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  • In the opening, Roc is in front of the tv watching The Simpsons, another Fox series. Bart Simpson, voiced by Nancy Cartwright can be heard.

  • postponed from September 1, 1991

  • This was the first episode to air live on FOX.

  • This is considered the lost episode as FOX chose not to air it first run due to content containing a controversial topic

  • As of this episode, the series is now being taped live. Before this series, the last sitcom series to ever tape a live show was The Honeymooners.

  • A new opening credit appears and the original theme song is replaced with a different song recorded by En Vogue. This new opening is used for the remainder of the series.

  • Alexis Fields becomes a regular on the show. The show is now on Tuesdays (the lowest rated night on Fox).

  • One unique thing about this show was the fact they birth a child in the middle of the season rather than the season premeire or season finale.

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