in this episode, using the lines, "Who I am is who I want to be,I'm a Survivor" while showing Reba.

    • During the wedding at the end, Reba's "Walk On" is heard.

    • This episode was taped on April 16th 2001.

    • Goof/Nitpick: Near the end of the episode, in the scene where Cheyenne and Reba are talking about Chyenne's and Van's wedding (which went totally wrong), the camera goes slightly out of focus (gets a little bit blurry), just before Cheyenne asks to wear Reba's wedding dress. According to the audio commentary on that episode, they kept the version when the camera goes out of focus because they thought it was Joanna Garica's and Reba McEntire's best take (out of all 5 takes).

    • Since President George W. Bush had declared September 14th a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, the WB did not air its fall premiere schedule on that day, as was originally planned. It was pushed back to the 19th, then the 21st and was yet again pushed back for a telethon. The series then debuted on October 5.

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    Trivia (203)

    • This episode was shot on the re-dressed set of "The Hughleys" after it wrapped for the season and was thought to be canceled, but when that series was unexpectedly picked up for another year, the producers built a matching set for "Reba" on a different soundstage.

    • This is the only episode (Disluding flashback scenes) in the entire series that Reba wears a wedding ring in.

    • When Reba first appeared in syndication in 2004, this was marked as the second episode, with The Honeymoons Over, Now What being the first.

    • The reason this show's name was changed was because the producers felt that the audience would relate better if the main actress (Reba) used her real name for the show.

    • One hour before the shooting of this episode, the producers quickly changed the name of the show, and main character from "Sally" to "Reba". They actually filmed a complete pilot using both names.

    • The original air date for this show's first episode was September 14 2001, but was delayed following the terrorist attacks on the USA on September 11, 2001.

    • This is the only episode where Kyra willingly and with a smile, hugs Cheyenne.

    • When Chyenne asks how she looks, Van replies "Muy Caliente" and says that its spanish for "good". "Muy Caliente" is spanish for "very hot", not "good". *I think he said that because Reba felt uncomfortable and he didnt want to say her daughter looked hot, so to make her feel better (and not have her hurt him, he is scared of her)he said she looked good. **This could also just be a joke about Van's lack of worldliness.

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    Allusions (207)

    • Reba: When she tells her daughter, "It's your call"
      This is probably an intentional nod to her 1992 hit song It's Your Call which appears on the album of the same name.

    • The title, Someone's at the Gyno With Reba, is a play on the old nursery school song Someone's in the Kitchen With Dinah.

    • Jake: Mom, singings lame. When Reba has her campfire with Jake, she starts singing Home On The Range, and Jake interrupts her by saying that singing is lame. This is one of the earliest of many, many ironic (and cleverly planned) jokes about Reba's singing, since the real life Reba McEntire is a best-selling female country artist.

    • The title of this episode comes from the song by the same name, sung by singer, P!NK.

    • Reba uses the quote 'the Bible tells me so'. In addition to being a lyric from the song American Pie, it is also sung in the religious nursery rhyme Jesus Loves Me. 'Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so'.

    • Reba:... the bible tells me so. This is a line from Don McLean's 1971 rock single, American Pie, which was a number one U.S hit for four weeks in 1972.

    • The title of this episode comes from the saying, "The Stakes Are High!"

    • Coach Harrell: Let's bring it on! Bring It On is a movie, starring Kirsten Dunst, about cheerleading competition... guest star Rini Bell played a cheerleader in the movie. JoAnna Garcia (Cheyenne) starred in the movie Not Another Teen Movie which spoofed Bring It On.

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