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  • Rob: I'm not afraid of change! I just like things exactly the way they are!

  • Rob: I'm thoughtless, petty, paranoid...
    Maggie: ...finicky, impatient and you can't parallel park. But you're also funny and romantic, and I love the look on your face when you see that I'm happy.
    Rob: Well, I guess there's no talking you out of me, is there?
    Maggie: Nope. You're stuck with me.

  • Rob: I'm telling you, they're just speaking Spanish to exclude me.
    Maggie: No one's trying to exclude you.
    Rob: No, I've been excluded before. I know the signs. Soon they won't let me sit next to them at the cool table at lunch. Then they'll start giving me wedgies. Then your mom will shove me in a locker.
    Maggie: I'll feed you a cracker through the little slot.
    Rob: That's what the janitor said and I never saw any.

  • Maggie: Honey, you're overreacting.
    Rob: Oh, really! Well, what was thing they said about me and Baby Gap?
    Maggie: I don't even remember. Maybe they though you would be a good employee at Baby Gap.
    Rob: Well I am an incredibly good clothes folder. But they don't know that.

  • Rob: What?
    Maggie: I said, "Do you want some coffee?"
    Rob: Yeah, I'll take mine with cream and subtitles.

  • Maggie: When I was little, my neighborhood had a scary old guy all the kids were afraid of.
    Rob: So?
    Maggie: You're this neighborhood's scary old guy.
    Rob: No I'm not!
    Maggie: OK, let me guess, on Halloween, this is the only house that gets toilet papered.
    Rob: Well, yeah but, you know, I mean...
    Maggie: And this is the only house where the girl scouts don't try to sell cookies.
    Rob: Well I just assumed they know I don't do refined sugars.

  • Rob: Not all families are like this you know, so touchy, feely, huggy, being together all the time, you know. There's probably a couple of your cousins in the laundry room right now.
    Maggie: That happened once.
    Rob: Well, you're about to see what my family's like because my dad's flying in tomorrow.
    Maggie: Really, your dad? When did this happen?
    Rob: I called him two months ago after we got married and then he just texted me back today. So you know he's pretty excited about it.

  • Maggie: Hey, do you think it's OK if I call him Dad?
    Rob: Yes you can, I don't. I usually call him George, he usually calls me pal or kiddo.

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