Revenge "Blood" Review: Family Matters

By Kaitlin Thomas

Apr 07, 2014

Revenge S03E18 "Blood"

The main detriment to Revenge's success has always been its 22-episode season. You know it. I know it. We all know it. If Revenge had shorter seasons, the show and its scandalous storytelling would be tighter. It wouldn't have to find so many vaguely interesting subplots to fill time. "Blood" was an episode that accomplished little because it's setting up, what I have to assume, is the season end-game. But right now, it's difficult to tell what that even is, because there were so many different things happening this week and none of them seemed all that exciting or important to an overarching story.

When the series introduced Stevie Grayson, I was excited. She seemed like a fierce woman who could become a great ally for Emily. She tried, I'll admit, but Victoria managed to break her. After just a handful of weeks in the Hamptons she was drinking again, because the Graysons are jerks, and Jack was taking her home to Los Angeles. The Hamptons ruins people, and Revenge's 22-episode season ruins many potentially interesting storylines and characters. Stevie had potential, and she had a legitimate reason to remain in the Hamptons with her connection to Jack and Carl. Pascal, on the other hand, feels like he's being shoe-horned in to plots to appear more interesting than he actually is.

I stated last week that I don't give a damn about the drama at Voulez, and now I'd like to extend that sentiment to the storylines about Pascal's entire media empire. No wait, make that everything relating to Pascal. Voulez and the drama surrounding its chic offices is the new Initiative storyline, guys. No one cares about it. Pascal is barely a character, and yet he's somehow involved in 90 percent of the show's current storylines. He's connected to Margaux, obviously, and she'll be taking over the company, which is a good thing, because it means we've seen the end of Margaux's complaints about her daddy issues, but she also deserves this. She's worked her ass off and is the right person to take over the company. Further more, I like that she's not forsaking work for her relationship with Jack, even if I'm still a little confused about how they're still together and still (mostly) happy. Plus, she threw Victoria under the bus with her crack about a woman being able to work and have a life. Margaux 1. Victoria 0 (how's your art gallery coming along, Vee?).

Pascal's also connected to Conrad if only because the latter wants to take over his media empire. Someone needs to get Conrad a hobby, stat, because I think he's doing all of this out of boredom, and it's making him boring. Conrad is not boring. Conrad is evil and slimy, but flying to South America to steal business from Pascal is not the evil and slimy this show needs or its viewers want. I think if we could ask Conrad, even he would admit his storyline is boring and stupid. Give Conrad something better to do, writers. Please. And while you're at it, please do something about Victoria's newfound happiness with Pascal. It's very uncomfortable to see her this happy, to be honest. 

Pascal's relationship to Emily and Aiden should be the strongest storyline, given it's tied to the David Clarke scandal, but it's still barely more than a dangling plot thread that allowed for Aiden's return last week. It also resulted in the duo taking an impromptu trip to visit Aiden's mom in England this week, because one spur of the moment trip per episode is just not enough. As much as I don't care for Aiden and his storyline, the scene with his mother was very touching and emotional, and hopefully gave his character the closure he was seeking. But the trip was mostly just a really long roundabout way of introducing yet another character who will probably die or become useless in the span of an episode or two. Oscar Chapman supposedly has information about Pascal's connection to David Clarke, but he also faked his own death, according to Mason Treadwell. And speaking of everyone's favorite sassy scapegoat, his return this week was not everything I'd hoped it would be. He was allowed a few good one-liners, but then he nearly died by face cream (did I fall asleep and wake up to an episode of Reign or something?) so Emily and Nolan could smuggle him out of prison and to the Maldives until Emily was ready to tell him her story. Okay, at least he's not dead, I guess? 

