Austin City Limits

Season 2, Ep 18, Aired 4/2/14
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  • Episode Description
  • After receiving inside information from Jason, Miles and Monroe head to Austin to try and sabotage the Patriots' plans. Aaron becomes concerned over Priscilla's odd behavior.

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Omohundro

    Dillon Matthews

  • Billy Burke

    Miles Matheson

  • Tracy Spiridakos

    Charlie Matheson

  • Giancarlo Esposito

    Tom Neville

  • Zak Orth

    Aaron Pittman

  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • unexpected character death.

    By sherriesim, Dec 30, 2014

  • Stunning!

    By amazing_race, Apr 04, 2014

  • All Charlies Men

    By illbegood, Apr 03, 2014

  • Who ls a Patriot and Who ls a American.

    By Dec1964, Apr 03, 2014

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    • illbegood Apr 23, 2014

      Ya know I've been thinking, since tv shows are lazy anymore. By lazy I mean , they will air the show one week then take a month or two off. I really have to ask myself if I want to continue to wait to watch a show. Why waste my time? I miss the old Hollywood, back when you knew what time and what day FOR SURE it was going to be on. YOU COULD COUNT ON IT! Unlike nowadays.

    • compfx Apr 05, 2014

      Too bad they don't have permanent magic markers in this version of the future. A little squiggle using some black ink, and like magic, that eyelid code is gone--or rather covered up. Or, how about using a branding iron? Just don't slip. Or how about using a knife to make some small cuts to disfigure the number and eventually cover it or parts of it with scar tissue? Again, just don't slip. Or, maybe find a tattoo artist to mess the number up big time. In all four cases, that code would be gone or at least made illegible. Or how about maybe changing the code, maybe making, say, a 3 into an 8 or a 4 into a 9. I guess it just made more sense to have a guy in your group who could be made to betray and kill you with just the recitation of a number than for someone there to use his brain and say, "Duh, let's get rid of that thar code. I have this har knife. Two minutes and we be dun."

    • spykopath Apr 03, 2014

      Can't believe they killed Jason off but kinda knew it was coming

    • illbegood Apr 03, 2014

      Oh and one more thing, my husband and I were talking about Charlie last night. Can we please have an episode were she has some makeup on and nice clothes? We want to see her all dolled up. Not dirty , grunge with pasty lips. Get some lipstick on that girl. :)

    • illbegood Apr 03, 2014

      I think they should have Jason come back to life with nano tech that undoes the brainwashing on him , and then they can go cure all the poor brainwashed souls using the nano tech. It would make for a great story and also Charlie can play these 2 boys while she decides which one she wants to date on a regular basis. I want Jason back, it would have made for a fun twist in the show. Charlie having her choice of either man, she clearly liked them both.

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