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    love this show!

    By barrymoore08, May 08, 2013

    I would have to say that I've been a fan of Pierce Brosnan eversince I saw Remington Steele! Mystery, romance and comedy all-in-one show, what more can you ask for! I think that's the main reason why it captured the hearts of its audiences. Well, one more thing, Pierce is damn hot in this show! I bought my own copy at dvdbooth. comcertainly good quality! Surely a must have for every Remington Steele and Pierce Brosnan fans. This show is really an epic!moreless

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    The Humphrey Bogart connection

    By ryan2949, Apr 25, 2013

    Our nameless hero has 5 passports in 5 different names. These names are all characters portrayed by Humphrey Bogart in various films. "Harry", as he is called by his mentor (played by Efrem Zimbalist, is an expert on old movies, especially Bogart he assumes the identity of Remington Steele, he never mentions that Bogart portrayed a character named Dixon watched every episode numerous times and he never refers to this coincidence! Are the writers playing a joke on us? Could they have been unaware of this? Any thoughts?moreless

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    Ten Best Remington Steele Episodes

    By JaneKnight, Jun 14, 2012

    A little-known fact about "Remington Steele"--it was originally conceived by long-time director Robert Butler in 1969--the same year "Star Trek" was cancelled by NBC. Perhaps Butler meant to pitch "Steele" to NBC as a possible replacement for "Trek". Unfortunately, as he found out, this series about a woman fronting a detective agency but choosing to invent a character who turns out to be an agent adopting her imaginative moniker was too far ahead of its time. That may explain why there was a 13-year lapse between conception and reality. In the meantime, here are my all-time favorite episodes:

    10. "License To Steele"/Tempered Steele"--These two episodes from Season 1 are combined as the series pilot, which establishes the aforementioned premise;

    9. "Steele In The News"--Remington and Laura investigate threats at a television station after its newscast switches from hard news to a tabloid-style format;

    8. "Steele Crazy After All These Years"--Laura and Remington investigate the events surrounding Murphy's college graduation reunion;

    7. "High Flying Steele"--Remington and Laura go undercover as circus performers;

    6. "Scene Steelers"--This episode focuses on sabotage during filming of TV commercials;

    5. "Stronger Than Steele"--Apparently "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening watched this episode, as he developed the Radioactive Man character who is similar to the Atomic Man that is featured;

    4. "Illustrated Steele"--A comic strip artist illustrates events that literally come to life;

    3. "Steele On The Air"--A traffic reporter's death features a prominent morning duo as the prime suspects;

    2. "Love Among The Steele"--A 1936 roadster keeps appearing, leading to a trail of murder and intrigue;

    1. "Steele In The Chips"--A scientist who invented the no-cal cookie goes missing; the chase scene parallels both "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" and the later 2001 remake, "Rat Race". A definitive classic; it was the only one co-penned by actress Stephanie Zimbalist.moreless

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    It never tried to be anything but entertaining...

    By sandbur, Jun 25, 2009

    ...and in that "Remington Steele" succeeded.

    It was presented as a tongue in cheek detective show and it never strayed from the path in that sense. But where the show won hearts I think, was in its entertaining if implausible story line, the relationship between the protagonists, the bumbling but lovable supporting characters and the never dull life they all found themselves entwined in. It kind of reminded me of a scaled-up version (in terms of scope and characters) of "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" which I also loved to watch. Too bad this kind of lighthearted fun is largely considered passe today.

    Of course Pierce Brosnan was an instant attraction and he played this lovable scoundrel to a T. Though I admit I was always feeling the need to feed him a sandwich or something...

    Stephanie Zimbalist was a perfect foil to Brosnan's "Steele" and their chemistry was a large part of the show's success. Wonder where she is today??

    Definitely not brain surgery, but infinitely more fun!moreless

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    A light-harded, descent television show.

    By Philology, Jun 16, 2009

    Remington Steele, the super-sleuth invented by Laura Holt because nobody would hire a woman, showed up on her doorstep one day. The man without a name assumed the role of Remington Steele, always making mistakes and accusing the wrong people until Laura steps in and clears everything up, and him always taking the praise. The show, while not being too funny for it's genre, was always light-harded, such as them being shot at every time that they try to kiss. Season two brought the addition of a secretary, former IRS officer Mildred Krebs, who became so intrigued by their lifestyle while she was investigating them, that she left her position as an IRS agent to become their secretary. Not that she was to lead an unadventurous life- quite the opposite: I recall a time when she was kidnapped, and herself shot at, to name a few of her trials. A wonderful show that ended too soon.moreless

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    Fluff, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

    By jamoon2006, Dec 03, 2007

    Today, people remember "Remington Steele" more as Pierce Brosnan's break-out role and that it cost him his first shot at the role of 007. But it's more than that (not much more, however). It's a light-hearted romantic comedy/mystery that stood out in the 1980s field of tough guy, shoot 'em up action shows.

