Cartoon Network (ended 2004)
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  • S 1 : Ep 13

    The Prophecy Come To Pass

    Aired 3/3/03

  • S 1 : Ep 12

    The Vanquished Arise

    Aired 2/27/03

  • S 1 : Ep 11

    Unification Before Division

    Aired 2/26/03

  • S 1 : Ep 10

    Persia Shall Fall

    Aired 2/25/03

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    The Oracle Of Ammon

    Aired 2/24/03

  • Cast & Crew
  • Wendee Lee

    Olympias (5-13), Euclid (US)

  • John DiMaggio

    Philip II (1-4), Antipater (1-3)

  • Kirk Thornton


  • Beau Billingslea


  • Michael Sorich


  • show Description
  • Alexander the Great, son of King Philip was a powerful warrior. Alexander was the heir to the Macedonian empire and in the anime Reign his life is told with a science fiction theme to it.There is magic in the land and in it's midst is a powerful ruler, Alexander. He must protect himself against assassins and disprove a prophecy which states he will be the destroyer of the world. Reign has been released with voiceover work by a Japanese cast as well as US, Italian and French cast.moreless

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  • Quotes (8)

    • "By rules of mathematical law, did Plato solve that ultimate puzzle known as the universe. The existence, of all things is but a reflection of their eternal perfect form; and such form must by necessity of its very nature exist. The laws proof the Platohedron would prove a cursed prize sought at the cost of all loyalties of many an army of heroes."

    • "Hellas and Hellenism: the dark science of chaos, the discipline of destruction, the black art whose goal is the end of world's from the root Hellas the dominion of Hella, she who was born of chaos, mother god supernal quintessence of all the world. Her direct descendant, in the high priestess of her dark cult was Olympias, mother of Alexander the Great."

    • "Reason, Harmony, Beauty, these are all borne of order, the absence of order produces only one offspring, chaos. It is said that when Aristotle abandoned the academy, Plato commented that a young cult kicked and deserted its mother. Nocis had abandoned Thesis and all millennia to follow were to stagger in the wake of the aftershock."

    • "To the Greeks, the authority of the head of the family was absolute. The legend's say that Cronos assumed control by killing his father at the behest of his mother. Cronos in turn foresaw that history would be repeated and that his own son Zeus would over-through him. Thus prophecy and mpatricide were closely bound in their mythology from the very beginning."

    • "Philosophy was born in Agora, where individuals from opposite ends of the earth gathered together to engage in ideological discussions. The result was the birth of the Great Talk, the Socrates dialectics and so the destiny of Thebes and Athens hangs in the balance."

    • "The concept of a perfect number is believed to exist according to the principles of Uklit. The first of these is six, and yet there is another belief, the Pythagorean School puts their faith in a sacred emblem embodying the harmony and order of the universe."

    • "How many were there? The true wonders of the world: embracing the divine work in the elements of nature, encompassing death and re-incarnation, the many faces of the moon, the mysterious planets that surround us, and the true heavenly order, we believe their are 7."

    • "Architechs for Dionysus, so they were called; it was believed that King Solomon hired them to rebuild his temple. They were mystic worshipers of the god Dionysus, who passed on their knowledge through secret ceremonies, secret ceremonies and mathematics. Their exists a key which connects these two."

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    • Where were all the rocks the soldiers had thrown. It seems odd their would be none near.

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  • She returns home and she is bringing her mum with her.

    By d0rkb0y, Jun 22, 2006