Does Reign remind you of Game of Thrones?

By sluu3p18

Feb 10, 2014

As far apart as these two shows appear on paper, its remarkable how much Reign reminds me of Game of Thrones. And it's not just because both shows have castles and kings and queens in them. Have a look:

A. Characters

It seems like everyone in French court reminds me of someone in Westeros:

1. Queen Catherine is an amalgam of Cersei and Tyrion Lanister. Catherine and Cersei are born queens. I couldn't imagine them being anything else. They wield power and influence and they know how to use them. She also reminds of Tyrion, both with cunning minds and sharp tongues. You could fill a book with all the great zingers these two dish out.

2. Queen Mary is Arya and Daenerys rolled into one. Even though Cersei and Catherine own the throne at the moment, you know it's only a matter of time before Mary/Arya/Daenerys ascend to the top spot. She's as spunky as Arya and as regal as Daenerys. All three are beautiful, strong, intelligent, independent women.

3. Francis reminds me of Robb Stark. The heir to the throne. He would do pretty much everything for his kingdom. He loves passionately. Robb's love for Talisa would prove to be his downfall. If Nostradamus is to be believed, Mary would be Francis'.

4. Bash is Jon Snow. Bastard brothers to the heir to the throne. Both are reluctant leaders but fate may have other plans for them.

5. King Henry is a mix of Tywin, Jamie and Joffrey Lannister. The ruler of all the land. Smart enough to keep someone as wily as Cersei/Tyrion Catherine in check, with enough sex appeal to please his sister three women, and an unhealthy need to chop people's heads off.

6. Others:
Nostradamus : Varys/Littlefinger - court advisors with their own secrets and agenda
Clarissa: The Hound - disfigured ruthless guardian angel
Aylee : Grey Wind/ Hodor - fiercely loyal, innocent
Lola : Theon Greyjoy - initially thought to be an ally, but like Theon with an air of resentment and possible betrayal further down the road
Greer : Margaery Tyrell - independently wealthy, uses/will use marriage to improve status in the kingdom
Kenna : Ros/Shae - Sex, sex sex. (Now imagine if Reign was on Cinemax)

B. Setting

In a world where magic exists like in Game of Thrones, it's interesting that the supernatural stuff only happens outside of King's Landing. Across the Narrow sea are dragons and wizards. Beyond the wall are white walkers. All the political maneuvering and power plays happen in the capital.
Similarly in Reign, all the creepy supernatural stuff happens outside of French court. Pagan blood rituals and sacrifices happen in the Blood Wood. Clarissa the castle-ghost lurks in secret passages and catacombs. But at court, it's all political chess between Mary and Catherine, Catherine and Henry and Mary and Henry.

C. Blood, violence, sex and gore

These are standard fare and pretty much expected in every episode of Game of Thrones. But to think Reign would have these elements too? Guess which show featured the following:
- people hung upside down, stabbed and being bled to death
- bloody stag head hanging from a four post bed
- attempted mass rape at a party
- beautiful lady pleasuring herself atop a staircase
- a sword is swung and gets stuck in the middle of a man's neck

What about you? Does Reign remind you of Game of Thrones?
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  • serenachinglow Mar 21, 2014

    How much Reign reminds me of Game of Thrones?
    Honestly, it didn't to me. The reason is because Game of Thrones is JUST BRUTAL! VERY BRUTAL! In terms of sex, war, and relationship between family and friendship. Everything exceeds my expectations. I can never predict what George R. R. Martin is going to do next. NEVER!!! Everything, every move, every encounter he expressed it intensely and then ripped your hearts apart. The level is BEYOND!!!

    Reign, I will not say it is beneath Games of Thrones (in terms of it similarities,there are, and let's all agree it is.) Nicely put, it is mild, predictable because we heard this stories before. NOT JUST BASED ON ITS HISTORY, but any other ancient history, countries, empires and kingdoms they all experience similar problems. Now, let's proceed with characters:

    Queen Catherine vs Cersei and Tyrion Lanister. I disagree. Catherine and Cersei yes. Catherine and Tyrion no. Tyrion is born a dwarf, he is someone who deemed less worthy of a man and his position is unfortunate. Due to his defects as a child, His father planned to kill him. He was born to be looked down on LITERALLY. Queen Catherine has a past too yes. She went through sufferings differently and she was held captive. For what I do not know. Intelligence, cunning minds and sharp tongues, well they both have similarities for it yet Queen Catherine is more of a street smart that uses in court, flexible enough to overpower the king in domestic decisions but that is all. Tyrion is smart because he knows the only weapon he has is his brain and his smarts can be use in domestic affairs in the castles and affairs between houses. Remember the battle that Joffrey 'Baratheon' couldn't handle? Tyrion is more of man than Joffrey, for a person who couldn't hold a real man's sword, he planned war strategies like no other. His only downfall is quite a few people who believe in his leadership during the war mainly caused their defeat. He basically handled the war singled handed. Cersei herself has no faith of her brother. Just like how Catherine wants little to do with Clarissa.

    Queen Mary is Arya and Daenerys?
    WOW! ER... NO.
    Mary vs. Arya? Arya is more sensible. She can survive in the wild. She can blend, hide her feelings. She can live during desperate situations and most importantly she doesn't have Mary's weakness. She doesn't have a 'FRANCIS'.
    Mary vs Daenarys?
    Ya.. they are given/arranged to be married. Both manage to accept theirs partners. However, Daenarys is more successful. She turned nothing into an empire. Mary knows her way around court and that what makes the comparison unfair.. Court and war are two separate things.. Let's face it, the accomplishment of winning the war is greater.
    I would like to suggest Mary vs Talisa because they are both Queens to their husbands, gentle, loyal and beautiful.

