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  • 7.8

    Even tho Roc's head looked like a ROC, this show was pretty good.

    By ez1jb, May 18, 2011

    Roc played a Baltimore trash collector, not a junk man like Sanford & Son, who lives with his wise-cracking elderly father and playboy/musician brother Joey. Although Roc did tend to overact in some scenes, that was often part of the appeal and humor of the show. Think Frazier on the flip side. I don't think this show got the credit it deserved.

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    Hailed as a modern day "The Honeymooners", theater actors make this a must see. Charles S. Dutton and company show all that come after how to put on a well written and very entertaining sitcom that doesn't insult and doesn't rely on buffoon type antics.

    By lazstace, Aug 23, 2005

    Between "Roc" and "King of Queens", the movie remake of the classic sitcom, "The Honeymooners" was totally unecessary.

    Charles S. Dutton caputes the spirit of a modern day "Ralph Kramden" with his thrifty qualities; holding on tight to his money, constant arguements with his family ... Though the love between "Roc" and "Eleanor" is displayed more often and in depth than "Ralph & Alice".

    Like with Bill Cosby's sitcoms, "Roc" manages to take issues like homelessness, drugs, unemployment and wrapped them up in a package that allows you to get lost in the episode. Also, we get see "fogotten" personalities like Kim Fields, Richard Roundtree and Oscar Brown Jr. in delightful guest starring roles.

    This show goes in the same category as: Frank's Place, The Cosby Show, Cosby, A Different World, Linc's and South Central.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Roc was a true classic.

    By fluffybear, Aug 06, 2005

    Roc was on my favorites and I was very sorry to see that FOX dropped the show only after a few years. The actors in the show were talented and could deliver their lines and make you believe you were right there with them.

    When FOX took the chance and took ROC Live it was a bold move and a risky gamble but yet the actors held up and showed what their stage talents could do.

    Rocky Carrol and Carl Gordon were the perfect additions to the show has they added that true element of family life which is missing from many shows.moreless

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