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  • Robotboy is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy. Upon hearing of Robotboy’s ability to spontaneously change into a fighting machine with the capability to wipe out entire armies, the evil genius Dr. Kamikazi, sets out to find Robotboy with hope of using him to enslave the world. Robotboy is sent to into hiding with a Tommy, who with the help of his friends Gus and Lola, teach Robotboy how to become a real boy as they keep him away from Dr. Kamikazi’s evil clutches. The series debuted in the U.K in November, each episode airing straight. The series is expected to have 52 episodes which is equal to 26 half hour episodes.moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 4 : Ep 13

    The Return of Robotgirl / Momma's Boy

    Aired 9/27/08

  • S 4 : Ep 12

    The Revenge of Protoboy / Everybody Loves Grandma

    Aired 9/20/08

  • S 4 : Ep 11

    Donny Turnbull's Day Off / Robomonkey Shines

    Aired 9/13/08

  • S 4 : Ep 10

    Bowling for Dummies / Tween for a Day

    Aired 9/6/08

  • S 4 : Ep 9

    Udder Madness / Bad Nanny!

    Aired 8/30/08

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tara Strong


  • Charlie Schlatter

    Tommy Turnbull/Dr Kamiakzi

  • Jason Davis


  • David Carradine

    Prof. Moshimo

  • Grey DeLisle


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  • JusticeLeaguer

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  • Quotes (58)

    • Gus: (After Sparky bit him) This isn't over! I'm going to get stitches, and maybe a rabies shot, then I'll be back.

    • Kamikazi: (Holding Tommy hostage) Robotboy! Surrender, or I'll, I'll... I can't say it on TV, but I'll do something very evil to the boy!

    • Kamikazi: All I ever wanted was to rule the world. Not too much to ask, but so long denied me.

    • Tommy: I'm sorry, Robotboy. Can you forgive me? Robotboy: No way. Tommy: No way? Robotboy: Just kidding!

    • Kamikazi: (About Gus) Foolish pot of lard! He'd eat his own head, if it was coated in sugar!

    • Gus: Mr. Forneai said I didn't deserve an F on that last test, but it was the lowest grade the school could give!

    • (Constantine reveals Constabot) Constabot: Kamikazi...drools. Kamikazi: Did he just say Kamikazi drools?

    • Robotboy: Okey dokey, Smokey!

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    Notes (40)

    • This episode aired during Cartoon Network's "Sneak Peek Week".

    • Cartoon Network UK Airdate: (For "Dog Ra") November 1st, 2005

    • Cartoon Network UK Airdate: June 11th, 2005.

    • In the UK, this is the 6th episode to air.

    • Cartoon Network UK Airdate: November 11th, 2005.

    • Cartoon Network UK Airdate: May 11th, 2005.

    • In the episode "Six Million Euro Man", Tommy said that he couldn't deactivate Robotboy while he was in his Superactivated form. However, in "Don't Fight It" he was able to so before Robotboy could destroy the video game store.

    • Cartoon Network UK Airdate: December 11th, 2005

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    Trivia (60)

    • Robotboy didn't say a single word in "War and Pieces."

    • "War and Pieces" marks the first appearance of Myu-Myu, Professor Moshimo's fiance.

    • In "War and Pieces", we learn that Lola has a crush on Tommy.

    • Goof: In this episode, Kamikazi and Gus' voices are different.

    • In "Dog Ra", Tommy calls the puppy "Sparky," but Gus calls him "Klothor, the Man-Slayer."

    • Robotboy doesn't speak in "Constantine Rising."

    • In "Teasebots", Kurt and his henchmen, Stu and Ooky, make their first apperances.

    • Constantine seems to be an orphan, if Kamikazi's threat of sending him "back to the orphanage" is anything to go by.

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    Allusions (30)

    • Title: War and Pieces This is a reference to the book 'War and Peace'

    • Title Pun: "Constantine Rising is a reference to the phrase "constant rising."

    • Title Pun: "The Donnienator" is a reference to "The Terminator" movie series.

    • Evil predecessor: The plotline of a mechanical entity having a preceding model that "went bad" has been done with Megaman (Protoman), Star Trek: The Next Generation (Data's brother, Lore), and Knight Rider (K.I.T.T.'s predecessor, K.A.R.R.).

    • Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi: The helicopter pilot said "We got 'em now". This is a line that a rebel pilot said in the 6th Star Wars film. He even has the pilot's helmet on.

    • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The building named "World's Greatest Chocolate Factory" looks like the chocolate factory from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

    • Title Pun: "Robot Love" is a reference to the term "puppy love."

    • Mona Lethal: Her name is a reference to the famous Mona Lisa painting.

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