Revolution "Mis Dos Padres" Review: Capture's a Drag

By Tim Surette

Jan 16, 2014

Revolution S02E11: "Mis Dos Padres"

The most impressive thing about the world of Revolution isn't that there is a cloud of micro-nanites that are coagulating into an ethereal, omnipresent artificial intelligence that can set dudes on fire or create hallucinations of schoolchildren that give cryptic directions to abandoned towns so people can reunite with their ex-wives, it's that nothing can keep our core group of Revolutionaries locked up. As fast as these lucky bastards can get captured, they can also break their chains. And there must have been something to "Mis Dos Padres" to make that fact really stick out, because my friend Les from the popular Internet Web site AVClub also noticed the same thing in his review of the episode. In fact, he did some digging and estimated that roughly 60 percent of Revolution's episodes involve some sort of capture-and-rescue plot (the other 40 percent must be some variation of "my mommy/daddy/Miles doesn't love me" story). Given Revolution's knack for repetition, this is hardly surprising.

And why does this come up now? Well maybe it's because in "Mis Dos Padres" (which did not have a Mexican Paul Reiser impersonator), Monroe got captured, Miles got captured, Granddaddy Gene got captured, Charlie got captured, and Jason got taken into custody, which we'll call being captured. And only one of those nabbings happened together (Charlie and Gene). These people wear more handcuffs than a dominatrix, yet don't even have enough time to notch their first hashmark on a cell wall before they're sprung. And without thinking hard about it, I can instantly recall that Charlie, Monroe, Miles, and Gene have already been captured by someone this season. Revolution, it's time for an intervention. We need a moratorium on captivity, because it only leads to the bad habit of improbable escapes and weakens the very notion of imprisonment. Quit it with the captures. It's an insult to anyone who has been taken captive. Do it for Dick Cheney.

Revolution has also put itself in a situation where the action is spread out wayyyyyy too far and wide. There were four stories going on in "Mis Dos Padres": Charlie and Gene investigating a Patriot camp, Miles, Monroe, and Rachel in Mexico, Tom, Julia, and Jason infiltrating the Patriots in Washington, D.C., and Aaron in Spring City following the advice of a hallucination. There's a plan down the line I'm sure, but it felt like we were changing channels and everything on just happened to be taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, and splitting these people just to go on their own little time-wasting adventures takes away from any good character interaction they could have (not that the show is good at that, either). There's no glue to the story, which made it a chore to get through the episode and also diminished each individual story to whatever it could get through in the short amount of time it was allotted.

And the episode didn't even do a good job with the time it had. The whole ordeal with Gene rushing into the Patriot camp to save his friend was just a way to introduce a new plot about a typhus outbreak. Sorry Gene's friend, you died as you lived: as a plot device. Also, outbreak? Boo. The "borrowing" from The Walking Dead continues. Over in Washington D.C., we sat through Tom and Julia figuring out what to do about Julia's fake husband just so Jason could learn about a new plan to build more reprogramming camps and then break into an office. I'm still unsure why this entire plot matters or why I should be interested. In Mexico, Monroe got whipped and there was one hell of a fiesta, but the end result was that everyone escaped with Connor, Monroe's son, which could have easily have happened in last week's episode. If this is it for the Mexico storyline, it's a waste of Nunez and his non-stop fiesta fortress, which was one of the more interesting settings of the show (and finally made good on that promise of Mexico being affluent). And Aaron made it to Spring City to find his ex-wife was also trippin' on fireflies and that the nanites were coming together to be some sort of God that thinks Aaron is its dad. Ugh, I thought and hoped we'd seen the last of Priscilla. And about that whole omnipresent entity that is helping out, Person of Interest runs with that idea a whole lot better. That seems like a lot to happen, but that's about one scene's worth of stuff for each story stretched out over an entire hour. 

So now we're just past the halfway mark of the season and the show has gone far enough off course that I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking forward to as terrible stories are thrown in to fill out the required 22 episodes of the season. The Patriots are friends with Gene and Charlie again? Jason is probably headed back to a reprogramming camp? Aaron is back together with his ex-wife? Revolution is a very fitting title for this show, because all it's doing is going round and round. And what the heck happened to those oranges from last week?

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  • alcalde Mar 16, 2014

    ⩓ what the heck happened to those oranges from last week?

