Road Rovers

The WB (ended 1997)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 2 : Ep 4

    A Day in the Life

    Aired 2/22/97

  • S 2 : Ep 3

    Take Me To Your Leader

    Aired 2/15/97

  • S 2 : Ep 2

    Gold and Retrievers

    Aired 2/8/97

  • S 2 : Ep 1

    Reigning Cats and Dogs (a.k.a. Curiosity Killed the Cat)

    Aired 2/1/97

  • S 1 : Ep 9

    Still a Few Bugs in the System

    Aired 11/23/96

  • Cast & Crew
  • Frank Welker

    Shag the Sheepdog / Muzzle the Rottweiler

  • Jeff Bennett

    Blitz the German Doberman

  • Jim Cummings

    General Parvo

  • Kevin Michael Richardson

    Exile the Russian Husky

  • Tress MacNeille

    Colleen the London Collie

  • show Description
  • Welcome to the Road Rovers guide at! Show Type: WB Animated Action Comedy First Telecast: September 8, 1996 Last Telecast: February 22, 1997 Episodes: 13 Aired Color Episodes Road Rovers are an elite team of crime fighting dogs chosen from around the world. When the call goes out, they rush from their homes, (they live with heads of state around the world) and return to the Master who turns them into Cano-Sapiens (super charged dogs). The Rovers NAME: Hunter. BREED: Mutt. HISTORY: Hunter is the leader of the Road Rovers' pack. He's got that California surfer-dude mentality. His mom lives on a ranch in Wyoming (the middle of nowhere, right next to the Bermuda Triangle, a.k.a. Montana). He's also a former stray, who is sent to live in the White House where he is adopted by the President's family. His presidential digs are a reward from The Master for his heroic efforts in The Rover's first mission. He's a patriotic "never-say-die" dog who captures the best qualities of his species: he's loyal, gentle, obedient, tireless, enthusiastic, and trusting. He especially likes his tennis ball. Muzzle has always been a close friend of his, and he likes to listen to the birds. SUPERPOWERS: Super-speed, super-swimming, super-sniffing, super-tracking, super-retrieving, super-playful, super-loyal, super-friendly, super-forgiving, super-generous and super-lucky. DESCRIPTION: Brown eyes, blonde fur; with a brighter yellow fur on top, and a faded yellow underneath. He usually wears the traditional Road Rover suit. COUNTRY: USA. NAME: Colleen. BREED: Collie. HISTORY: Basically second in command. She's one tough cookie, so don't get her mad. She was living on the streets when the Master recruited her, so she's a real "street-smart" savvy dog with amazing prowess. Now, she's the British Prime Minister's playful pup with an English accent, and a quick wit to match. The only female in the RR pack, she's always in training and constantly in motion, keeping fit for the next mission. She can perform astounding heroic feats with an amazing sense of grace and agility. Like Hunter, she lives for the RR's common goal - to protect humanity and the animal kingdom from all the evil in the world. However, don't let her drive the Street Rover! There's a good reason; she doesn't have a driver's license! SUPERPOWERS: A mistress in Martial Arts. DESCRIPTION: Reddish brown fur with a thick white streak down to her white feet and tail tip. COUNTRY: Great Britain. NAME: Exilo Mikhalovic sanHusky. BREED: Siberian Husky. HISTORY: Exile was a sled dog in Siberia, the northern part of Russia. He's a little slow on American slang, but that's nothing to clown on him about. Now the Siberian Husky of the Russian President, big and bold, Exile loves being a Road Rover. He loves America ... and he also loves to hug his fellow comrades. Exile isn't very fond of Blitz. Although, he loves calling him "weird boy." As mentioned above, Exile loves America, but he still doesn't understand