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  • Rick Mercer: I left my sled thingy in the tunnel.

  • (From Rick's Rant) Rick: They say that the definition of insanity is "doing something over and over again and expecting a different result." Tragically, that's also the definition of politics in Canada.

  • (Talking about the world's largest dump truck) Rick: Check out this sucker. Holy Crap, look at the size of this one! (about 4 times Rick's height) This makes a Hummer (R) look like a Smart Car (R).

  • (After fighting a fire in a burn house) Rick: I don't know what these guys [Firefighters] make, but they should make more.

  • (Summarizing the Convervatives' start) Rick: Stephen Harper, to give him credit, has set the adgenda since day one. Day one he came out swinging and made it loud and clear that his number one priority was that he, Stephen Harper, was against gay marriage. Geez. Thanks for the clarification there Stephen. We get it. Despite the poofy new hairdo, the full makeup and the mock turtlenecks ... you're not gay. Let it go.

  • (Summarizing the Liberals' start) Rick: The Prime Minister of Canada, starts off the campaign of his lifetime, by actting hurt because the Tories said the Liberals are in bed with Organizaed Crime. Paul, I hate to break it to you brother. Nobody cares if people call you names. In fact everyone in Canada has used far worse words to describe the Liberals than anything Stephen Harper is allowed to say on television in prime time.

  • (Recapping the first week of the election campaign) Rick: All I can say is this: Wow! What a pack of arse holes.

  • (Canadian Tire Ad) Tom: What's that Bob? Bob: It's an electric Canvasser Prod, new from Canadian Tire. Tom: Canvassser Prod? How's that work? Bob: Just like a cattle prod, just 700 more volts.

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Notes (6)

  • Daryn Jones did not appear in this episode and this is the first season premier he has missed.

  • Daryn Jones did not appear in this episode, but he was scheduled to appear with a piece about Push Polling.

  • Rick and Paul Martin go shiopping at a Canadian Tire store, which is likely in Quebec due to the French only language signs in the store.

  • Daryn Jones is no longer a regular feature for this show. He is still credited as one of the writers.

  • This episode was shown a day early (in it's original time slot) to be an election special.

  • This was Daryn Jones' last official writting credit on this show, as he has now switched networks (CBC to CTV) to be a host on the "new" MTV Canada.

Trivia (6)

  • During the Canadian Tire ad, Bob says that the new prod is "Just like a cattle prod, just 700 more volts." Tom then replies "700 volts. That's a lot", but it comes across as sounding like the voltage is only 700 volts instead of 700 plus.

  • Rick does an Everything you need to know about [blank], but were afraid to ask spot. This is the first time in quite a while since he last did this.

  • (Discussing Michael Fortier's appointment to Minister of Public Works) Rick: He represents two important groups: Montrealers and people who have never been elected.

  • (Discussing for Liberal David Emerson's move to the Conservative cabinet) Rick: Don't think of him as a turncoat, think of him as a Transformer.

  • When Rick is interviewing the Courage brothers, prior to his polar bear dip, the song playing in the background is "Courage", by the Tragically Hip.

  • The winner of the Spread the Net Campus Challenge (contest to raise money for mosquito nets for Africa) was Dalhousie University.

Allusions (1)

  • Rick: My plan is to come out fast and fall on my face. It's a Liberal approach. Since this was taped during election time, it is an allusion to the Liberal's Election 2006 campaign. The Liberals started out ahead, and at the time of the taping were in second place and falling.