Thanksgiving '91

Season 4, Ep 10, Aired 11/26/91
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  • Episode Description
  • Thanksgiving brings four generations together to cope with a surprise announcement from Bev.

  • Cast & Crew
  • John Goodman

    Dan Conner

  • Laurie Metcalf

    Jackie Harris

  • Sara Gilbert

    Darlene Conner Healy

  • Michael Fishman

    David Jacob "D.J." Conner

  • Brad Isaacs

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    • Darlene: It's so phony here, all the kids from my junior high school have totally changed. They think I'm some kind of freak just because I don't kiss up to the juniors and seniors. Nana Mary: I know exactly how you feel. Where I come from if you don't play bridge 12 hours a day, they think you're a Communist. Darlene: Why can't people just let you be yourself? Have you ever felt like you don't want to talk to anybody? Like you just need to figure things out? It's like I get a perfect image in my head about what I want to be, but then I go to school and all of a sudden I'm just a total geek again. Nana Mary: You're young, you've got to give it time. Darlene: Yeah well tell that to my parents. They always want to know what the problem is but how am I supposed to tell them if I don't even know? Nana Mary: Darlene, you've got to be patient with them.

    • Darlene: I can't wait to get a place of my own. Nana Mary: Why don't you try New York? They've got great Chinese food.

    • Dan: (about Darlene) She just wants to be left alone. Nana Mary: Who doesn't?

    • Roseanne: You're her mother, do something! Nana Mary: When she asks me for my help, I'll arrange to have your father killed. Until then, you have to understand, she's scared, she doesn't know how to live alone. I don't know, maybe it's my fault, maybe it's the way I raised her, maybe I should blame myself, who the hell needs that?

    • Nana Mary: How long has the affair been going on? Bev: Well I've known about it for a couple of years. And this morning he finally decided to tell me. Roseanne: So he's been seeing some office tramp for a couple of years and you never said anything? Nana Mary: Come on, Beverly grow up! I mean you can't let a man walk all over you like that. Bev: I didn't want to rock the boat. Roseanne: What boat? You don't have a boat, you have a lousy marriage. Bev: Watch your mouth, young lady. Roseanne: No I'm serious, this is serious stuff, people get divorced over stuff like this!

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