Revenge "Homecoming" Review: Like Sands Through the Hourglass

By Kaitlin Thomas

Jan 06, 2014

Revenge S03E11: "Homecoming"

I'd like to begin this review with a moment of silence for a dearly beloved Revenge character who passed away during last night's very sudsy "Homecoming." He wasn't very talkative, but he was a staple around Grayson Manor. Seen in nearly every episode, he was as much a part of the Revenge family as Conrad or Victoria.

R.I.P., Queen V's Throne.

Lydia, in a true fit of bitchiness, dumped red wine on the poor chair after having the audacity to call it uncomfortable. How very Lydia of you, Lyds. (If anyone has a .GIF of that moment, I'd be eternally grateful.) 

But let's revisit that scene a bit later and chat about the rest of "Homecoming" first, because—and I know this might shock you—I liked it. Oh yeah, I rolled my eyes several times during the episode, like when Emily was bleeding out on the boat and told Aiden she just wanted to run away with him instead of getting medical care for the two gunshot wounds in her abdomen, but those soapy moments are to be expected with dramas like Revenge. The show's been a little too ridiculous lately (see: fake baby), but I think "Homecoming" managed those melodramatic moments well. In an episode that was almost solely focused on Emily's amnesia, it would've been fairly easy for the series to completely devolve into some sort of Days of Our Lives version of itself, but the episode played its cards fairly well. 

Building off the momentum of "Exodus," this episode picked up almost immediately where we left off before the holidays. Emily was dying in the water, Jack and Aiden were frantically attempting to find out what'd happened, the Graysons were being shuffled around the police station like they lived there—because let's face it, they probably should all have private cells by now—and then there was poor, sweet, baby Nolan who thought everything had gone according to plan when he saw the news report that Emily was missing. Raise your hand if you just wanted to reach through the TV and pull him into a tight hug because he didn't know what really happened on the yacht. I know I did. 

The Nolan and Emily dynamic is still the beating heart of Revenge. Even when everything else is flailing in the water, their friendship keeps it tethered. Even when I was bitching about the writers reaching to make storylines connect in the first half of the season, their relationship kept me sane and reminded me why it is I enjoy this show so much in the first place. Because there's a true love, respect, and understanding that flows from their friendship. Emily is so often cold and calculating that it's sometimes hard to like her and see good in her. But then you see her relationship with Nolan and you're reminded that the emotional heart and soul still beats. While Jack and Aiden were running around this week, Nolan was getting shit done. He stormed over to the hospital like he owned it (and he did pay for half of it, so he kind of does), and when they wouldn't let him see her, he left a cell phone behind to make a mobile hot spot so he could hack into the hospital's system and find out what was going on. Yay technology, but also yay Nolan!

Fans are always going on and on about shipping Emily with one of the several men in her life, but the only real man in her life is Nolan. Jack, Aiden, and Daniel could all fall off a cliff and while the show would maybe suffer a few setbacks, I don't think I'd even care at this point. Because Nolan's the one person who hasn't let Emily down throughout the course of three seasons. He's one of the only non-expendable characters on this show anymore. Emily and Nolan rely on each other when they're in need, and I don't know that there will ever be another person as important to Nolan as Emily. "Emily is my family," Nolan told Victoria in the hospital, and I think if the situation were reversed, Emily would say the same thing about him. 

That being said, I realized during the hiatus, and even more so as I watched the events of "Homecoming" unfold, it is highly unlikely that either of their characters will ever get a happy ending. Emily is destined to fight this battle against the Graysons, but even after it's over, and even if she wins, what will she have left? Her plan to frame Victoria failed, but even if it hadn't, she still would have had to walk away from everything she knew. She would have run away with Aiden, but she'd never have been able to go home again. She'd never have seen Nolan again. She'd never have seen Charlotte, the only blood family she had left. All of those things would have had to disappear along with the Emily Thorne identity. And while the show almost has to end with Emily finally exacting her revenge, I don't think it's possible that she'll ever be truly happy. 

Her relationship with Jack might not be as strained as it once was, but it is highly unlikely that the two of them will ever get their fairytale romance. Obviously, Daniel is over Emily's shenanigans and hasn't been a true love interest since the middle of Season 1, and Aiden, well ... just what the hell is up with Aiden anyway? He claims to love Emily, he claims that everything he does is basically to aid her and be with her, but—and we all know my feelings on Aiden, so I won't rehash them now—who the hell is Niko? And what has she been pumping into Emily's system? She was interrupted before she could inject her again, and now Emily is slowly regaining her memories. Was Niko responsible for Emily's short-term amnesia? Don't get me wrong, I am beyond thrilled that we didn't have to sit through several episodes of Emily not knowing who she was (the amnesia was was clearly just a plot contrivance for Emily to let her parentage slip to Charlotte), but I don't think we can just take this at face value. Niko is up to something, and I don't want to accuse anyone of anything here, but homegirl is shady.

