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    By Ragamiicho, Sep 05, 2014

    This is a showcase of everything that can go wrong in a cartoon. Animal abuse, excessive (sometimes sexual) grossout, pandering to stereotypes of audiences, more abuse, bad animation and music, costant padding and very slow pacing, very bad writing, the worst Flanderization I've ever seen, raping the orignal show, extremely disturbing know this is supposed to be for adults, but that doesn't really make an excuse. This is the worst show that ever existed.

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    By Southparkfa, May 04, 2011

    Spike TV ruined one of my all-time favorite cartoon shows. Ok so, the show is a lot more disgusting and perverted than before. Yes it was pretty disgusting and preverted before, but now it's not even funny, it's just completely distrubing. I mean "Naked Beach Frenzy" was cartoon pornography at it's basic level. And then Stimpy getting pregnant... ugghh. The only reason I give a 2.5 is because of "Man's Best Friend" which was great, but everything else about this show has left clueless as to how John K. could allow such destruction at the basic level of his own greatest cartoon. 2.5/10 Fmoreless

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    This show sucked. It didn't even live up to the original Ren and Stimpy.

    By kirbyblue, May 04, 2011

    Man I remember when this show first came out I was thinking that I might like this show, I mean heck I loved The Ren and Stimpy show. That show was awesome, but this show, however, was a disappointment. First of all John K just made this show to get revenge for Nickelodeon for firing him after the second season, so they just slapped in just about every adult content that they couldn't use in the original because Nickelodeon wouldn't allow it. But there's one thing they didn't use and that is MORE humor. Yes this show uses more Adult content and less humor. I mean Ren and Stimpy was good because of it's humor and they didn't even use it in this show. It's a good thing this show got cancelled before making anymore episodes because if you ask me, Ren and Stimpy was better off when it was on Nickelodeon and not Spike TV.moreless

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    Only thing worth while was seeing Man's Best Friend

    By slainmonkey, Mar 07, 2011

    This is such a tragic way to end Ren & Stimpy....the jokes consistantly fail to be funny...the animation though more detailed looks more crude, Poor replacement for Billy West for Stimpy and John K can't even do the voice of Ren anymore.....Only reason to watch this show ever is because of the banned episode of the original 'Man's Best Friend'.....and as good as that was it hardly makes this show worth while!

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    Just as good as the first....

    By llithium6, Oct 29, 2010

    This show has alot of talent. Even though it wasn't Spumco, the show was just as good as Ren and Stimpy (Only the first two seasons). I hope they show itt again I don't care what channel. I don't understand why people think it's desgusting. It's not horrible. At least it's not as bad as Hey Arnold.

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    By SandMan967ALT, Sep 19, 2010

    This version of Ren and Stimpy has left me clueless, it's so wrong and kind of disgusting, that it might have ruined a bit of my childhood for this show. I have only seen a few episodes,(not planning to see more). When I saw the "Naked Beach Frenzy" episode it ruined me in a way cause it was pornographic with naked cartoon girls and when I saw Stimpy's Pregnant, the ending was very gross and made me think Ren and Stimpy are actually gay It's not hard to believe they cancelled this show after Naked Beach Frenzy aired. I would say that this version may have ruined my childhood a bit, but honestly, at some parts on some episodes you have to laugh, that's a reason why I gave it a 4.5. It's very difficult for me to explain how I feel about this show to be honest. Final Grade: D-moreless

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    By MetallicFilms, Sep 19, 2010

    Another spin-off to a great show that got cancelled from Nickelodean ever since they were new to this hip-hop fad called "CRACK". Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon was a spin-off to the original series "Ren and Stimpy" only this time, it was rated 14 and Mature audience. It was suppose to be a EXTREME version of Ren and Stimpy. I remeber watching a few episodes and i didn't really like this show. It was nothing good to the original series. This show got cancelled after the unaired episode called "NAKED BEACH FRENZY". I watched it on youtube and it was WTF. It was the s******** thing i've seen. No wonder why it got cancelled. Overall, this show was BBBBAAAAAADDD.moreless

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    Um Ok.....

    By Spongeyfan, Jan 19, 2007

    Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon is Ren and Stimpy for adults the title of it easily gives you a clue at least give this show a try it can be very good like the episode Ren Seeks Help it was a good episode in my opinion but this show is'nt for kids don't let your kids watch it though i have never seen it only a few clips though Ren Hoek's voice was no different than in the original get your facts straight people though i have never heard Eric Bauza's version of Stimpy.Great for adults but bad for kids.moreless

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    This isn't your parents cartoon

    By GameraTrekkie, Jan 11, 2007

    It is sick, disturbing and perverted, but still amazing. Ren and Stimpy have come a long way from their days on Nickelodeon. If you are not into adult humor then I would fully recommend that you stay away from this series. If you are sick, disturbed and perverted, then you have found your cartoon source. These episodes are not, and I repeat not!!, recommend for children. These episodes have the cast swearing and women’s nipples are flying around everywhere! I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this is not for children at all! The episodes themselves are joke after joke, leaving little for story and more about fitting as many jokes in as possible, John K. even admitted to doing this. Even with that said, this series is still funny! Even though it is all mostly adult humor, it is still very funny. But do not come into watching this series expecting it to be like the first series, because it is completely different.moreless

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