Rocket Power

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Quotes (170)

  • (Sam is in the pool) Twister: Otto, why the water next to Squid so warm? Otto: Sammy, you freak! You didn't! Sam: What? I just jumped in! Otto: Now I know why Stimpleton called you the "Whiz Kid"!

  • Twister: Hey, I can wipe out too. Seriously. Otto: Spoken like a true squid, Twister. Twister: I'm sick of being the squid. Otto: It's a tough job, but somebody has to be the squid.

  • Reggie: Hello! I'm shooting frame grabs for the Zine, remember? I got enough shots of you wiping out, Otto. Now get serious. Otto: My wipeouts are serious, Reggie.

  • Twister: Nice pants. Expecting snow? Sam: I haven't unpacked my shorts yet. Reggie: Where are you from? Sam: Kansas. Otto: How's the surf? Sam: No ocean. Reggie: What about snowboarding? Sam: Too flat. Reggie: Street hockey? Sam: If you mean Roller Hockey, yeah, they play that. Otto: Cool! Now we have a quad team! Sam: Great, What's a quad team?

  • Otto: These trucks are too loose. We need to tighten them for high speeds. Twister: I can't believe how much work a skateboard needs. Reggie: Putting stickers on your board doesn't exactly qualify as work, Squid. Twister: Don't call me Squid! (looks at Violet and Sam) What?

  • Sam's mom: Aw, don't be so glum, honey. Get out and make some new friends. Tell them about your good grades. Sam: But I was going to spend the next 11 years in front of the TV.

  • Otto: I wonder if he plays street hockey. Twister: Looks more like a puck than a player.

  • Sam's mom: Sam, honey, don't forget your inhaler.

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Notes (102)

  • Character Debuts: Tito, Reggie, Otto, Sam, Twister, Ray, Lars, Pi, Sputz, Paula Dullard, Merv Stimpleton, and Violet Stimpleton.

  • Reggie's magazine's name is the Zine.

  • Sam gains the nickname "Squid" and is also turned into the goalie of the team.

  • The first time Reggie's magazine is mentioned.

  • "La Cacucaracha" is heard on the ice cream truck in "Secret Spot".

  • Character Debuts: Cleo

  • Character Debuts: Officer Shirley and Eddie.

  • Character Debuts: Conroy Blanc, Mackenzie, Lame-O The Clown, Trish, and Sherry.

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Trivia (126)

  • In the first episode, Sam is said to be from Kansas, but he has the letter N on his shirt. Sam was originally going to be from New York, but word never got to the artist, so that is why the N is there.

  • In "Down The Drain," when Twister was shooting footage of Otto in the empty pool, Twister was standing right in the middle of it as Otto passes him. But in the next shot, Twister is next to Reggie and Squid, who are on the outside of the pool looking at Otto.

  • This episode is the first appearance of Madtown Skatepark, which is actually built in a later episode in Season 1.

  • Mount Baldy is actually in Idaho. It is a very long ride to get there from Ocean Shores.

  • When Reggie gets hit with the ice spray and hits Sam with the hockey puck, Sam mentions he is still getting ready. When the next scene shows the gang on the ice, Sam is there, totally suited up.

  • When Reggie is ice skating (in Cleo's place), Otto yells "Rip it up, Reg!" in Twister's voice!

  • In the background in "Otto 3000" when Otto was talking about how mad Reggie was, a skater in the bowl turns into a dolphin.

  • When Sam is looking at the garage band, in one scene he has on his helmet, the next he doesn't, then it's back on again.

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Allusions (31)

  • New squid on the block is an allusion of the boy band New Kids on the Block.

  • In Night Prowlers while Reggie and Otto are trying to sneak out of the house, Ray is talking in his sleep saying, "Now bring that birthday cake in from the rain. It took so long to make it." This line alludes to the lyrics in the song MacAruthur Park written by Jimmy Webb and sung by Richard Harris. The actual lyrics are: "Someone left the cake out in the rain. I don't think that I can take it 'cause it took so long to bake it."

  • Title: Banned on the Run Most likely a spoof of the song "Band On The Run" by the Beatles.

  • Episode Title: Rainy Days and Sundaes
    This is an allusion to The Carpenter's song, "Rainy Days and Mondays".

  • Otto's Stuffed Bear: Mr. Timothy Tiddwell. "Timothy Tiddwell" is a gag to the actor "Timothy Trippwell."

  • Episode Title: Lost and Find
    This is an allusion to the Lost and Found, which is a place to go if you have lost something.

  • Lars: You sound like one of those little guys in that movie about the tornado! (mocking tone) "It's a twister! It's a twister!"

    Lars is talking about the Munchkins from the classic movie The Wizard of Oz (1939), whom spoke in high-pitched chipmunk-like voices, which was how the kids' voices sounded when the Fiji flu affected them.

  • Wrath of Don elements
    This episode is very similar similar to an old episode of The Littles called Just A Little Drunk where Henry and the Littles find out the truth that their movie star hero is rough and complaining, and that he doesn't do his own stunts. Here, the reason the movie star acts like this is because he is an alcoholic, and in this Rocket Power episode, Donnie is just a jerk.

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