She healed Aiden after he was shot by Daniel at the end of Season 2, but there's obviously something deeper there than just a doctor/patient relationship. If their conversation wasn't already suspicious, that kiss she planted on him was enough to make everyone sit up and go, "Wait a freaking second here, sir!" Is she a past lover of Aiden's who wants him back? Is she just really friendly and doesn't understand personal boundaries? Either way, Aiden's no longer the shiny best boyfriend ever that some people want him to be (though he's never been exactly trustworthy, if you ask me). You just can't trust a man like Aiden. He's too mysterious, and you never know if what you're seeing is real. You never know if he's got an ulterior motive and that's what makes him dangerous. And the same can be said about Patrick.

Every single relationship Nolan has had since the first season has failed for one reason or another, and it seems his fling with Patrick will fare no better. As fun as their dynamic has been, Patrick cannot be trusted. He's always holding something back, and now he's gone and told Victoria about Nolan's safe and its contents, and while my heart broke a bit for Nolan in that moment, this is exciting. We've been waiting all season for Victoria to regain the upperhand (or at least I have), and it seems she's well on her way. Discovering and then confirming that Emily lied about being pregnant to trap Daniel into marriage was just the tip of the iceberg, but it also started a chain reaction inside Victoria. Something woke up inside her in that moment. Her suspicions were validated and the icy queen of the Hamptons is now making an attempt to reclaim her life, her son, and her bite. 

And speaking of Daniel, thank God he already told Victoria the truth about shooting Emily. I would have smashed something if we'd have had to sit through several episodes of Daniel looking moderately constipated while stewing in his own guilt/grief/whatever. I don't want to jinx anything here, but if the series continues to travel at this speed, I think Revenge will only continue to get better. It's built some great momentum with "Exodus" and "Homecoming," but it was stuck in a rut for several weeks as the episodes moved at a snail's pace. Now that the wedding has come and gone, the series is heading in a new direction, and it feels like it's had new life breathed in to it. Daniel is hard and unforgiving in the wake of the shooting, and while I'd argue that this seems out of character for him, he's also just had a blindfold removed and is seeing things clearly for the first time. It's also made him more exciting to watch, so I am going to allow it. Conrad is finally feeling real emotions at having to betray someone he loves (Lydia) in order to protect his son, and Charlotte is now suspicious of Emily as the latter let it slip that David Clarke is her father. All of the puzzle pieces are finally coming together for Revenge and while I think the series still has a ways to go before it's safe to say it's back on par with Season 1, it's definitely making strides to pick itself up and get going on the right path again.


– LOLOLOLOLOL at Emily's reaction to Aiden in the hospital room. Amnesia Emily is my spirit animal. GTFO, Aiden!

– Lydia took off and is now the prime suspect in Emily's shooting. This is kind of sad, because I've been enjoying her antagonistic relationship with Victoria. 

– When do you think Charlotte will discover that Emily is actually Amanda? My money is on the end of the season.

– I'm really, really excited to see this new Daniel. He's so cold and chilling. He's becoming a real Grayson now. 

– I cannot deny Nolan's sassy red pants. They are very clearly the winner of everything this week. 

– What did you think of "Homecoming"?


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  • truantlock Jan 17, 2014

    This show was already fairly soapy, but season 3 has been painful. I was surprised that I was disappointed when, of course, Emily was alive. At that point I realized how mishandled her character has been this season. Her hated for Daniel leading up to the wedding when she is the one being deceitful and her failure to take accountability for her part in contributing to the Priest's death are low points for the character.

    Emily's coldness was endearing when we were reminded of her youth and vulnerability. Her genuine affection for Jack and dynamic with Nolan saved her character. This season she's be entirely focused on the mission and has systematically treated each character on the show poorly.

    Inevitably Daniel will be prevented somehow from coming clean, like how Victoria's plane went down and Conrad's car was crashed. The Bond villain approach of sharing well-intentioned plans with people that would surely object with plenty of time for someone to interject is tiresome.

    I've enjoyed the show from it's premiere but I feel the show runners would be best served if they knew there was only one or two more seasons so they can reign things in. Jack and Emily will have their fairy tale ending. Aiden has already shown his duplicitous side. Daniel is free from Emily and his old flame is alive, so they have a fair shot of getting together and then out. But the show reeks of thinking of a new way to include a new story arc to extend the number of episodes and they'll name drop a character two episodes before they reappear (Conrad saying rest in peace about Lydia, Victoria saying that even Sarah was better than Emily before her return) is getting old fast.

