Robot Chicken

A Piece of the Action

Season 1, Ep 7, Aired 4/3/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Super-villains and washed-up TV personalities like Corey Feldman, Vanilla Ice and Erik Estrada band together on a quest to Mordor in an attempt to destroy the One Ring in "The Surrealer Life." "Exhausted Budget Theater uses Popsicle sticks to re-enact the beloved classic Debbie Does Dallas. And "The Cons of War" shows the truth behind the mysterious veil of comics/sci-fi conventions filled with geeks, dorks and Leonard Nimoy.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Seth Green (I)

    Various Voices

  • Dan Milano


  • Michael Benyaer


  • Erika Christensen


  • Donald Faison


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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • Geek 1 : I heard William Shatner would do a guest spot on Enterprise and not as Kirk! Geek 2 : You take that back!

    • Lavonda: Girl, you got serious librarian hair. Barry: You ever see a ho shop at The Gap? Darlene: You got the posture of a lamp post, girl.

    • Pizza Chef: Hey, mamma mia! The cannoli! Eh, lasagna! Man with Gun: Hey, pasta fagioli! A spicy meatball!

    • Girl: Will it hurt? Doctor: Only if God hates you.

    • Corey Feldman: Remember me fondly... in Stand By Me... and the Lost Boys... the first half at least.... oh... and... Friday... the 13th... part...

    Notes (5)

    • Stoopid Monkey Logo: The Monkey is shown being cooked in a voo doo stew by an island native.

    • Hair and Make-up-Sarah Gellar Extra Casting-Mila Kunis

    • The dates listed on the sci-fi convention banners say the date is March. This episode may have been intended originally for a March 2005 premiere and got moved up. Plus, given the earlier Easter Bunny segment, it's quite possible this show was originally intended for an Easter airing, March 27th, 2005, instead.

    • [adult swim] Ratings - 689,000 viewers 18-34

    • Twisted Toyfare Theater regulars to appear in this episode: Captain America, and various costumes of others. Alumus Leonard Nimoy appears as well. Note: NOT an appearance by Mego Spider-Man, since the one in this episode is obviously a kid wearing Mego Spidey's head and outfit.

    Trivia (8)

    • The 'Surreal Life' segment features cast members from different seasons of The Surreal Life.

    • During the 'We'll be Dead Soon' segment, the man on the left is reading the newspaper from the 'Secrets of the Animal Kingdom' segment from the 'Nutcracker Sweet' episode.

    • Each actor in the 'Pimp My Sister' segment takes a turn at voicing the Hoe.

    • You can see the Cartoon Network and Robot Chicken logos in the Fandamonium hall.

    • Ron Jeremy's battle axe during the Lord Of The Rings sequence is the one included with the original He-Man action figure.

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    Allusions (8)

    • Alien vs. Predator The scene in which the Alien and Predator are playing a game of chess against each other is a reference to the film Alien vs. Predator, and also their own films Aliens and Predator, which both spawned various sequels.

    • Andy Warhol The painting seen in 'The Surreal Life' segment and on the cover of the newspaper Ron Jeremy is reading is a parody of Andy Warhol's famous set of silkscreens; most prominently featuring Marilyn Monroe.

    • Pimp My Ride The 'Pimp My Sister' segment's concept and formula is a direct parody of the MTV series Pimp My Ride, hosted by the rapper Xzibit.

    • Gary Coleman: There's no way I'm doing this... Gary's outburst is a reference to the Mel's Diner incident on The Surreal Life.

    • The Surreal Life scene alludes to the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

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