Rescue Heroes

CBS (ended 2003)
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  • S 3 : Ep 16

    Rescue Heroes: The Movie

    Aired 11/18/03

  • S 3 : Ep 15

    A Bridge Too Frail / Going With The Wind

    Aired 12/18/02

  • S 3 : Ep 14

    Alone for the Holidays

    Aired 12/11/02

  • S 3 : Ep 13

    Not on This Planet / Tunnel Vision

    Aired 12/4/02

  • S 3 : Ep 12

    Rock & a Hard Place / Cruise into Danger

    Aired 11/27/02

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lenore Zann

    Wendy Waters

  • Martin Roach

    Jake Justice

  • John Bourgeois

    Warren Waters

  • Rod Wilson

    Jack Hammer

  • Deborah Odell

    Ariel Flyer

  • show Description
  • Welcome to the Rescue Heroes guide at The Rescue Heroes are a group of dedicated individuals who are experts in a many different fields who teach young children about health, fire education, and more. Thet do not fight the vital fight for good and evil, but instead they fight for truth and Justice. Kids' WB Broadcast History When Rescue Heroes left CBS after January 2000, we all thought it was cancelled. But then a mysterious surprise happened: It came back on Kids' WB! On July 21, 2001 (after a one-and-a-half-year hiatus) at 11:00 AM! But later, when Kids' WB! was going to premiere some new shows for the 2001-02 season (The Mummy, The Nightmare Room, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.) on September 15, 2001, the World Trade Towers were destroyed in the 9/11 tragedy! They had to pre-empt the premieres (since that's the time of praying and stuff, some people died in the Trade Towers, and if they must watch TV, they'd be watching news), but in the meantime, show something. So Kids' WB! kept jumping around their Saturday schedule with Pok√©mon, Jackie Chan Adventures, and Cardcaptors (and sometime RH and Cubix) repeats, so they decided to move Rescue Heroes to Wednesdays at 3:00 PM starting September 19, 2001, although that meant Cardcaptors could only be shown 5 days a week rather than 6. They returned it to Saturdays on May 25, 2002 at 8:00 AM to replace the earlier showing of X-Men: Evolution. RH was kept on Wednesdays, though. It lost its Saturday time to finish up th second season of the Zeta Project on July 13, 2002, but remained on Wednesdays. RH continued its Wednesday timeslot for almost a year until its final airing August 27, 2003, when it was cancelled to give Scooby-Doo its sixth day a week.moreless

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  • Quotes (29)

    • Jake: Nick, the fire was a terrible thing, but it was still an accident. When someone is truly sorry, the right thing to do is forgive them. Nick: I can't do that, Jake. Not ever.

    • Rocky: I would like to find the guy who made this puzzle and stick him in a box and send him to Timbuktu!
      Jake: Oh yeah, that's a hard one. Took me almost five minutes.

    • Jack: Howdy folks. This is Jack here just telling you that I'm a-okay. Thanks to my henweigh.
      Jake: Henweigh? What's a henweigh?
      Jack: Oh, about three or four pounds. Get it? What does a hen weigh?
      Jake: Jack, you are a sorry excuse for a rescue hero.

    • Jack: Hey, did anyone see my training gloves? Jake: Yeah, they're under there. Jack: Under where? Jake: (chuckles) I just made you say "Underwear."

    • Jack: I wouldn't mind reading some poetry from that Keits fellow. Jake: Good, let's start with my favourite. Why did I laugh tonight? Jack: I don't know, somebody tickle you.

    • Al: Hey Bill. You know what an egg, a drum and you have in common?
      Barker: No, what?
      Al: They're all things I can beat.

    • Jake: (Hands Billy a garment bag) This just came for you. I think it's your new uniform
      Billy: Perfect timing. Roger's faxing me another copy of my speech, you know, maybe things might work out after all. (Pulls out a clown costume from the bag) Oh great. The delivery guy must of mixed up the garment bags. (Jake chuckles) What's so funny?
      Jake: Sorry. It's just that at some kid's birthday party, there's a clown dressed in your uniform.
      Billy : Could things get any worse? (The fax machine burns up) That was a retoricle question.

    • Jake: New York, New York. I love this town. The theatres, the museums.
      Rocky: The hot dogs. (Eats one)
      Jake: Ugh, how can you eat that thing?
      Rocky: With mustard.

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    Notes (12)

    • First aired on Cartoon Network June 14, 2004

    • First aired on Cartoon Network June 15, 2004

    • Last episode to air on CBS

    • Rescue Heroes Appear In Canyon Catastrophe are: Rip Rockefeller Billy Blazes Rocky Canyon Matt Medic Cliff Hanger

    • Rescue Heroes That Appear In Wildfire: Billy Blazes Wendy Waters Ariel Flyer Bill Baker

    • First episode to air on Kids' WB!, who call it "Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team"

    • Rescue Heroes That Appear In Rock Star on the Rocks: Rip Rockefeller Billy Blazes Wendy Waters Rocky Canyon

    • Eye of the storm is the first episode that doesn't end with the rescue heroes saying, "Think like a rescue hero. Think safe."

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    Trivia (2)

    • The animators made one mistake with jack hammer repeatedly, The first time he had a jackhammer over his shoulder, he was Jake Justice, then he was Rocky Canyon, Then in the basement when the big tornado hit he was Jake Justice again.

    • Jack is scared of spiders.

  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • Whatever the crisis, the Rescue Heroes, with teamwork and perseverance, will be there!

    By Knight42092, Oct 05, 2005

  • A show that should have been loved out more.

    By Darkknight313, Jan 27, 2008

  • The uncommon guilty pleasures of an adult...

    By LydiaDietrich, Jan 29, 2011

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