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  • Recess is Disney's popular animated series that takes place at Third Street School and tells of the exciting lives of six friends: T.J. Detweiler, the fearless leader; Vince LaSalle, the sports jock; Mikey Blumburg, the poet; Gretchen P. Grundler, Third Street's resident genius; Ashley Spinelli, the toughest girl in school; and Gus P. Griswald, the new kid. Their enemies include Miss Finster, a mean teacher who sucks the fun out of everything, the Ashleys, Lawson, Randall C. Weems, and Kurst the Worst.moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 6 : Ep 10

    Recess: 5th grade


  • S 6 : Ep 8

    Taking the 5th Grade

    Aired 12/9/03

  • S 6 : Ep 7

    All Growed Down

    Aired 12/9/03

  • S 6 : Ep 6

    Recess Christmas

    Aired 11/6/01

  • S 6 : Ep 5

    Lost Leader

    Aired 11/4/01

  • Cast & Crew
  • Edward Asner

    Thaddeus T. Third/Additional

  • Kath Soucie

    Voice of Butch

  • Tress MacNeille

    Voices of Bertha/Ms Lemon/Lunchlady Irma

  • Dabney Coleman

    Voice of Principal Peter Prickly

  • Andrea Martin

    Voices of Lunchlady Harriet/Mikey's Mom

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  • Quotes (124)

    • Spinelli: Face it Bob, someone must have called you a stupid kid before.

    • TJ: Can't you see that I'm trapped in here? I've counted the ceiling tiles 10 times, guys. There's 4,678. You hear me? 4,678!

    • King Bob: (Talking about T.J.) Kids of the playground. The dumb kid should be free!

    • Mikey: There are lots of people without names. Gus: Like who? Mikey: Like the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, the Unknown Soldier, and the other four guys in the Jackson Five.

    • (When Gus gets ready to get on the bus after Mikey and T.J. say hello to him) Bus driver: Hop on the bus, Gus!

    • Gus: I've been to 12 schools in the last 6 years, I never met anyone so friendly, it's so---so beautiful!

    • Student Body: *singing* We shall not, we shall not be moved! We shall not, we shall not be moved!

    • (After Spinelli and TJ kiss) Spinelli: Ack! Puke city! TJ: Quick, someone get me some mouthwash!

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    Notes (167)

    • Along with "The Break In", this episode aired in primetime on ABC on August 31, 1997 as a sneak peek. The show officially debuted on ABC on September 13, 1997 as part of the debut of Disney's One Saturday Morning, which also included the second season of Disney's Doug, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, and Pepper Ann. The primetime airing of the episode placed "The New Kid" before "The Break In", when it should be the other way around.

    • This episode, along with "The Break In", was a bonus episode on the 2003 DVD of Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade. It's not included on the VHS release.

    • This episode was adapted into a chapter book in the Disney Chapters collection in 1998.

    • When the episode first aired, Gus was voiced by Ryan O'Donohue. When it was reran (and for all future repeats), Courtland Mead, who does Gus for the rest of the series, dubbed over his lines. (Ryan O'Donohue continued to play Randall and Dave in the series)

    • This is the only time in the series where Allyce Beasley (Miss Grotke) is listed under "Additional voices" in the credits. From the next episode onwards, she's listed as part of the main credits.

    • This episode was included as a bonus episode on the 2003 DVD of Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade. It does not appear on the VHS release.

    • In the original recording for the episode, King Bob said, "Hey, where's my Frito Girl?" (Referring to Cornchip Girl). Because Fritos were copyrighted, the character's name was changed to Cornchip Girl (but unnamed in the final cut), and he says instead, "Hey, get that first grader off of my sand!" (Referring to a background character).

    • In the first recording of the episode, Spinelli mentioned breaking T.J. (At the time named P.J.) out of detention by using Pop Rocks and soda. Because Pop Rocks had a copyright on it, the line was deleted, and Spinelli doesn't say anything in the final cut.

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    Trivia (154)

    • Gus's last name is spelled as "Griswold" in this episode. For the rest of the series, it's spelled "Griswald".

    • When Miss Grotke calls on Willy during attendence, his hat is missing.

    • Goof: When the diggers first appear, Dave is talking to Vince, Gretchen, Mikey, and Spinelli. However, the animation shows Sam talking. Because the boys are identical (The only ways to tell them apart is by their voices (Dave is voiced by Ryan O'Donohue and Sam by Klee Bragger) and by Sam wearing a red neckerchief and Dave wearing a mouth cover around his neck), this is a common error in the series.

    • Blooper: Before T.J. begins talking to the gang about kissing when they're walking home from school, Gus's watch is missing.

    • The walls in T.J.'s room are yellow in this episode only. For the rest of the series, they're tan.

    • Blooper: When T.J. is sitting in class and gets a paper airplane thrown at him, he sees Ashleys Q. and T. laughing (Considerably, they threw it), and Judy (The background student with brown hair, tan skin, a white sleeveless top, a long blue skirt, and sandals) is behind Ashley Q., laughing. When it cuts back to T.J., Judy is sitting behind him. She's also drawn incorrectly with sleeves.

    • According to this episode, T.J. has an older brother (dropped during production) and Mikey has an uncle named Mary.

    • In this episode, T.J. mentions he has an older brother. However, for the rest of the series, he never brings him up again, and he has an older sister named Becky. This was due to various aspects of the series not finalized yet. It's likely that his older brother was changed to female during production of the series. In the picture book adaptation, which came out two years later, T.J. doesn't mention him at all.

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    Allusions (62)

    • Jackson 5
      The Jackson 5 is a band consisting of five brothers. Mikey tries to console Gus by mentioning others without names. "The other four in the Jackson 5" has been chosen because of the popularity of Michael Jackson, resulting in the other members of the band being relatively less well-remembered.

    • Gus: All we are is dust in the wind. Gus is reciting lines from "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas.

    • My Little Pony

      The video Ashley A. forces Spinelli to watch, My Fuzzy Unicorn, is a parody of the famous girls' toy line and cartoon, My Little Pony. When the episode aired, the toy line was in it's second generation, or "G2" to collectors.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
      Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver married in 1986, 11 years before this episode aired. Mikey cites this relationship as one of true love in order to make clear to his friends that Hank and Muriel are also in love.

    • Troilus and Criseyde
      Troilus and Criseyde is a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer which tells of a love between the title characters.

    • Romeo and Juliet
      Romeo and Juliet are characters who are in love with one another and featurein the play of the same name written by William Shakespeare

    • A Clockwork Orange
      The taping of Spinelli's eyes open, forcing her to watch ponies on the television is similar to the technique used in the film A Clockwork Orange.

    • A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
      A famous line from the Shakespeare play 'Romeo and Juliet'. Mikey adapts this quotation by saying "Would not a Spinelli by any other name punch as hard" in order to say that it doesn't matter that Spinelli's first name is Ashley because her name is not the defining part of her character.

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