"Blood" was a not a good episode. Piling one boring storyline on another hoping that they'll eventually cancel each other out or suddenly become interesting doesn't work. It only makes for an episode full of terribly uninteresting and disconnected plots. In the aftermath of Emily's shooting, things appeared to be looking up for Revenge. The series was back on track as Emily had a renewed interest and focus on her mission to take down the Graysons once and for all, but it appears the 22-episode season has caught up with her once again. There are only four episodes left this season, and at this point, you could tell me Daniel will become a Solid Gold Dancer and Charlotte will become a mob boss by the finale, and I'd believe you, because this season is so disjointed that it has no direction left. If it comes back for Season 4, ABC should seriously consider adopting the 13-episode model, because Revenge simply cannot continue to exist like this. 


– Javier and Charlotte: My audio cut out for most of their scene and I'm pretty sure it made it 50 percent more interesting.

– Please, please, please tell me we're not headed for a Jack/Margaux/Daniel love triangle.

– Hobbies that would make Conrad more interesting: tornado chasing, drag racing, base jumping, scuba diving, home brewing, candle making, rock collecting

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  • acre1993 May 02, 2014

    hey kaitlyn i just want to know why arent u reviewing this show anymore

  • loldude1 Apr 20, 2014

    I can't agree with anything that lets networks get away with shorter seasons.
    Do you realize that in the 1950s there were 39-episode seasons?

  • casssize Apr 15, 2014

    Soooooo are we not going to get a review this week?! We really need to discuss how Nolan was tased by a man dressed in drag.

  • nicolelarsson Apr 17, 2014

    Sorry for Nolan.. but this show is already dead.. Frankly

    I do not understand why are they still insisting in useless characters like Jack or Aiden. Oh please give me a break..

  • Ryan26pdx Apr 15, 2014

    Lol, I'm not surprised that there isn't even a review of last night's episode "Allegiance". It was one of the worst episode's of tv I've ever seen. I had so much hope after they ditched Emily's amnesia and introduced the new double infinity box...but now it seems the writers are aware of a cancellation and are just opting to make every character completely insane.

  • alineluizasantana Apr 13, 2014

    So tired of NOTHING GOING ON, I mean, destroy this family already! David Clarke will just come and destroys it instead. Or I will, really. Everyone should die, except Nolan.
    I had problems with season 2 and decided to give the show another shot, now I think I will just come back on season 4 finale and see whats going on!! Probably I will lose absolutely - nothing.

  • TaraLamont Apr 11, 2014

    I agree with most of this recap. The way I know I'm losing interest is a show sits in my DVR for days after it airs and I watch reruns of other things on Netflix b4 I finally watch the show. Ugh! When Stevie Grayson was sitting there drinking I rolled my eyes and thought well that didn't take long and I really don't care. I really use to like this show and sad I'm losing interest. :(

  • itsmemadie01 Apr 11, 2014

    unpopular opinion I think I like the past 3 episodes of Revenge but I have to agree with story arcs are so disintegrated I mean I really cannot tell what 'revenge' plan is Emily trying to pull 1. you could have run before and take the money 2. you could have burn down their home and watch 3. you could have sent Daniel to jail anyway I like the new Daniel at least he is not so dismal as Charlotte is so gullible I wanna pull her hair.

  • EduardoFernz Apr 11, 2014

    Mike Kelly was right when he asked about giving the series shorter season, it's a shame that he isn't the showrunner anymore... I think I'm one of the few people that really enjoyed season 2 of Revenge, despite the initiative storyline the things still felt important.. but now I can help to think that the show is not going into the right direction. I really really hope that ABC renews revenge for a fourth and FINAL SEASON.

  • lashaeashlee Apr 10, 2014

    Ahh, the first sentence in this review was soooo refreshing. As I finished watching the episode, I said aloud to myself "my goodness, when is the season finale?". Not that I want the season to end, but it's dragging. I love this show, but I agree with the writer on this one; they are filling these episodes with unnecessary fluff.

    Charlotte is so gullible, it's just ridiculous.
    Pascal needs to get an early exit.
    This new evil side of Daniel is actually quite..dare I say, sexy?

  • ark1317 Apr 13, 2014

    I agree with you about Daniel, he's becoming more Conrad every episode!

  • Milaneh Apr 09, 2014

    Watch the new Revenge episode, inappropriately called "Blood" in which Emily does absolutely nothing. Again.

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