Season 2, Ep 13, Aired 2/10/13
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  • As Conrad's scheme with the Ryan brothers hits a snag, Daniel finds life at Grayson Global getting more complicated. Also, emotions are running deep for Emily in the wake of Aidan's abandonment, as well as Jack and Amanda's wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Victoria makes a shocking move after being pushed to her limit.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Emily VanCamp

    Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke

  • Madeleine Stowe

    Victoria Grayson

  • Gabriel Mann

    Nolan Ross

  • Josh Bowman

    Daniel Grayson

  • Nick Wechsler

    Jack Porter

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  • Union

    By danny7277, May 05, 2013

  • revenge "union"

    By acre1993, Feb 14, 2013

  • I do love a british accent!

    By themarauderess, Feb 13, 2013

  • I watched the Victoria & Helen scene about 4 times.

    By Revengy, Feb 13, 2013

  • OMG Victoria !!!

    By PrakharVerma, Feb 12, 2013

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    • Amanda Clarke: (closing voiceover) From the moment we are born we are drawn to form union with others. An abiding drive to connect, to love, to belong. In a perfect union, we find the strength that we cannot find in ourselves. But the strength of the union cannot be known until it is tested.

    • Amanda Clarke: (opening voiceover) In its purest form a union becomes part of our very essence but when that bond is broken our essence is forever changed.

    • Amanda: You're selling your share of The Stowaway back to Jack. Now.
      Conrad: Well, as I explained to your fiance, my share is not for sale.
      Amanda : You couldn't be more wrong about that. (opens her laptop and plays a video of Conrad and Victoria plotting to frame David Clarke)

    • Emily: We just have to approach this with a clear head.
      Aiden: Well, I'm sorry if I'm not as cold and calculated as you. I can't just turn my feelings on and off at the flick of a switch.
      Emily: Is that what you think? That I don't feel? That I don't miss my father every single day? That I don't mourn the life that I could have had? But that's why people like you and me fight. Because it gives us something to live for when everything else has been taken away. I thought you understood that. I thought we shared that. We can do this together, Aiden. (he starts walking away) Don't go. Aiden, don't leave me alone in this. (he continues to walk)

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 10, 2013 on Citytv
      Norway: April 24, 2013 on TV3

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    • RuanHuman Feb 11, 2013

      I love it when I'm right! I KNEW Victoria was going to kill Helen the moment they started talken and I just knew that Ryans brother was also on the Amanda. Now, I believe he will also be the one who gets killed OR kills Jack??

    • StJamesBlonde Feb 11, 2013

      My money is on Jack dying the next episode. He's the only one w/ the ring on the boat. :(

    • haldrey Feb 15, 2013

      I doubt it, my money is on "Amanda". With the real Emily out of the way, the real Amanda will have it a bit easier. At least that's my wish even if not that of the writers.

    • ndrose Feb 11, 2013

      awesome... Helen so deserved it