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  • Reboot is a Canadian animated show about Sprites that live inside a computer. "I come from the Net--through systems, peoples, and cities--to this place: MAINFRAME. My format: Guardian. To mend and defend--to defend my new found friends, their hopes and dreams, and to defend them from their enemies."-Bob's narration from the opening sequence of Reboot (Seasons One, Two, and Four)Welcome to the city of Mainframe, a computer system inhabited by binomes and sprites who go about their business, trying to keep everything running smoothly. Unfortunately, they live under the constant threat of the User, whose games wreak havoc, if left unchecked, and the viruses Hexadecimal and Megabyte, who seek to infect and replace the system core with their own malicious code. That's where Guardian Bob comes in. Armed with his versatile key-tool, Glitch, he tries his best to keep citizens safe, upholding his mandate: "To Mend and Defend".While ReBoot started as an children's show on ABC, it was later forced to move to other venues, using the increased creative freedom to change its focus towards increased continuity and more intelligent and mature stories during the latter part of the second season. The writers also satirized other TV shows, such as X-Files, as well as video games, such as The Evil Dead, which became something of a "trademark" for the show.The third season of ReBoot is currently available on 4 DVDs from ADV Films.Also, I would like to stress that NO links to Bit.Torrent sites be posted on the forums, as downloading is illegal on TVTOME.COM and can ruin its long-standing reputationmoreless

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  • S 4 : Ep 9

    Reboot - The Movie


  • S 4 : Ep 8

    Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus (4)

    Aired 11/30/01

  • S 4 : Ep 7

    Null-Bot of the Bride (3)

    Aired 11/23/01

  • S 4 : Ep 6

    Life's a Glitch (2)

    Aired 11/16/01

  • S 4 : Ep 5

    My Two Bobs (1)

    Aired 11/9/01

  • Cast & Crew
  • Garry Chalk

    Slash / Turbo / Herr Doktor/ Al's Waiter/ Cyrus

  • Scott McNeil

    Hack 2/ Specky

  • Kathleen Barr

    Dot Matrix/ Princess Bula

  • Ian James Corlett


  • Tony Jay


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  • Quotes (398)

    • Megabyte: Hmm...Mainframe's archives. Let see what we have here.

    • Dot: When it comes to Megabyte, the answer is always no.

    • Bob: "I'm baaack, did you miss me?"

    • Bob: Hidden file commands, ya gotta love 'em!

    • Phong: There once was an old README file that said, 'Keep you friends close, and keep your enemies closer.."

    • Megabyte: You're only making things more difficult for your friends. Bob: My friends?! What do they have to do with it?! Megabyte: Think about it. (Bob gets worried)

    • Megabyte: You don't have to fight me, Bob. Think about it, we could make a great team.... Bob: I'd rather be erased! Megabyte: Your choice!

    • *Bob enters through the window* Dot: "Ever hear of a door?" *Friskett spits out Bob's zipboard* Bob: "Ever hear of a Friskett?" Enzo: "Bob!" *Enzo pummels Bob and stands on him*

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    Notes (337)

    • Was a movie at Playdium/Sega City.

    • Also known as: Journey Into Chaos

    • This episode is NOT the pilot.

    • Cecil is named after a strip club in Vancouver, Canada, BC. Hence why the character always hangs from a brass rail.

    • Bob's alarm clock is set for 8:08, which coincidentally spells out "BOB"

    • <em>Dot Matrix </em> is a computer term. A dot matrix is a 2-dimensional array of dots used to generate characters, symbols and images on a computer screen.

    • Michael Benyaer was the original voice of Bob in seasons one and two. During the third season he was unavailable, having moved from the Vancouver area to Los Angeles. Ian James Corlett voiced Bob in seasons three and four. As a throwback, Michael Benyaer returned to voice the original Bob during the flashbacks of the Daemon story and as the fake Bob in the My Two Bobsstory.

    • Bob's original name was "Chip". However they liked the name Bob better. After they had already named him Bob they thought of the idea that the name could mean Binary Object.

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    Trivia (101)

    • Enzo is the only character to appear in every episode of ReBoot.

    • Hexadecimal & Megabyte are brother & sister.

    • There were two endings for this episode; The primary one (shown on YTV) ended with a gamecube ruining the picnic. The secondary ending (shown on ABC) suggested that the Medusa bug returned.

    • "In the Belly of the Beast", is an old expression on how to defeat your enemy

    • Why wasn't the yacht at the dock also robbed/burgled/stolen/cannibalized like everything else around the docks in Kit Sector?

    • I remember Bob once saying "Glitch, Return!" and Glitch would fly straight to Bob's forearm. So Bob forgets this simple command and gets captured as a result? Seems fishy.

    • The title "Enzo the Smart" is a reference to 'Alexander The Great

    • Mike was not affected by the clock speed change

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    Allusions (109)

    • Space Combat game The space combat game in this episode is very similar to that of LucasArts' PC game, "Star Wars: Rebel Assault"

    • The sign on a moving van: Two Small Sprites with Big Cpu's Transfer Co. refers to the Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving Company of Vancouver.

    • THX-1138 is a film by George Lucas, that he made while in film school years before he did Star Wars.

    • Atari: Pong Phong's favourite game is Pong, one of the first video games ever made.

    • The vehicles used in the game are a car, hovercraft, and plane. Ironically, these are the same vehicles used in the Nintendo 64 game Diddy Kong Racing. DKR was released 3 years after the episode's first airing, so this is merely a coincidence.

    • Quick and the Fed is a reference to the western "The Quick and the Dead" staring Gene Hackman, Sharon Stone, Russel Crowe, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

    • The bed in the castle has "Rosebud" written on it, a reference to "Citizen Kane."

    • The Medusa bug is based on the greek myth of Medusa, the Gorgon who could turn anyone to stone by looking at them.

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  • ReBoot is one of the cartoons you think of when you think of the best show ever made.

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  • This show brings back fond memories of my childhood. Reboot is a series about beings who live inside cyber space

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