why they call them "hot dogs." Exile also has a subscription to "Forest Tree Illustrated." He especially likes the 'Giant Redwood Issue'. SUPERPOWERS: Super-sight, Laser-vision, Freezer-vision, X-Ray/Night-vision, and super-strength. DESCRIPTION: Light blue fur with grayish blue color on top, a white belly, and bluish highlights. COUNTRY: Siberia, Moscow, Russia. NAME: Blitz. BREED: Doberman. HISTORY: Blitz was a guard dog at an auto yard in Germany. He likes to think of himself as a 'tough guy' even though he's a such a coward. He now belongs to the German Chancellor. His commanding accent and years of obedience training make him an extraordinary guard dog for every occasion. He is the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" of the pack. He rushes to judgment, and his bite is definitely worse than his bark. He fancies himself a ladies' man (yeah, right), but in the end it's his over-the-top self confidence that helps him to overcome the most dangerous situations. He has a keen taste for tooshies. He also likes minty things, including Peppermint Milkshakes. SUPERPOWERS: Super-Jaws/Claws. DESCRIPTION: Black fur on top, and mahogany-brown fur underneath with the 'devil-eye' markings over his eyes. COUNTRY: Berlin, Germany. NAME: Shag. BREED: Old English Sheepdog. HISTORY: Shag was a humble sheepdog in the Swiss Alps when The Master called upon him. He's the RR that stays most K-9 after going through the Transdogmafier. Now, he is the Swiss President's sheepdog. He's a coward at heart, often whining and whimpering when people, loud noises, or something out of the ordinary approaches - especially felines. Shag is also the chef of the pack. He cooks the food the Rovers eat. All his recipes are great. What's his secret? He cooks everything in toilet water! SUPERPOWERS: Super-strength, Hide anything-able fur. DESCRIPTION: Tall, white fur and looks a lot like a Yeti - or the Abominable Snowman. COUNTRY: Switzerland. NAME: Muzzle. BREED: Rottweiler. HISTORY: Muzzle was The Master's dog when he was still Professor Shepherd. Muzzle's real name is Scout, but he turned crazy when Parvo put him through O'titus's version of the Transdogmafier. He then ran away and met Hunter when he was captured by the LA City Dog Pound. With Hunter's help, he escaped from the animal shelter and became the most ferocious of the Road Rovers. To this day, he continues to be strapped in restraints and a harness. A rambunctious fighting dog with an insatiable appetite, Muzzle never entered the Transdogmafier and remains a canine throughout each and every episode. SUPERPOWER: Muzzling people. DESCRIPTION: Darker brown/black fur on top, a 'fourth eye' highlight look, and a mahogany-brown fur underneath. COUNTRY: USA (sort of). Theme Song Barkin', scratchin', Frisbee-catchin' Presidential pets (That's us!) Change into the canines who Drive souped-up cars and jets (Comin' through!) Tookus-nippin', toilet-sippin' Soaring through the sky (I like it!) Diggin', droolin', quick refueling, Who says dogs can't fly? (Not me!) Speedin', crashin', Wheelin'-dashin' Vehicles explode (Oooo!) Chasin', racin', down the road Road Rovers! Hunter is a hero hound, Leader of the pack! (Huh, cool!) Colleen comes from London Town, Watch her feet attack! (Hiiiiiii-yahhhhh!) Exile's from Siberia, With super frozen sight (That's me!) Blitz chews on posteriors His barks worse than his bite (I'm perfect!) Shag is strong from head to toe A coward through and through (Ruh ruh ruh!) Muzzle's stack is gonna blow, He's short a screw or two (Uh-uh!) They fight for right both day and night In every episode (Let's roll!) Now it's time to hit the road Road Rovers! Vote to have Road Rovers released on DVD at