  • abyssum Jan 10, 2014

    I actually loved this episode, things got resolved pretty fast, especially this stupidy with amnesia.

    lol at disney "true love kiss" moment for bringing back memories, it was so predictable and another soap cliché... I guess writers want Emily and Jack back together (and they put Niko out of nowhere for Aiden; btw, I'm also on "GTFO Aiden" team).

    I'm sorry Lydia's gone, but I'm sure she'll be back by the end of season or next season or smth.

    and the saddest and the most shocking moment of the episode: RIP Queen V's Throne :((

  • Malahito Jan 09, 2014

    I'm not suprised with fact that Josh Bowman asked producers to pull out Daniel from this show,I mean what the hell they've made with Daniel's character,this is terrible ...

  • Tadaia Jan 10, 2014

    They probably should've killed him off in season 1. Daniel and that relationship with Emily has been the biggest distraction in her revenge against the elder Graysons.

  • Malahito Jan 10, 2014

    His character was good in S2,well at least half of the season.

  • nicolelarsson Jan 09, 2014

    I still hope there's a redemptionof the character over the course of the plot.

  • Malahito Jan 10, 2014

    Well...maybe,but did you notice how bad was Josh's acting in last 2-3 episodes,he was like " I'm sick of this"?

  • jewel47 Jan 09, 2014

    LOVED IT! This episode had so many things happening that I was interested and on the edge of my seat every minute. Season 1 was great, season 2 was a disaster and season 3 hadn't started off great but this one episode reminded me how how good this show used to be.

    My HUGE gripe is with Patrick. Why the heck is he so loyal and enamored with Victoria?!! She dumped him and paid him a huge sum of cash for him to leave her alone when he came looking for her. Now he acts like she is a saint wronged by all these people. Like what?! Victoria is a just as guilty as the rest but in Patrick's eyes she is such a pure innocent women who has been wronged but all these evil people. Ummm he is too much of a mommy's boy, it is like he wants to crawl back in her. He says Emily, Conrad and Nolan have all wronged her. What planet is he living on? Nolan deserves so much better than him!

    Daniel, ugh! I can't stand him. He shot Emily twice because of a fake pregnancy. His mom pulled the same fake pregnancy trick with Conrad, so does that mean Conrad should have shot Victoria and tried to kill her? Daniel is a pure Greyson, evil.

  • brie092 Jan 09, 2014

    I thought the dance between Emily and Nolan was the last time she was going to see him so why would she leave the infinity box with him? Why not destroy it or give it to Aiden to take it with them? If your going to leave forever she left somthing very incriminating that someone could stumble on.

  • jomelph Jan 09, 2014

    I still can't believe what just happened. At the rate this show is going, this season has to be the last season.

  • valeriel Jan 09, 2014

    Nolan should wear an article of cherry red clothing in every episode! #NolanRossIsBoss

  • crenshawdk Jan 08, 2014

    I disagree with Kaitlin about this episode, I think it's getting worse. I liked the first season because it was clever, but since season 2 it's just a soap wrapped in overly complicated and dragged out plot lines. I think it's time to wrap this show up. The Graysons go to jail or die, Niko gets Aiden, Noel gets Patrick, Amanda gets Jack and Lydia is skinned to fix the chair she ruined. End of story.

  • jomelph Jan 09, 2014

    Wow bro, have you even watched the latest episode? If you're really keeping an eye on the show, you must have at least noticed how the direction of the show changed and that it's too early to say "it's getting worse". I agree that season 2's kind of a failure, but season 3 is obviously making up for it. Please give the show a break. Show some appreciation.

  • crenshawdk Jan 09, 2014

    If Homecoming was any indication of whats to come then yeah it's getting way worse. Where is the revenge.. I want revenge.. REVENGE!

  • FlorBlyth Jan 08, 2014

    These holidays I made a plan to catch up on Revenge & Revolution among other shows and I found myself way more excited to get back on the Charloe adventures than Emily & Nolan's.... and I was all like WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS?
    After watching this episode I get it; and here I thought I stop watching Telenovelas when I left Mexico, sigh...

  • santiagobgleth Jan 08, 2014

    Seriously?!!! I think Aiden and Emily are destined to be together!! They are so perfect <3 I hate how the writers are dragging the emily/jack storyline on us AGAIN. It's so freaking old. Enough is enough.
    P.S. I hope they kill Patrick off the show, he's annoying. And murder Niko too, for that reason.

  • jomelph Jan 09, 2014

    I agree with you. I think the writers have to understand that some people, albeit being childhood lovers and whatnot, are just not meant for each other. It'd be too sour to see them ending up with each other on the end of all of this.

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