    I just watched this episode so everyone probably is ahead of me, but I thought it was clear when Jason said that they're going to start to killing people. Remember the injection of the oranges last week? My guess is that the oranges were the source of infection.

    Tim touched on the idea last review about the notion of kids being destined to be like their biological parents. I was disappointed he didn't reflect on this with this week's announcement that Aaron and his (ex?) wife are the parents so to speak of the nanite intelligence. Are the nanites going to strive to be like them?

    Instead of complaining that things are so spread out, I see it as all the plots are going to intertwine and bring everyone together. Miles wanting to build an army to go after the Patriots, Tom wanting to become the new President, Aaron and the nanites possibly forming a third front, Jason opposing his dad (again), everyone else caught in the middle. It's taking its sweet time coming together, but I think (hope) it'll be worth it.

  • marcusj1973 Jan 24, 2014

    The lone 2 second shining star of this episode..."This poker face IS my face". I wonder if Giancarlo Esposito wakes up at night in a cold sweat wondering how in the world he got tied into this train wreck of a series.

    The number of stupid character decisions made, wild speculatioin that of course turns out to be true and the disbelief suspension level is off the charts. It really is "borrowing" from The Walking Dead, but it's cranked things up to 11.

    I lost count of the number of, "Wait...whaaat?" moments this episode, but when a freshly whipped Monroe started whippin' ass and talking trash, I could only laugh and shake my head.

    Sometimes the absurdity of this show is fun and sometimes it's a chore...there was more of the latter in this episode.

  • TracyTrouble Jan 19, 2014

    Please, for the love of GOD, get someone else to review not only this show; but this genre. Surette, hates these sorts of shows so why let him review them? There's no fart jokes, no drunken men leering around at a hooters bar - he's utterly lost, and can only dish out the hate because of it. So, put him and us, out of his misery and have him review family guy or beavis and butthead - that's his comfort zone.

  • KateSullivan Jan 19, 2014

    Well my major thought was wow Charlie just has to be Miles' daughter and I think Monroe thinks that too. And then I was humoring myself with how the introduction of Charlie and Connor will go.

  • Drop-dead-gorgeous Jan 18, 2014

    I actually thought this episode was quite entertaining and fun to watch. Tim, your review was funny as well - I did read your frustration between the lines, though - and the capture-escape-thing is getting hilarious. Still, Miles and Monroe are Revolution's pendant to a Western's "Most wanted" and the overall Mexican style of the two last episodes, including Spanish titles, was fitting their adventures in the wild west. I just don't take it (so) seriously anymore, this way it is much more delightful!

    I like the Sebastian-and-Connor-interaction, even if it was predictable. I am sorta fond of this "my enemy is becoming my friend"-story line, it comforts my need for harmony... :)

    I am just kind of bored with Sebastian's misguided sense of omnipotence: Seriously? Getting back the Monroe-Republic? Where the hell did that come from? I mean, I shouldn't be surprised, given his former power driven character, but I believed he has moved on and learned his lesson. Yeah, well, obviously not and I might forgive him, cause he is easy on the eye (likewise his pretty handsome son - very good cast, I agree), so I am pleased to have them around a little bit longer.

    The nannites, gathering their forces (and Aaron and Priscilla) in Spring City, was an interesting twist of the story. I am excited how Revolution will work this out - hopefully in a way not too ridiculous as the show tends to screw up its own story lines.

    I couldn't care less about Charlie (still I think she has so much improved compared to the whiny girl from the first season) and her grandpa digging around in poisoned oranges, and about Tom and What's-her-name, besides I find myself being somewhat appalled by her perfectly horrible face.

  • mglenstevens Jan 18, 2014

    I had to check the cast to see if Mat Vairo (Connor) was actually related to David Lyons (Bas) because I felt they looked so similar that Mat could actually be David's kid. Great casting IMO.

  • edge1710 Jan 17, 2014

    "wouldn't you do the same for Charlie?" was that a confirmation that Charlie is Miles daughter?

  • jaw290 Jan 17, 2014

    when the show first introduced priscilla, i thought, she was a "pretty" girl for aaron. now she was on the team that helped google billionaire aaron create the formula. there couldve been a easier way to back.

  • boris90 Jan 17, 2014

    The oranges contained typhus.

  • stofeu Jan 17, 2014

    Who thought that Monroe's son'd be a Dan Humphrey inpersonator????
    Nanites're a religion as of NOW!!!!
    Revolution you nasty tv show, what're you doing with us.....

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