Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (2)

  • Charlie Brown: Snoopy, have you seen Linus? He was supposed to walk me to chemo.

  • Linus: By the way, Val Kilmer's dead.

Notes (1)

  • Adult Swim Video airdate: December 7, 2007

Trivia (3)

  • The Stoop!d Monkey has made it with a Sock Monkey.

  • Emma Caulfield and Seth Green worked together on the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • The end credits are played by The Little Drummer Boy and Composite Santa from "A Very Dragonball Z Christmas".

Allusions (3)

  • When Snoopy is in his Batman costume, Sally thinks he's Val Kilmer, who potrayed Batman in the film Batman Forever.

  • The Charlie Brown skit, where Sally kidnaps Linus and forces him to write a love letter for her, is a spoof to the horror film Misery, which is about a woman who kidnaps a famous writer and forces him to write a novel just for her.

  • The scene where Hermie the elf is on a boat fishing and a gunshot is heard is a reference to Fredo's demise near the end of Francis Ford Coppola's film The Godfather II.