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    What's with all the hate? It's a great show to watch in my opinion.

    By Oldnickolodeon34, May 04, 2014

    I'm amazed at how much hate this show gets, it's pretty damn underrated and one of Cn's best in my opinion. I used to watch this show a lot back when it came on and I remember liking it.

    This is about a robot named Robotboy who is a battle machine with dreams of becoming a real boy. Upon hearing of Robotboy's ability to spontaneously change into a fighting machine with the capability to wipe out entire armies, the evil genius Dr. Kamikazi, sets out to find Robotboy with hope of using him to enslave the world. Robotboy is sent to into hiding with Tommy,who with the help of his friends Gus and Lola, teach Robotboy how to become a real boy as they keep him away from Dr. Kamikazi's evil clutches. I don't get why people call this show a rip off of MLAATR because the show's premise doesn't sound similar. I think this show is an interesting robot story with likeable characters and decent storylines that mixes comedy and actions greatly.

    The characters are likeable and have good personalities except for Gus, he was funny occasionally but there was sometimes moments were he would get annoying and acted dumb and gross/was a selfish jerk to his friends, but he didn't prevent me from liking the show. Then there was the protagonist Robotboy who's dreams were to become a real boy, despite not having the ability to speak proper English, I can overlook it since he's a young Robot. He's probably the best character because I found it really cool how he had all those weapons when he became superactivated and he was cute as well. I'd also like to argue how the characters/designs are not rip offs of Other shows. Gus doesn't look like Cartman, despite sounding and acting a bit like him, people say that he's just the childish and gross version of Cartman when Gus is only older than Cartman by 2 years or so. Lola also doesn't look like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls.

    The plotlines are decent enough, despite taking bits out of other show's prime, it wasn't so unoriginal to the point where they tried to compete with Johnny Test's unoriginality.

    The animation is great and does flow nicely throughout the entire series with the characters moving smooth, especially when an action scene occurs. The art direction was done pretty well and the set designs are decent enough.

    This show was another great show from my childhood, too bad it was short lived. Out of all the shows that were playing when Cartoon Network was still good, this was one of the best, and I'm so angry it got cancelled and hasn't been on TV lately. Despite having a few flaws, I think Robotboy is a great cartoon. Sure, there were a couple bad episodes, and I wouldn't exactly call it a masterpiece unless you're really into shows about Robots, but this show is defanitley worth watching even if you don't like CN.


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    Too much hate?

    By FerrirGerras, Mar 17, 2013

    Ok, many people think of this as a big... rip-off

    But I personally think even "rip-offs" CAN be good.

    I enjoy this show, a lot to be honest with you. Robotboy is just.... cute, literally, and all the other characters are really likeable (Ok, Gus CAN kiss my precious treasure down there)

    But anyway, I would argue to death that this show did NOT rip-off other shows a lot have mentioned.... I am not lying.

    A scientist created a robot and hides it someplace else from an evil scientist... nope, did not see that elsewhere.

    A random boy gets that robot and the robot considers him as his owner and they become best friends together... did not see that anywhere else either.

    Many people can argue that this show is a rip-off, but I will always talk the other direction, and no one convinces me otherwise.

    I love that show, dazzit, okai?moreless

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    This Show was good

    By DeangeloHill1, Jul 17, 2012

    This was good I really liked it because of the fat boy he was funny as hell it was just like spongebob just with a robot Why people gatin know reason

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    Rips two things.

    By DreadAngelus, Jun 17, 2012

    What are they ripping off? Megaman and MLAATR.

    Plot: Robotboy, a robot created for unknown purpose by Dr. Moshimo, has decided to send him in safe place because some evil scientist called Dr. Kamikaze, wants to use him to take over the world. He was sent to a boy named Tommy, to keep him safe, and teach him how to act human. They should have explained the purpose of this bot.

    Characters: Tommy, a ripoff of Mac from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Gus is okay, Lola is whiny. His big brother that bullies him is a fattened version of Terrence. Terrence is more awesome and funny, while this one only serves as an annoyance and may make you to wish to beat his face. Robotboy, a rip-off of Jenny's little brother and also Megaman. Protoboy, rip-off of the badass Protoman. *whistles* Robotgirl, is one of the good characters along with Gus. Now when it comes to his school, it's now a rip-off of Fairly OddParents. For example, the bully Kurt? is it kurt? is a rip-off of Francis. and the blond girl is a rip-off of Trixie. Dr. Moshimo and Dr. Kamikaze is very generic. Now on voice acting, some are terrible, some are good.

    Action/Humor value: Humor can be nice at rare times, but most of them are pointless. The action value here is nada because it's kiddish.

    Art: Good, animation is good. A good point of this show.