    On the one hand, "Remington Steele" is pure 1980s TV fluff. Like so many other shows, the acting is hammy, the scripts are predictable and nothing about the episodes stays with you long. But on the other hand, hidden within this are two great performances, strong chemistry and a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that occasionally elevates the material.

    What set "Steele" apart from the pack? It's the stars - Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist. Sure, they were gorgeous people on dangerous assignments in exotic locales, but they were damn fun to watch, particularly in their flirtatious banter and frustrated arguments. The show itself was sometimes a bit smarter than the competition as well. For one thing, a woman was the star (not just eye candy) and actually more capable than her male counterpart. Secondly, the stories were (at first) a bit more farcical and light hearted. The notion of making Brosnan's character a film buff also allowed for a lot of allusions to classic films and actors. As the show went on, the action was amped up a little more and Brosnan's Mr. Steele became more of a man of action. But at first, he was essentially a dandy who needed Stephanie Zimbalist to bail him out at the sign of trouble.

    If you're a fan of mysteries, or if you want to see how Pierce Brosnan showed the world he could be James Bond, "Remington Steele" is worth a spin on your rental queue. It's great viewing - it's light, entertaining and when it's over there's nothing left hanging.moreless

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    A Very Smart Show

    By MrBond5000, Aug 16, 2007

    When i first saw it on dvd i said wow. Its just smart and funny. Remington Steele is one of those characters u just gotta love. The story is simple. Laura Holt is a private eye who gets no case cause she is female. So Laura Holt makes Mr. Steele up for her job. Now she gets cases all the time. Then a con man shows up trying to steal some diamonds. He doesnt and decides to take over Steeles idenity since he dont exist. So he goes straight and no longer a con man. She goes along with it cause it makes thing easy for her. Since in pilot someone wanted to meet Steele though he didnt exist. So he helped her out by becoming steele. I like the plots and the actors. Murphy & Fox were good characters but are only on season one. When season two starts, it just gets even better. With Mildred Krebs a new character. She works well as she gives more respect to Steele than Holt. In the end just a great mystery show.moreless

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    Since nobody trusts her to solve their cases, Laura Holt invents a masculine boss ..

    By swassy, Jun 23, 2007

    Laura Holt has always dreamed of playing detective and enjoys solving mysteries. However, because she is a woman, nobody seems to trust her in solving the cases. So she invents a fictitious boss “Remington Steele” who is always unavailable because he’s busy or not in the country, but in fact, she is the one solving the cases. Her ruse seemed to be working fine until one day she is busted by a mystifying man who assumes the identity of Remington Steele. Mildred Krebs is the secretary of their agency by is more of a motherly figure that watches over both. While working together, Laura and “Mr Steele” start to develop a certain attraction towards each other.moreless

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    Since This show dissappeared from my television network my heart has been utterly smased ino pieces.

    By loveurfaceholla, Apr 16, 2007

    As a child i would watch this show everytime it came on. I'd get the remote switch it to 61 and watch Remington Steele right after Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I remember sitting just a few inches away from my television set and wishing i was in the show. i loved it when they went under cover. One of the epiodes that sticks out is that of when They went under cover as a married couple. The whole premise of the show is wonderful. That A frankly stupid good looking male takes all the credit for a womans work. The fact we know who really solved the case makes us above everyone else in the show. I'd love to see more and more of them and maybe just maybe some GOOD remakes.moreless

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    Laura Holt is a female private detective who has a fictional male boss. A con-man/burglar who is after the jewels she is hired to protect gives up his pursuit of the gems and assumes Remington Steele's identity.

    By auntydale, Mar 13, 2007

    I was in high school when this show debuted. I heard that accent and took one look at Pierce Brosnan in that tuxedo and KNEW that he would be the next James Bond. My father, who's favorite 007 is the original, said that PB was too thin (I believe "candy-ass" was term he used). But I was convinced.

    This was a very cool show, especially when we got a glimpse into Remington's past. I liked the earlier episodes with the other male detective who worked for Laura and competed with Remington for her affections. I guess the producers decided to eliminate a rival and introduce some comic relief by getting rid of Murphy and bringing in Mildred.moreless

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