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    By Lrivet, Oct 23, 2013

    If you can't bring Related back to tv, at least make it possible for people to purchase the DVD collection. Please?????

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    You need to bring this show back.

    By Lyns17, Jan 16, 2008

    I never missed a show and I have been waiting and waiting for it to start up again. WHY WHY??? Would you cancel this show. There are so many reality shows now a days that it makes me sick. Get rid of a reality show and bring back Related. This is an awesome show about sisters and life obsticles and it shows that family should always stick together, especially sisters. Whoever pulled this show should be FIRED!!! Bring it back.... Please bring back this show already. I am so tired of reality tv!!! There is so very few decent tv shows the rest is all crap.moreless

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    This show was about 4 sisters and their different lives

    By amanda_xp0, Nov 22, 2007

    I think that this show was so good and nail-bitting. Nowadays the CW formerly known as TheWB does not have shows like "Related" anymore. The only show i like now is Gossip Girl, but Related is by far more intersting. It was fun to see the sisters in different relationships. It really was a fantastic show. The actresses were such great actors, they actually seemed like sisters and i loved the way they would gather together and have sister moments. I Wish the show would of kept having new episodes and seasons because this show was just amazing. They did wrong in cancelling it!

    We Want It Back! :]moreless

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    Pretty cool!

    By da_dunker, May 06, 2007

    I really like this show.

    People have complained that because it's from the creators of Sex & The City and Friends, that it should be amazing. No one will remark that the first four episodes of those shows were groundbreaking. But for someone looking for a replacement of those great shows, you will be disappointed. Someone looking for a great show about family, you will be pleasantly pleased. Related is ensemble cast driven, giving fair time to each actress. I think the story lines are funny, thoughtful and have a lot of room to expand for many seasons. I like that the four sisters have distinct personalities and dialog. The highlight is Jennifer Espisito. She plays a very warm, caring older sister. It's much different than what I've seen in her before, and she does it well. I am a girl that grew up with all brothers and when I watch this show, I instantly connect with the images I have had my whole life of having sisters.

    Related is great!moreless

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    What a great family drama!

    By supercin721, Apr 16, 2007

    I think the networks made a mistake when they cancelled this show. It really was fantastic. The actresses had great chemistry with each other. The storylines were great. The on/off again relationship, the miscarriage, the struggling youngest sibling, the fourth wheel husband, the grieving sisters, the moving on father...Too bad we lost this great bit of programming.

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    Please bring the show back!

    By mirandamag, Mar 10, 2007

    This was a great show and i wish they would bring it back. I wanted to see what happened to them I was waiting for thwe second season to air and then I heard the news that it wasn't coming back and i got angry. So I wounder what was going to happen to them. Maybe they will bring it back but do not think they will because it was to long ago when it was on and they are not just suddenly bring it back although I wish they did. This was one of my favorite showas but now that it is not on if you people want to see another great show you should watch Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights.moreless

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    KEEP RELATED ON THE AIR!! (and not reruns either) I love this show - I don't want it to go away.

    By lmreviews, Mar 04, 2007

    I absolutely love this show. I used to watch Sex and the City and loved the show - I was very sorry to see it end on HBO. Please keep Related on!! I can't wait to see this show every week!! Don't take it away!! All the good shows always end too early!!

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    I am so upset that they haven't came back with this show yet!! I LOVE it!! I was ready for it to start again and then NOTHING!! WTH??? Please bring it back!! I will watch EVERY episode just like before.

    By christielynn83, Feb 18, 2007

    Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it back Bring it backmoreless

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  • 9.5

    Enjoyable, Blooming, Relational

    By SweetPeaSurry, Jan 27, 2007

    I was really enjoying this show. I loved the relationships between the sisters. They were so close and always had eachother's backs. I was looking forward to seeing what would happen as they ended and began new relationships. As they got more used to their mother's death. As their father's new relationship bloomed. I thought the writers were doing a fantastic job in keeping our interest in the characters. The characters themselves were well rounded and interesting. It's really so sad that networks are pulling such fantastic shows off the air so early, it's like their hardly giving them a chance to get off the ground before they yank them. It's unfortunate, I was looking forward to sticking with this show for a long time to come.moreless

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