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  • (cellphone rings, David answers) David: What? ... Hey Twyla, can I call you back later? ... I don't know... Actually that was a good answer - here's a better one... (David snaps the phone shut)

  • David: You're talking about nature somehow accidentally combining, say, a flea and an elephant!

  • David: No, camel pox is made of DNA, Ebola is made of RNA - the two split and went their separate ways over two billion years ago. Carlos: Maybe they've kissed and made up.

  • Carlos: It's good to have you back, David. David: You'll get over that in a day or two.

  • Caroline: No deadly virus floating in those veins, David. David: (sighs heavily) I was just getting used to being dead...

  • Lilith: It's good chicken. David: You like that? It's Carlos' recipe - you soak the chicken in tequila, then throw it on the barbeque, then you forget about the chicken and drink the tequila.

  • Carlos: Ah, you speak bullshit too... David: Nah, it's like a second language to me.

  • David: (to waiter in the bar) Excuse me, we would like to see a menu, please. Waiter: I'm sorry, the restaurant is closed. The only way to get food now is to order room service. David: All right then, we'll order room service, and we'll have it sent here. Jill: You're a very clever man. Waiter: It must be in your room. David: Apparently the emphasis is on room, and not service.

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Notes (45)

  • The episode is labelled as "In Memory of Andre Noble". He was playing Darrell Graves in the episode.

  • Music: "High Mountain Hymn" by Laurel MacDonald

  • Music: "Open Season" by The Heelwalkers; "Bestandji Najwa" by Alain Chekroun & Taoufik.

  • Music: "Larry Couldn't Make It" by Robert Caril; "One Hit Wonder" by Blair Packham; "Arms of Destiny" by The Swiftys; "Master Craftsman" ,"High Falutin" and "Bodhichitta Dub" by Eccodek; "3 Out of Four" by Four 80 East; "Tumblin' Down" by The Sidemen.

  • Music: "Garage Sale", "Telephone Conversation" and "How to Ruin a Good Time" by Robert Caril; "Mortal Ground" by Rhea's Obsession; "Taken" by The Getaway; "Vasilon" by Mangana.

  • Music: "Your Are A Pill", "Lumpy", "La Rose En Vie", "Phonecalls", "Rejections is a Bad Word", "Huggy Bear", "Under a Canopy of Stars" and "Lone Soldier" by Robert Caril; "The Past is Never Past" by Andrea Revel; "Home For Angels" by Kristy Thirsk.

  • Music: "Hope in a Bottle" and "Geometry" by Robert Caril; "Lazy Afternoon" and "Guru Ship" by Richard Underhill.

  • Music: "Tunnel Love" and "One Way Ticket to Prague" by Robert Caril; "Narco Traffico" by Latin Soul Syndicate; "Descarga Cuato Manos" by Damn!; "Dmaot Malach" by Angel Tears.

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Trivia (13)

  • Goof: At the beginning when David Sandstrom steps into the street and is hit by a car, the stunt actor flies off the front of the car and assumes a position very different from the one we then see next with the Peter outerbridge back in role. Not only that, but the stunt double has a completely different hairstyle and hair color from the character.

  • NorBAC stands for: NORTH AMERICAN BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVISORY *COMMISSION.* Episode 8, opening scene... Bob says: "I can confirm that this is, uh, Chief Scientist David Sandstrom fron the North American Biotechnology Advisory *Committee*."

  • Bob reveals in this episode that he has Asperger's Syndrome - a developmental disorder characterized by impaired social and occupational skills, by normal language and cognitive development, and by restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior, interests, and activities often with above average performance in a narrow field against a general background of deficient functioning.

  • When Sandström is hit by the car, he is thrown at least 15-20 feet forward, in the next shot he has shifted to within 4 feet of the car’s bumper/fender.

  • In this episode we find out that Mayko was adopted by Lenore Taylor and Wallace Binghamton. Her father published the local paper and her mom was a potter.

  • It is revealed in this episode that David's father, Toumas, has Alzheimer's.

  • It is revealed in this episode that Caroline Morrison (Maxim Roy) was killed in the explosion at NorBAC, and that David's father Toumas (Marc Strange) committed suicide.

  • Ontario license plates have a four letter-three number combination that was instituted a number of years ago, but the plate on Mayko's car - CLBW 719 - is obviously a dummy plate as the real ones have only just started issuing the BB** *** range.

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Allusions (6)

  • Dolly This is a reference and allusion to Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal to be successfully cloned back in 1996 in Edinburgh. She died, as is mentioned in the episode, of lung disease in 2003. There is some conjecture that the cloning process may have contributed to her death, but nothing has been proved.

  • Ruby: I don't read Tiger Beat. Tiger Beat is a teen magazine that has been in publication for at least 30 years, featuring the hottest current celebrities of the times.

  • David: If you want to go Kurt Cobain on me, that's fine... Referring to the shotgun suicide of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana.

  • This is an allusion to an Outer Limits episode in which Peter Outerbridge played. David: It could cure cancer. Carlos: Or grow eyeballs. David: While extra eyeballs would be cool, totally pointless.

  • David: Think Hindenburg. Referring to the German airship Hindenburg which caught fire and was completely destroyed May 6, 1937, killing thirteen passengers and twenty-two crew members.

  • The title "Unbottled" is a reference to the term "bottle show" or "bottle episode". This is when a show forgoes external or new sets and instead shoots entirely on preexisting sets, usually saving the production money to be spent on other episodes.