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  • 9.3

    A fabulous,fun,family frolic. A show which lightens up an otherwise sad, scary and surreal world.

    By mawndoc, Jun 16, 2008

    I was delighted to come home this evening to the enlightening, bubbly tones of Richard and Judy. Having spent a horrendous year fully recovering from major heart surgery followed by a planned trip to visit my daughter, Katie, who is on secondment in Chengdu, China. Katie was caught up in the the earthquake and although safe, has seen some harrowing sights and is now doing voluntary work for the 'cause'. I was comforted somehow on return home by the 5 0'clock routine of Richard and Judy which assisted my convalesence and would be extremely distressed if this programme was discontinued. I along with many others enjoy the book club and have read many of the books. I think the celebrities interviewed by Richard and Judy are really interesting and fun. Please do not axe this show and Richard and Judy you both look an amazingly healthy, 'FAB' couple!!moreless

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  • 3.0

    It could improve if it became the Judy show

    By loverob, Jul 25, 2006

    I have issues with Richard, he's smug, vain & has an opinion on every subject in the world. Judy, bless her, does on occasions bring him to heel. On the whole the show is typical daytime/early evening fare with it's lightweight topics & guests plugging their wares i.e. book, film, tv series etc. I really wish these two could return to This Morning, their true habitat, just to get rid of Phil & Fern & free the channel 4 schedules for something more entertaing than the tripe they've been peddling the last couple of years.moreless

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    this isnt a gd time for a tv show

    By djctna, Dec 01, 2005

    come on ppl how can u like richard madely. how can u ppl understand how quickly he talks. i think he should either slow down talkin or either quit cos otherwise this show isnt bad. sorry to any ppl that this may concern and who think that richard and judy is good.thank u.

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    Raise your IQ.

    By hainesg324, Sep 09, 2005

    This show is extremely informative and entertaining although there are two main reasons why I watch the show.

    1) Someone has somehow proven that watching Richard and Judy actually raises your IQ by four points. I already had an IQ which qualified me for Mensa but have since watched most of the shows so must have raised my IQ a lot - although watching Big Brother probably lowered my IQ considerably.

    2) The little fights Richard and Judy have about nothing - it is so funny. (I also like it when Richard starts talking about their sex life and Judy starts getting embarressed.moreless

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  • 6.4

    Richard and Judy, what an origonal titile for a show, eh?

    Well, if not gathered already, the show is presented by TV's favourite couple, Richard Madley and Judy Finnigan.

    Every day, they interview guests on a sort of daytime tv show, aired i

    By HNTV, Aug 31, 2005

    If not gathered. Richard and Judy are married, strangely Judy is older than Richard, which, if people read and look at the very large pictures in British tabloids, will have seen Judy's face. Not nice!

    Anywho, origonally, Richard and Judy presented This Morning on ITV 1, but they were rivalled against a day time tv show on BBC 1, each side used evil tricks in tabloids about the other and eventually led to the downfall of Richard and Judy. In 2002 they left This Morning and went to Channel 4, where they've been ever since.

    The show is about average really, the intervies they have are always witht the same people that are on other shows in the same period, often getting tedious with the asking of the same questions and the same answers as other chat shows.

    The programme is, in my opinion an evening version of This Mroning, with the same money winning competitions, interviews, and strange features.

    The show has become tired in recent months, after competition from a new ITV show the Paul 'o' Grady show. Poor Richard and Judy, they may have been better off sticking to the other side.moreless

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