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  • S 3 : Ep 13

    Ro Trip (2)

    Aired 7/23/06

  • S 3 : Ep 12

    Ro Trip (1)

    Aired 7/23/06

  • S 3 : Ep 11

    Tee'd Off

    Aired 7/9/06

  • S 3 : Ep 10

    Sell Out

    Aired 6/25/06

  • S 3 : Ep 9

    Double Dating

    Aired 6/18/06

  • Cast & Crew
  • Victoria Jackson

    Mrs. Marie Rogers (Seasons 1-2)

  • Master P

    Percy Miller

  • Lil' Romeo

    Romeo Miller

  • Natashia Williams

    Angeline (Season 3-)

  • Zachary Isaiah Williams

    Gary Miller

  • show Description
  • When you've got a rapping, record producing dad, two brothers and a sister to deal with, life can be pretty crazy. But aspiring rapper and middle school b-ball star Romeo Miller never loses his cool. Well, almost never. Music holds the Miller family together, and no matter how much they argue or get on each other's nerves, they always end up in harmony. Well, almost always... Tune in and raise the roof with real-life father-and-son team Master P and Lil' Romeo! Character Guide Romeo Miller: Romeo wants to make it big and he wants to make it big NOW! A little bit rapper and a little bit basketball star, Romeo is a whole lot of mischievous. He's quick to find himself in trouble, but he's just as quick to sweet talk his way out of any situation. Romeo digs shooting hoops, rapping with his group Pieces of the Puzzle, and hanging with his family-which is a good thing, since they also happen to be in his band. He has a vivid imagination and wants to conquer the world-but first he's gotta conquer middle school... Percy Miller: Percy's a hard-working record executive who deals with musicians all day long-which is a piece of cake compared to what he deals with at home. Percy's a great dad who always seems to find out about the trouble his four kids are getting into, even when he's on the road. His musical talent definitely rubbed off on his kids, who are determined to make it in the music biz. But they won't be getting an easy in from Dad-Percy's favorite piece of fatherly advice is that "If you want something bad enough, you'll figure out how to get it on your own." Jodi Miller: Romeo's older sister Jodi gets straight As, is supremely popular and has tons of boyfriends and a booming voice she lends to the family band. Jodi's got it goin' on-and she knows it. Though she tries to make it seem like being so together comes naturally, she works hard to stay on top. Jodi's biggest pet peeve? Being told what to do. She's got all the answers and thinks she's always right-until her dad comes home, at least. Louis Testaverde: Though he wasn't born into the family, the newest member of the Miller clan has certainly become a crucial part of the mix-not to mention the band. The Millers adopted Louis a few years back, and he quickly became Romeo's best friend and partner in crime. Unlike his brother Romeo, who's like a magnet for trouble, Louis likes to think things through. Not that all that thinking ever stops him from going along with Romeo's convoluted schemes anyway... Gary Miller: Gary's the baby of the Miller family. He looks up to his brothers, sister and dad, and can basically get away with whatever he wants because he's got the cute thing going on. Gary's also a member of the family band, Pieces of the Puzzle. He's got a great ear for music, but his musical tastes don't always do it for the rest of the family. But hey, he's only six! Myra Salinger: Myra's the Millers' next door neighbor and Romeo's enemy number one. She's had a crush on Romeo since...well...forever, and the fact that he's becoming a big time musician only makes her more determined to be his girlfriend. But even though Myra is completely and totally annoying, Romeo can't deny she's a great listener, and sometimes even asks her advice when there's no one else around. And believe it or not, he usually doesn't regret it. Usually! Angeline: (Season 3-) When Angeline met Percy a year ago, it was clear her life was never going to be the same. After they got married, she became the Miller kids' stepmom. Angeline's an extremely kind, loving and smart mom, and she keeps the Millers on their toes with her uncanny ability to figure out what everyone in the room is thinking-just by looking at them! As an architect, Angeline uses blueprints to plan her projects, but it looks like she's already got the Millers all mapped out! Mrs. Rogers: (Season's 1-2 only) Mrs.Rogers is the Live-in nanny for the Miller family, although she cant do the same things as all the other Nanny's like cook,clean, or help the children with their homework, shes still good and funny. Opening Theme Song Lyrics Hey Ro watch and flo, Its time for The Romeo Show, Holla Romeo Show now Romeo's on now, Stop what ya doing 'cause Romeo's on now. I'm ready to rumble, Mix it like gumbo, The Romeo Show, Competition I crumble, I mean I can't be stopped, I will not quit, 'cause me and the man make straight up hits. So adi adi oh, Adi adi Ro, It's time for the Romeo show, Where kids have fun they can catch ya get some, Peer pressure aint nuthin, Real life outcome, Okay! Guide Clean-Up Over the coming months, watch for new information on new and old episodes and a clean-up on various sections of the guide as the guide is given a complete clean-up. New information on a variation of episodes is currently being posted as they air. Most recently posted information: Tag Along - 3/12/05 Rap Off - 2/28/05 Art of Deception - 2/25/05 Speechless In Seattle - 2/19/05 If I Had a Hacksaw - 2/19/05 Slam Dunk - 2/15/05 Pinhead - 2/14/05 Blowing Up - 2/6/05 Good Press - 2/6/05 When The Cat's Away - 2/4/05 Minimum Cool - 2/4/05 Let's Make a Deal - 1/31/05 He Got Blame - 1/30/05 A Matter Of Principal - 1/30/05moreless

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (134)

    • Mrs. Rogers: (Talking about what she's bringing with her for the race) My cheese wheel!
      Jodi: What's the cheese wheel for?
      Mrs. Rogers: Never travel without a cheese wheel. Whad'ya think I am, insane? (Mrs. Rogers walks away)
      Jodi: Now why would I think that?

