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    The short-lived drama, made by the creators of "thirtysomething" and "My So-Called Life", is about Isabel Lukens who goes to Italy, meet and fall in love with fellow American Leo Roth in their twenties. The best short-lived drama of the 90's.

    By RaineRP, Oct 09, 2010

    I was a fan of the show since it started in the fall of 1996 and was cancelled in the spring of 1997. I was fifteen years old and a sophomore in high school, when the show started. I was sixteen and close to the end of my sophomore year of high school, when the show ended. I remember when it was on the Saturdays at 10pm timeslot. It was up against CBS's "Walker: Texas Ranger" and NBC's "Profiler". The drama was moved to Monday nights up against The WB's "7th Heaven" and Fox's "Melrose Place". It's the twenty-something version of "My So-Called Life". It's one of the best angst dramas that Herskovitz and Zwick created.moreless

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