Ricki Lake

Today I Tell My Husband/Wife: It Was Just A One Night Stand. . .Get Over It!

Season 4, Ep 4032, Aired 10/2/96
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  • Today, “Ricki”’s guests share regrets about being unfaithful in their romantic relationships. Watch “Ricki” to get all the details.

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    • helenukrine Sep 20, 2014

      what are great day in my life, i have never been happy like this before in my life, i never knew people still do have power and have the mind and conscience of helping people like me who are in need, i am so happy today because i have found a god father who never disappoint his children in my life, i have been having problem with the man of my heart, i have never did anything that he will always appreciate, he always complain of me anytime i did anything or trying to play with him, even when am doing the right thing at the time, he always complain, not knowing he was meeting another woman outside that's why his behavior change totally, i was so surprised with what i seen in him because i never met him in this way, i do cry always and pray to my GOD to change him, still yet his behavior still going deeper and deeper, he has no respect for the love he has for me, he always beat me and call me all sought of isolative and manners of wayward names, he turned my life up side down and every time i do cry and regret of meeting him in my life, so when i told him that am in my period he refuse to listen to me and still sex me throughout the period because he always came home drunk every night, after the sex he will beat me up if i refuse to give him a head, so that month passes by, by next month i was confirmed pregnant and i told him with joy that i am pregnant and since that this is our first child, that he should make me happy by doing the right thing at the right time, he disagreed with me and beat me up again and left me, he denied the baby and he parked all his belongings and took the only car we have and left for the other woman, i was so annoyed of seeing the world turning up side down with my bear eyes, i cry all day praying looking for solution, so it has been another month again he refuse to call me and ask about our unborn child, and because i do think always, i was so sick and feel helplessly and i was about to get promoted to higher stage in my work because of my illness everything went down and my managing director refuses to give me the post because i was so wick, one certain day i was on Facebook chatting with my cousin sister, when she told me about dr olubam, that people always say good about him and a friend of her also confirmed it that the doctor is really great and powerful, she told me how she helped her friend to bring her fiancée back and make him to love her more than at it was at the first stage, she also told me that since doctor has helped her, that her fiancée has change totally, no drinking of alcohol, no smoking of herbs and cigrates and he has made the man to respect the love he has for the girl, i was so happy to hear this, i quickly told her to give me the address of doctor olubam, which she gave me the email address and the phone number, i called doctor on phone and explained everything to him, he told me not to worry about anything that is not the fault of my man but all fault goes to the other woman that she charmed him, so he told me to give him two days and told me to provide some materials which i did, and after two days he called me and told me that he has done with the work that i should exercise patients till the next 45 minutes time which i did, i was so flabbergasted when i heard a horn of a car at the gate, i quickly rush and open the gate and behold i saw that he was the one, he drove in and came out run and embraced me, he cried and beg that is not his fault but now he is back for me, i started watching him for over two months, his behavior change totally, no smoking no drinking getting drunk anymore and he took good care of me and not only that dr olubam called me and told me that my manager will call me tomorrow that i should come to work as early as possible that he has a surprised for me, which i also believe and really when it was getting to noon time, my manager really called me and told me to the same thing which dr told me on phone and when i went to work in the morning, he congrats me and give me a higher post at my work place, he made me the director of the company, i am so grateful that i met a man who has a heart of helping people who are suffering from different types of problem i am so happy with the work and excited in the work of dr olubam, he is extremely powerful and full of surprises, here is dr email: DR.OLUBAMSPELLHOME@GMAIL.COM and here also is mine: misshelentexas@gmail.com am from Canada, if you have any question to ask free free to email me and i will give you my phone call number so that we can speak better on phone