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (65)

    • (Muzzle watches sadly as the Road Rovers enjoy their new homes with the world leaders) Master: Now, as for you. How'd you like to stay here with me, keep me company? (Muzzle jumps up and down excitedly) Master: You would? That's great. (as they walk out the door) Welcome home, Scout. Welcome home.

    • Master: (after explaining the Road Rovers their mission) So, Rovers, do you understand your mission? Rovers: Yes, sir! Master: Do you realize you'll face great danger? Rovers: Yes, sir! Master: Do you realize that some of you might not return alive? Hunter: Come again? Master: Some of you may perish. Colleen: Perish? Hunter: As in "perish. Uh, check please! (the Road Rovers all try to cram into the transdogmifier and turn back into dogs) Master: I definitely should have considered cats.

    • (Master tells the Rovers to great each other. They respond by getting on all fours and sniffing each other while performing normal verbal greetings) Master: Perhaps I should have considered cats ...

    • Exile: Uh, you know how to fly this thing? Blitz: Not a clue. Exile: Heh heh. Me neither. Oh, boy! This is going to be funski!

    • Blitz: Ahh! I am too young to die! And far too pretty!

    • Master: And Shag, the sheepdog, for his incredible bravery. Shag: (still cowardly) Ruh? Master: Well, I got four out of five right. So, sue me!

    • Colleen: (sarcastic tone) Cool, don't you have the most interesting friends! Hunter: Yeah, I know; I'm just lucky that way!

    • Exile: (holding a communicator device) April-day! April-day! We're going down! Blitz: Don't you mean, "Mayday"? Exile: May, June, July -- who cares?! We're in deep doggie-donuts!

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    Notes (17)

    • Shag was a sheepdog, Hunter and Colleen were street dogs, Exile was a sled dog, and Blitz was a guard dog.

    • Hunter's super powers are revealed to be: Super Loyal, Super Trusting, Super Super Friendly, as well as being super fast. He is also super forgiving.

    • Hunter reveals that he is 50% retriever.

    • This marks the first time Muzzle is released.

    • Zachary Storm is introduced.

    • Confuse-Us and Professor Hubert are introduced.

    • When the three countries are shown together, it forms the appearance of Mickey Mouse. In addition, it was called the happiest place on Earth.

    • The Rovers, who normally wear armor (Hunter, Colleen, Exile, Blitz), wear their teal shirt/black pants and gloves uniforms from "A Hair of the Dog That Bit You" with fur coats.

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    Trivia (8)

    • Blitz's uniform is seen when he is in his canine form as he is growling at the robber.

    • After Shag explains the situation to Hunter and Colleen, when they're on the island in the brush, he drags them off. When he does, Hunter has a tail as big as Colleen's, only with his color markings.

    • When Muzzle jumps at Blitz after being insulted by him, Blitz hides behind Exile. When this happens, Exile's tail is missing.

    • Why were the Road Rovers sleeping at headquarters if they have homes with world leaders?

    • When Hunter and Colleen are riding on the Sled Rovers, Hunter appears with Colleen's markings for a few frames.

    • Exile's dog form can be seen with the other dogs in the tunnel.

    • Professor Atwater from "Still a Few Bugs In the System" makes an appearance in the prison with Storm. Brain from Pinky and the Brain can also be heared in the prison.

    • "Sonov-ovich" in the 'Russian Names Song' sounded like "son of a bitch." It was edited out in later showings of the episode.

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    Allusions (7)

    • Title: The Dog Who Knew Too Much. The title is a spoof of the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much.

    • Colleen: Shag, remind me to buy you a tape of "Sweating to the Oldies." Colleen is referring to the series of exercise videos by fitness guru Richard Simmons.

    • Title: Hunter's Heroes The title is a take off on the classic series Hogan's Heroes.

    • When the Rovers arrive in Egypt, Exile is reading "The Cat in the Hat".

    • Colleen: These boots are made for stompin'! This is a reference to the Nancy Sinatra song These Boots Are Made For Walkin'.

    • General Parvo: I'm here to see to it that all you dogs go to heaven... or worse. This is a reference to the animated film All Dogs Go To Heaven.

    • Peppermint Milkshakes: Blitz's requests for a peppermint milkshake is a reference to McDonald's "Shamrock Shakes", a special mint flavor milkshake that usually sells around St. Patrick's Day. It started around the 70s, but has been discontinued since early 90s, but has recently made a comeback around in 2008.

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  • The funniest Superheroes since Freakazoid

    By DisneyVillain, Jan 30, 2013

  • I really miss this show. Why did they have to cancel it ?

    By CrunchBandicoot, Mar 30, 2006

  • Ich liebete wirklich dieses Erscheinen! es ist noch mein dritter Liebling, (mein sekude der pokemons'). welche die Idee von "Cano-sapiens" sub ist!

    By mainedWolf, Aug 18, 2006

  • Super-hero dogs fight bad guys.

    By Rattrap007, Jun 06, 2006

  • Road Rovers is a show about a team of crime fighting canines. When the call goes out, the dogs report to Road Rover Mission Control and are transformed into Cano-Sapiens, which are part dog and part human. Road Rovers is a show with action, comedy, and th

    By chrisgopher, Jul 19, 2005

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