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  • The New York Times said of "Red Eye" that, "Dark Humor Meets the Camera Lights." The show is officially titled "Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld" and is set up as a discussion group akin to "The McLaughlin Group." The similarity ends there. On this late night show, the outrageous and outspoken gather with Greg Gutfeld to discuss the news and the hottest topics of the day. Among the regular panelists are recurring guests Bill Shultz, Kevin Godlington, Will Durst, and Rachel Marsden. Greg Gutfeld's mother 82 year-old serves as "Senior Correspondent" and phones in her reviews from California with the senior citizen perspective. Andrew Levy serves as Ombudsman and Futurist. In the former role, Levy critiques the reviewers at the half hour; in the latter role, he predicts tomorrow's big stories.Fox News Channel host choice, Greg Gutfeld, was a veteran of Dennis Publishing, edited the U.K. edition of Maxim from 2004-2006, and edited Stuff magazine before hosting "Red Eye." Gutfeld has been a blogger on the Huffington Post, and has his own blog, "The Daily Gut," which he runs with former Dennis Publishing editorial director, Andy Clerkson. The New York Times described Greg as "a compact but enormously animated man ... 'a drugged-up turtle' ... known for injecting his dark, absurdest humor into a series of magazines he edited. ..." and "... stood out like a drunk who crashes a cocktail party." He leads a full-time staff of eight. There are no writers on a this show stated to be not "incredibly well financed."In addition to his role as host, Gutfeld adds a bizarre sense of humor with his drawings of unicorns and a cat that represent the days stories. The drawings are forwarded to the viewer with the best comment for the episode.Rachel Marsden is a columnist for The Toronto Sun.Fox News contributor Bill Schulz is a friend of Mr. Gutfeld's from their days at Stuff Magazine.Andrew Levy is former publicist for the Directors Guild of America.As for the cast, John Moody, an executive vice president at Fox News, said, "It's sort of like making a sandwich late at night. You just grab what's in the fridge and put it all together."Fox stated early on that "Red Eye" will "react to the news of the moment with lively discussion in an unscripted fashion." It has. "Red Eye" was one of two recent initiatives "to broaden the definition of a news channel." "24" writer-producer, Joel Surnow's, "The Half-Hour News Hour" was the other. Both were picked up after successful initial pilot runs. In March 2007, "Red Eye" averaged 309,000 viewers for the time slot. These numbers beat MSNBC's crime programing and CNN's reruns of "Anderson Cooper 360" in that time slot. Thus "Red Eye" successfully replaced a repeat of "The Fox Report" with Shepard Smith.The show was envisioned in the summer of 2006 by Mr. Moody and Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News. It was designed "to fill that unexploited time slot with something aimed at 20- and 30-somethings. Scott Norvell, the network's London bureau chief, suggested Greg Gutfeld, who was living in London at the time and working on a book, as a possible host.""Red Eye" gives a wacky view of the news that "Slate," the on-line magazine, "called it the most bizarre hour of programming on any major news channel."moreless

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  • S 2013 : Ep 11.19.13

    Mon, Nov 18, 2013

    Aired 11/19/13

  • S 2013 : Ep 20131030

    Wed, Oct 30, 2013

    Aired 11/1/13

  • S 2013 : Ep 20131031

    Fri, Nov 1, 2013

    Aired 10/31/13

  • S 2013 : Ep 20131031

    Thu, Oct 31, 2013

    Aired 10/31/13

  • S 2013 : Ep 20131022

    Tue, Oct 22, 2013

    Aired 10/22/13

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    • During this 2007 episode both Bill Shultz and Greg Gutfeld mention their ages, 32 and 43 years old respectively.

    • This episode introduced a new game based on Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue's name. 'Dhue or Dhon't' is a parody of the culture game played on the 'O'Reilly Factor.' Andrew Levy acts a game host and asks questions based on studies to Laurie Dhue and Bill Schultz. The answer cards say 'Dhue' or 'Dhon't.'

    • As Bill Schultz is on assignment in Florida,' Andrew Levy fills in on the panel and is not the Ombudsman. The role of Special Ombudsman is filled by Dan Bova, Exec. Editor Of Maxim Magazine.

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    • In the first episodes of 'Red Eye,' drinks were seen on the tables. Rumors began that alcohol was consumed during and before the show. In this episode, Fox News Channel Entertainment Correspondent, Courtney Friel, dispels that rumor.

    • This episode has a section titled 'Bad Dog: TV Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman apologizes for slur.' Bill Shultz was selected as a expert panelist on Duane "Colorado Dog" Chapman by Fox News. He appeared on "The Live Desk" with Martha MacCallum two days earlier, on November 1, 2007, to discuss this same topic. This was not mentioned in the show.

    • Error: On the bumper film clip that introduces the Ombudsman segment, Andrew Levy's face appears even though he was not the Ombudsman for this episode. Andy was a panelist, as Bill Schultz was in Florida, and Dan Bova, Exec. Editor Of Maxim Magazine, was the fill-in ombudsman.

    • Greg Gutfeld mentions his favorite color is black in response to an ombudsman question from Dan Bova, Exec. Editor Of Maxim Magazine.

    • In this episode, Greg Gutfeld mentions he smokes, and Andrew Levy notes he recently quit smoking.

    • Preceeded by space shuttle Endeavour's launch 31 minutes prior which almost preempted this episode of Red Eye.

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    • Three days prior to this episode, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) contract expired on October 31, 2007. The next day writers voted to strike. The start day was unknown, but was expected to be Monday Nov. 5th, two days after this episode. These events prompt the comment during the show that 'Red Eye' has no writers. The half joking suggestion that 'Red Eye' will be rescheduled from 3AM to prime time is an allusion to the WGA strike of 1988. This prior strike caused a reshuffling of shows with few or no writers into empty prime time slots.

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