    Overall: -1.3. If it wasn't for it's ripping off nature, it would be a good show. Now, Megaman is my favorite robot of all times, and I don't like him being ripped-off. Megaman laid foundations among the robotic concepts along with Transformers. See Jenny Wakeman? Her design is a little inspired by Megaman, Megaman X to be exact. See her legs? Compare it from the characters on Megaman X.moreless

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    This show is really dumb and stupid!

    By brown_cows, Apr 06, 2012

    About this robot thing who can turn into a killing machine, and who dreams of becoming a real boy. But an evil genius named Dr. Kamikaze wants to use the robot so he can take over the world, or whatever.Just enslave everyone. But the robot has got to hide before anything bad happens to him. Along the way, he finds a boy and his friends and the boy decides to keep him. Then, they all have adventures while trying to hide the robot from Dr. Kamikaze. This show sucks for a few reasons:1.I don't know, the whole show sounds just plain lame, and yes I have watched it, thank you! 2.Crappy plot. I think I have heard half of this before. 3.Just flat-out gay It could spoil the potential for Cartoon Network. So, if you have never heard of this, or seen it, then don't even take a tiny glimpse at it, because you could be hypnotized into liking a complete piece of crap!moreless

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    Used to like this show!

    By Ed-Ventures, Oct 12, 2011

    I watched this show first back when it first aired and quite enjoyed it I would then watch it when I stayed at my grans at one in the morning then when I got to old to stay at my grans I had only watched it the odd time after this. I think this show is a good robot hero story with funny characters and some episodes have good storys. I would overall say it's worth a chance to watch a few episodes to see if you like it!moreless

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    To be honest, if I were to think of a more unoriginal, mundane and just overall more annoying TV show I'd have a hard time.

    By georgesheardex9, Jun 29, 2011

    Takes itself too seriously, whilst being a bore and a general annoyance. I am writing this as I am watching it.

    So, there's this incredibly wussy kid by the name of 'Tommy' who gets victimised by little girls. Then there's this deranged madman who sounds like a bad impression of Adolf Hitler on a Saturday night. Uggh... The voices. Those horrible, wretched voices. Akin to repeatedly scratch nails on a chalkboard. We've also got this incredibly whiny Cartman-esque wimp who is a narcissistic asshat. Terrible.

    In conclusion, this show is just bad. It takes elements of Transformers and South Park and screws up what made those shows good.moreless

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    This Show Is Loved

    By earlywiggles93, Apr 10, 2011

    This Cartoon Is The One Best Of Robot's Creativity Who Have Creation Ever.Robotboy Maybe Look Normal Robot But He 's Conceal His Superweapon(Superactivate) To Show One's Capability Of This Uncommon Robot.

    Robotboy is a pretty decent cartoon and isn't as bad as most people say.

    Clever and well animated cartoon!

    Robot Boy" isn't as bad as some others here make it, but it's not exactly must-see, either.

    It's not really a bad show or anything, it just seems a bit unoriginal. It's actually quite similar to "My Life as a Teenage Robot", except with a male character this time instead of a girl. The character even sorta looks like Jenny (or XJ9) from MLAATR. Plus, he wants to be a real boy, same with Jenny (except she wants to be a girl). But other then that the show doesn't seem to bad, maybe not something I'd watch everyday, but really good for some people. I'd have to say if you like MLAATR or Astro Boy, you'd probably might like this too. Robotboy is my favourite TV show, and I would watch it over anything else.

    Robotboy is a blue and white battle robot with three distinct modes. Deactivated, activated, and superactived. In his deactivated mode he becomes so small he can fit in a backpack, in active mode he is about the same size as a child, and in superactive mode he becomes about 4 times as big as a normal child.

    He was created by Prof. Moshimo, a balding genius, but when word got out, a little known 'genius', Dr. Kamikazi, tryed to steal him. Moshimo gave Robotboy to Tommy, in a hope to protect him.

    Tommy and Robotboy quickly became best friends, and continue to thwart Kamikazi's attempts to capture him to this very day...

    A boy that is a robot who in there right mind cares?Tommy goes different places and has different adventures but in every one so far the robotboy always saves the citymoreless

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    Robotgirl was the only thing about this show I liked, and the art direction. The plot's My Life as a Teenage Robot--with her robot brother.

    By Bartimpson, Apr 10, 2011

    Wow. Robots wanting to be real humans-where have we heard that before? Oh yeah...My Life as a Teenage Robot. Everything about the show is a ripoff of MLAATR--Gus=Tuck, Lola=short Brad, Tommy=Mac from Foster's, just blond. Robotboy=Jenny's little brother. Or cousin. The voices are all annoying-which is a VERY bad combination with awesome/sub-par animation, your mileage definitely varies. The mad scientist is like Nora Wakeman's dad--his daughter's less annoying than him, if he is her father. Robotgirl was pretty much the only good thing about this ripoff I did like and I'm surprised it has returned. My apologies to the people who actually like this show, but it just didn't mesh.


    b. impsonmoreless

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