Ripper Street Lives! Amazon Is Reviving the Series for Season 3

By Kaitlin Thomas

Feb 26, 2014

Remember all those tears you shed last December when the BBC canceled Ripper Street, a crime drama about the police precinct that patrols Victorian London’s dangerous Whitechapel district? And well ahead of Season 2's debut on BBC America? Amazon felt your pain deep down in its collective heart regions and has teamed with the BBC to revive the Matthew Macfadyen-led series for a third season, according to Deadline. The episodes will air exclusively on Amazon Prime Instant Video—which has just launched in the U.K. and will encompass the Amazon service previously known as LoveFilm—before airing on BBC1 a few months later. Amazon will also be the only streaming service where U.K. viewers can watch/catch up on the drama's first two seasons.

This is just Amazon's latest move in its ongoing struggle against the reigning king of instant streaming, the all-powerful Netflix (which also recently revived AMC's The Killing for a shortened final season). Amazon recently acquired the exclusive streaming rights to extremely popular shows like FX's The Americans, NBC's Hannibal, and The CW's Veronica Mars. And this is all in addition to their new crop of drama pilots, which viewers can vote on to help decide which ones get picked up to series. The company still has a ways to go before it can even think about toppling Netflix, but it's definitely putting in some real effort.

There's no word yet on when Ripper Street's third season will make it to the U.S. BBC America will continue to co-produce the series, which is currently airing its second season in the States, and BBC Worldwide will handle its international distribution. Production on the third season will begin in May 2014. 

Who's excited for more Ripper Street?

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  • SadRobot May 04, 2015

    Does this article need some correction? S03E01 has aired on BBCA, but Amazon only has S01E01 through S03E01 at $1.99 each. Amazon may be funding it but it's not streaming on Prime at all much less in advance of BBCA...

  • Laserwolf412_XL Feb 27, 2014

    Took advantage of the 30 day free prime offer when I bought my new Kindle fully expecting to cancel it before the trial ended. However, after being able to marathon Hannibal ahead of Season 2(made the wrong call to skip it after 1 episode) and seeing all the free content I've decided to happily subscribe. This just sweetens the deal.

  • chandler0201 Feb 27, 2014

    Great to hear it's back, now I can only hope it will return to the greatness of Season what I have seen from Season 2 has not been as compelling so far.

  • Kerkesh Feb 27, 2014

    Yipee YaY Yeah!!!!!!!!1

  • ddstephens Feb 27, 2014

    Great news. Ripper Street is truly a very good series. Great script, great acting. I am glad it will be seen again. I really like this show...

  • TiagoCruzeiro Feb 27, 2014

    Amazing news!

  • antmorris3511 Feb 27, 2014

    !!!Holy F*cknutts Batman!!! Ripper street is returning?!!! Amazon shoulda saved CoPPer too then!!! KT always comin' with the good news ! Between this and the return of The Amerikans I'm stoked for tv all over again.

  • TVFangirl84 Feb 27, 2014


  • javamom Feb 27, 2014

    I'm very excited--I've been a huge fan since the first episode.

  • SteveFreeman1 Feb 26, 2014

    Woot! Now I just need to get around to watching season 2...

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