Gold Dust Gasoline

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  • Robin: Holy-Gosh-Golly-Gee-Willickers-Zippity-Doo, Batman! Those police men are rude! Batman: Robin, law-enforcement officers are the backbone of our society. (The cops from CHiPs moon Batman and Robin) Batman: Mother F***ers!

  • Speed Racer: It's important that I do not move because if I were to move that would add to the cost, so if I stay perfectly still that will be preferable to moving because animation costs money. Awhhhhh.

  • Vin Diesel: You're a better man than I, Headless Ponch.

  • Robin: I don't believe in cheating, Batman. I believe in doing what's right. Batman: If you don't want a Bat bitch-slap, you'll launch the bat-net and take down those cops.

  • Merman: Hehe! You guys are gonna drown, but we're a mermaid and a merman! We can swim! Hehe! Male Dragon: (Bites off mermaid's head) I hope you can also asexually reproduce, a**hole! Merman: Crap...

  • Wario: The blue tortoise shell is Mario Kart Race's ultimate weapon! It magically finds the lead car in the race, and it takes it out! Wah ha ha ha!

  • Princess Brittany: My daddy says 'I love you' with his belt!

  • Fez: Kelso?! Kelso: Fez! I Just took your picture with my phone. I just sent it to you. Fez: Oooh. What a sexy photo. It really captures my metrosexuality.

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Notes (14)

  • Seth Green and Mila Kunis have also worked together on That 70's Show. Seth Green appeared in the recurring role of Mitch and Mila Kunis was Jackie Burkhart.

  • In the 'I Have Millions of These!' segment the doctor's name plaque is Dr. Ratchet's name plaque from 'Cut Down in His Optimus Prime,' a segment from a previous episode, "Junk in the Trunk." The R was simply turned into a P.

  • This is the first time that the final segment spills over into the closing credits.

  • The title of this episode was considered for the name of the show, but was rejected.

  • This episode apparently made Adult Swim history. According to bumpers AS aired a few days after this episode premiered, it topped the ratings. The ad also says that no premiere episode in the channel's history ever premiered at the top of its ratings. Its record was beat by the premere of The Boondocks in November.

  • Seth Green and Mila Kunis had worked together before providing voice overs for another animated series, Family Guy.

  • The smaller vehicle with the golden arm on it during the race is from Mattel's Wheeled Warriors line. It was called Armed Force. When it crashes, the little figure that tumbles from it is the pilot that came with the toy. The toy had no name beyond "Lightning League Leader; Commands with a mighty fist!" but he was named Jayce for the cartoon series based on the toy, Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors. The series boasted an impressive array of writers, including J. Michael Straczynski, creator and head writer of Babylon 5.

  • [adult swim] ratings - 842,000 adults 18-34

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Trivia (10)

  • Cant the Dragons fly to avoid drowning?

  • Red's iPod in 'That 00's Show' is not to scale.

  • Mario was never seen at the starting line yet appears mid-way through the race, Wario and the Ghostbusters ambulance are seen taking off from the starting line but are never seen either crashing or finishing the race.

  • During the Batmobile's second roll, Batman disappears.

  • The Batmobile was a vintage toy that they destroyed for the race segment.

  • All the outtakes seen at the end of the epsiode during the closing credits were actual bad takes from hours of recording Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise.

  • The basement set in 'That 00's Show' is architecturally wrong when compared to the actual show.

  • If you look during the only time that Mario & Luigi are talking, you can see Yoshi pass in the background.

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Allusions (17)

  • Dick Clark's Animal Bloopers The 'Ape Smells Finger' segment is possibly an allusion to the video clip from one of Dick Clark's "animal bloopers" specials, in which a young chimpanzee scratches its hindquarters, smells the finger with which it scratched, throws up its arms as if in horror, and falls off the tree limb upon which it was sitting.

  • The Ren & Stimpy Show The unicorns seen in the Noah's Ark segment are made from the Mr. Horse character from The Ren & Stimpy Show.

  • M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand) The man, boy, and robot in the red car, and the car itself, during the race short are all from the toy series M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armored Strike Kommand). Matt Trakker is driving, the boy is his son, and the robot is called T-Bob. T-Bob and the kid were sold together as a two pack. T-Bob transformed into a scooter that the kid rode. The orange Pontiac GTO is called Stinger, which did not come with Matt. The GTO came with a character called Bruno Sheppard. Matt came with a red IROC Camaro called Thunderhawk. Matt's mask is not used in the sequence, though.

  • All Dogs Go To Heaven The two heads of the race were Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLouise. These two previously starred as partner characters on All Dogs Go To Heaven as Charlie and Itchy. Note Dom's "Woof" in the episode.

  • Cannonball Run The race sequence is a parody of the 1981 film Cannonball Run.

  • Monty Python's The Holy Grail Santa ringing the bell and chanting "Bring out your dead" is a reference to Monty Python's: The Holy Grail.

  • Mario Kart Two of the racers is the racing segment are the infamous Mario and Luigi of Super Mario Bros. fame. Due to Mario's popularity among gamers, Nintendo made games other than the regular Mario games to make more profit, such as Super Mario Kart. The game, originally released on the Super Nintendo, became one of the best selling games in Nintendo's history for the Super Nintendo. As a result, Nintendo has made a "Mario Kart" game for every other console after the Super Nintendo, including (but not limited to): Mario Kart 64* (Nintendo 64) Mario Kart Super Circuit (Game Boy Advance) Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (Gamecube) Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS) *The blue tortoise shell (Spiny's Shell) would not be included until Mario Kart 64, and the only difference between the version in the game and the version in the sketch is that the game's shell has spikes on it.

  • The appearance of Batman & Robin in the Batmobile is a parody of the old television series.

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