    • Romeo: Dang, Louis! you let the wambat zombie bite of my head!
      Louis: It'll grow back.

    • Jodi: What happened to you?
      Mrs. Rogers: Well, uh, well, I was running along and I was doing really well, and then suddenly my knees got mad at me.
      Jodi: Huh?!
      Mrs. Rogers: Oh yeah. They were so mad, that they caused my thighs to cramp, and then my thighs caught an attitude, and they sent a spasm into my lower back.
      Jodi: Well, why didn't you call me?
      Mrs. Rogers: I tried. But, my lower back got t'd off, and sent a jolting pain, through my body, that constricted my throat, and then I keeled over, in that gentlemen's hedge, and I loaded into his wheelbarrel. (Mrs. Rogers starts to cry)

    • Louis: (Talking about Romeo playing video games) Look at him go!
      Mick: Dude, you're insane!
      Romeo: Yeah, baby. I'm in the zone! I'm the game and the games is the Ro.
      Mick: Aw, you got sick skills man!
      : I'm just warming up.
      : Nothings gonna stop us from winning.
      Romeo: Yeah! (Romeo starts doing dance) Who's bad? I'm bad!

    • Louis: I only got 63,004 points! I guess I should've brought my lucky rock.
      Mick: Better be a pretty big rock to help that score.

    • Romeo: (Playing one-on-one basketball with Louis) Romeo Miller, grabs the rock, fakes left, fakes right, oohhh! Goes by Louis like he's not even there.
      Louis: Man you walked!
      Romeo: Man, I flew!

    • Louis: OK Ro, now I got my lucky rock! So, its time for me, to school you.
      Romeo: School me!? Son, I got a PHD in make you look a fool. I got a master degree, in three pointers. I'm the doctor of dunkology.
      Louis: (Louis scores a layup against Romeo) You were saying, doc.
      Romeo: Hey. You got real skills you don't need no lucky rock.
      Gary: C'mon guys, can I play now?!
      Romeo: Watch and learn peewee. I'm the boss, and this is my office. (Romeo does a slam dunk and breaks the rim)
      Gary: Woah.
      : Way to go, Shaq. Now what're we gonna do?
      Gary: Can I play now?
      Romeo: OK Gary, now you can play. (Gary gets taped to backboard and pretends to be a basket)
      Gary: This is not what I meant!

    • Gary: Hello sir. I came to tryout for the team.
      Louis: You can't be on the team, but, you can watch.
      Gary: But I can really play!
      Louis: Gary, this is my team, and, I say you're too little, so, the answer's no.
      Gary: Man! That stinks! (Jumps on Louis' foot)

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    Notes (71)

    • Nickelodeon Magazine announced the pilot, but disclosed no further details.

    • When Romeo and Louis went to the radio station, they put on the song "Bring It" which is song number seven on Romeo's album "Gametime."

    • The name of Louis' video game team was "The Insane Game Posse".

    • Myra (Brittney Wilson) doesn't appear in this episode.

    • Also known as He Got Shame.

    • Myra (Brittney Wilson) doesn't appear in this episode.

    • What it said on Gary's contract: REALLY BINDING CONTRACT! I, Jodi Miller, promise not to disrespect Gary Miller ever again. And to make up for the cracks I made, I owe you big time, and will do whatever it takes to pay you back.

    • Romeo and Louis go to Hendrix Middle School.

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    Trivia (14)

    • When the nannies are talking to Romeo's dad you can see Romeo outside if you look closely.

    • How could Romeo not have seen the "fine print" on the paper from Jive Hive Enterpises? It was located in the middle of the back side of the page in large print!

    • If Romeo could see out of the locker, then it was pointless to ask Louis if it was clear.

    • In the first episode Mrs.Rogers said she had 13 siblings and now she said she had 17 siblings.

    • Principal Gurjit Ramawad is credited as Principal Van Buskirk.

    • When Romeo is singing, in some shots, he is wearing his sunglasses, in other shots, they are on top of his head.

    • Gery does a commercial about olives but in reality he hates olives.

    • Near the end of the episode, when Lou is talking to Myra one shot has her shirt off to the left, and in the next shot its straight up.

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    Allusions (11)

    • Magazine Ad: Jive Hive Enterprises
      The magazine ad "Jive Hive Enterprises," which Romeo and Louis send $100 dollars to, is a reference to the record label "Jive Enterprises."

    • Myra: (to Romeo) Kiss me, you fool.
      "Kiss Me You Fool" is a song by Northern Pikes.

    • Louis: (to Myra) Don't feel bad. You've been punked by the masters.
      Punk'd is a reality show on MTV in which celebrities are pranked, or "punked," by various members of a team of cunning actors.

    • Percy Miller: (to Mrs. Rogers) Play that funky music, nanny.
      Mr. Miller parodies the James Brown song "Play That Funky Music, White Boy."

    • Title: "Water, Water, Everywhere!"
      The title comes from the saying "Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink."

    • none: You've Got Some Splainin' to Do
      A quote from I Love Lucy. Ricky would say this when he discovered Lucy's plan.

    • Gary: And so, you're fired!
      When Gary is firing Marco from his paper route, he is sitting at a table and says the exact words and does the same hand motion that Donald Trump says and does when he fires someone from his show The Celebrity Apprentice.

    • Episode Title: Speechless in Seattle
      The title of this episode "Speechless In Seattle", is a reference to the 1993 movie, Sleepless in Seattle, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

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