Metal Militia

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    So far so good

    By sh811a, Dec 28, 2006

    I'll admit that Season 2 is just as good as the first but in some of the episode you couldn't help but sense they might of been trying a little too hard sometimes and some jokes I thought were a little too nasty for their own good. However this episode is one of my personal favorates. Three of the highlights for me was seeing an Elementry School version of Indiana Jones which I thought was cute and hilarious. I just loved the injokes on his movies and I'll just say this is the way a lot of us would of loved to deal with bullies.

    Then there was a small skit based on an 80's superhero Rom (who litterally looks like a Cylon) fighting an idiot with a magnet. I wouldn't even call what they are doing a fight it was more like a stupid arguement. And that's what cracked me up how pointless the conflict really is and how

    simple and hard Rom made the sittuation where all he had to do was pull out his gun and kill the idiot. But of course Rom carelessless and witless got to close and the magnet guy got his gun and of course the stupid arguing continues.

    But I would say the best skit in this whole episode was Hogan's Heroes where we see all of the WWF characters with the actually voices of Hulk Hogan and Roudy Roddy Pipper which was great, in the old sitcom busting out of camp and then beating the crap out of Hitler and his cronies with their usual no holds barred wrestling and in the end they all settle the conflect with Hitler and the Nazi in the ring and well beat the crap out of them some more. Comic gold.moreless

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