    Francis vs Robb Stark
    I wouldn't even dream of comparing them both. Francis did not remind me of Robb. The only similarities that they have are that they have loyal wives. Francis sex urges is far different from Robb's. Robb plans, really plans to spend the rest of his life with Talisa. So far, Francis did not show the sight that he appreciate his subjects like how Robb did. This is because Francis have not experience war encounters like Robb did ... AGAIN no point comparing because the situation didnt quite match. Francis claimed to do everything for his kingdom, but he is also hungry for power and Queen Catherine knew what her beloved baby Francis wants. Francis is in short lust for both power and women and he will turn out to be like his father King Henry. Robb Starks did'n't want and was terrified to lead the house of Stark after the death of his father Ned Stark. However, he later embrace it, not with greed but because of duty. True duty towards his family. He however, will put Talisa first over the house, that is how his life ended at the Red Wedding. His feelings towards Talisa is true. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Francis, seeing that now Lola has his baby and not Mary he will want a mistress even before he is crown. So BIG NO!!

    Bash is Jon Snow. i agree on this. Both my fav characters, both have great qualities, both willing to save and sacrifice the ones they love. Both noble.

    King Henry is a mix of Tywin, Jamie and Joffrey Lannister. Well... I care very less for King Henry, Jaimie and Joffrey. But I have quite the respect for Tywin really. Even though he resent Tyrion. I can understand the position he is.

    Nostradamus : Varys/Littlefinger? No. Nost shows his loyalty to Queen Catherine. Littlefingers and Varys manipulates towards their own agendas and caused Ned Starks death. NO!

    Therest of the characters I don not see the point of comparing, for they are so different.

    King's Landing experienced magic during the rule of the Targaryens. They control DRAGONS. Then when Baratheon rule, it dwindled. Not lost. In short, the similarities of the community in REIGN and GoT are their belifs in superstitions.

    Blood, violence, sex and gore
    They both have, but so does Pretty Little Liars, the CSIs.. They are just not the same I am afraid.

    Overall, I wouldn't compare them. I love them individually.

  • SesseKitty Mar 15, 2014

    I love them both and there are some similarities: the whole "historical world" (you know Reign is just as much fantasy on this part as GoT is), all this scheming in the court for power and for love. There's the menacing woods with supernatural(?) creature(s) and there's plenty of sex and death.

    But the style is still very different. It could be said that Reign is GoT for teens and I don't mean this in a bad way at all. I love Reign, it's awesome. But I wouldn't for example recommend it very openheartedly to all the guys that are fans of GoT, it still has a bit more common with Austen than Martin while it doesn't take itself very seriously (which might also turn off some of those Austen fans and history puritans).

  • Super_Dooper Mar 12, 2014

    I don't think it "reminds" me of Game of Thrones. There are small comparisons to made, in that they both deal with Kings and Queens, but let's put it this way: If I'm watching an episode of Reign, I'm not thinking, 'Huh, that thing that character just did makes me think of something that X Game of Thrones character did last season'.

    I watch Game of Thrones for the intrigue and crazy amounts of betrayal and the way the characters are shaped through their actions towards each other. (Think Jon Snow and his choices regarding Ygritte, or how Jamie is slowly being turned from headstrong villain and Kingslayer to questioning his actions and morals and saving Brienne from that pit).

    I watch Reign, on the other hand, because of the drama between the Queens, the love triangle, and the romance. I'm not saying that's what everyone watches it for, but as an escape, it's what I enjoy. if I were to watch either shows, I wouldn't think of the other while viewing it.

  • Scrabble Mar 09, 2014

    I watch (and enjoy) both shows but nope. Not at all. Like you said though, they do both include castles and kings and queens. Most of your other comparisons are reaching.

  • bkyle2429 Mar 08, 2014

    not even close

  • ableitz Mar 06, 2014

    I am a big fan of both shows and I literally disagree with every comparison you made. I think my husband would throw up if he heard the Jon snow/bash comparison. Do you watch both shows?

  • Scrabble Mar 10, 2014

    Me and your husband both. And if you have to mix Tywin, Jaime and Joffrey (3 very different characters) to give one of the characters from Reign.. your argument is clearly flawed.

  • mineta Feb 12, 2014

    Sorry but GoT is terrible and Reign is GREAT! GoT was so bad I couldn't get past the first 15 mins despite trying TWICE.

  • sluu3p18 Feb 12, 2014

    I'm not actually comparing the two or saying one is better than the other. Both are great in my opinion. But while watching Reign, I am reminded of GoT. I wanted to see if others were as well.

  • mineta Feb 12, 2014

    Oh no, I get it! And it's cool. While I don't know the characters of GoT your post seems to do a good job of finding similarities. My comment was more for the person (one in particular) who keeps putting down Reign while praising GoT. I wanted that person to know that there are GoT haters out there as well who LOVE Reign and do not want Reign to be like that awful show GoT. That person (whiteout naming names) posts like only their opinion matters and it rubbed me the wrong way. So sorry, my comment wasn't aimed at you/your write-up at all.

  • MonaSaad Feb 11, 2014

    NO WAY like never eveeeeer :O

  • kryptonkalel27 Feb 11, 2014

    FUCK NO! A CW show should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Game of Thrones.

  • DrXabregas Feb 11, 2014

    i only watch Reign because of Kenna :P

    But dont compare it with GOT, u cant :x

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