Ban On The Fun

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    One of the best Robot Chicken Episodes,But the best Segment was Laff-A-Munich!This episode was teh best!

    By WB4LIFE, Jul 17, 2008

    Most of the Episode was good,But the Laff-A-Munich Sketch made It good!The Really Rottens Decide to not Play fair and Kill Most of the Yogi Yahooies.The Scooby Doobies Then Retaliate and Fight off the Really Rottens and in the end,Scooby,Shaggy and capt.Caveman Make it Out Alive and the Fallen friends are Avenged and The Really Rottens Had Been Deafeated. The 2nd Best part is the Scientist with power.Both segmants were good and i think it made the show much better. I think this Episode is one of the best in robot chicken and One of Adult swim's best,Best Best Episodes Ever!moreless

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  • 8.7

    Really funny episode.

    By reblex310, Jan 29, 2008

    I watched this a couple days ago and thought why not review it? Ok well The sketches are pretty good except the last one was really really funny. Some of the spartan jokes were a little dull but still good. The funniest for me is when Velma and Louise ride of the cliff and are all messed up from the crash and are talking about how good prison is compared to this. What i dont like to much is how every episode is so short like 10 to 15 minutes, but its cool. well they did a good job with character expressions too especially shaggy.moreless

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