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  • Roswell is about teenage alien/human hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico who attempted to survive as humans and hide their alien sides, while trying to learn more about their alien powers, as well as figuring out how to get home. Roswell intertwined romance and science fiction that always kept you guessing. BOOK SERIES: The television show was based on the "Roswell High" series of books written by Melinda Metz. The books now carry on with stories after the TV series ended. THEME SONG: The theme song was Here With Me, performed by Dido. FILMING LOCATION: The series was filmed on location in West Covina, California, USA. Fans purchased the original location of the "Crashdown Cafe" and converted it into a real restaurant, later named "Citrus Grill". BROADCASTING: The series first aired on The WB and then was moved to UPN for its final season.moreless

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  • S 3 : Ep 18


    Aired 5/14/02

  • S 3 : Ep 17

    Four Aliens and A Baby

    Aired 5/7/02

  • S 3 : Ep 16


    Aired 4/30/02

  • S 3 : Ep 15

    Who Died and Made You King?

    Aired 4/23/02

  • S 3 : Ep 14

    Chant Down Babylon

    Aired 2/26/02

  • Cast & Crew
  • William Sadler

    Sheriff Jim Valenti

  • Shiri Appleby

    'Liz' Elizabeth Parker Evans

  • Katherine Heigl

    Isabel Amanda Evans Ramirez

  • Colin Hanks

    Alex Charles Whitman (Season 1-2)

  • Adam Rodriguez

    Jesse Esteban Ramirez (Season 3)

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    • Michael: So with this picture, what we're saying is there's more of us?
      Max: One more. At least there was in 1959.
      Michael: So then there's hope. I mean, if we can find him, he can tell us where we came from, what we are...
      Isabel: Michael, calm down. We had one potential relative 40 years ago. All we know about him is he was a potential killer.

    • Liz: Okay. All right. Here we go. Where did you come from?
      Max: I don't know. When the ship crashed I wasn't born yet.
      Liz: So there was a crash?
      Max: All I know is it wasn't a weather balloon that fell that night.
      Liz: The ship crashed in 1947... you're 16?
      Max: We were in some kind of incubation pods.
      Liz: We?
      Max: Isabel and Michael are also...uh...
      Liz: Okay, well, that, answers, um, that question. Um, what powers do you have?
      Max: We can connect with people, as uh, you know. We can manipulate molecular structures, and...we can....
      Liz: Wait, what does that mean?
      (Max goes to a clay sculpture on a nearby table and moves his hand in front of it, the shape changes)
      Max: That's, uh, that's how I healed you.
      Liz: Max, who else knows this?
      Max: No one.
      Liz: What about your parents?
      Max: We don't tell anyone. We sorta think our lives depend on it.
      Liz: So when you healed me you risked all of this getting out, didn't you?
      Max: Yeah.
      Liz: Why??
      Max: It was you.

    • Max: I can’t imagine how you must feel right now. I mean, I’ve thought about telling you a thousand times. Liz: You have? Me? (Max looks at Liz and smiles) Liz: What? Max: Sorry. I just...I just keep picturing you in that dress with the cupcakes on it. Liz: What? Max: Forget it. It was a long time ago. Liz: Oh...Oh my god. (she laughs) That’s right. I can’t believe I actually wore that thing. I…I had that dress in kindergarten. I didn’t know you until the third grade. Did you like read my mind or something? Max: I don’t read minds. When I healed you, I made this...I don’t know, connection...and I got this rush of images. An image of that dress flashed into my mind…and I knew how you felt about it. Liz: How did I feel about it? Max: It was the single supreme embarrassment of your life. But your Mom made it for you. She was so proud of it. She never made a dress before. So you wore it. For her sake. I’ve never tried this before…but maybe I could make the connection go the other you can see, you know, that I’m still me. I have to touch you. Now just take deep breaths and try and let your mind blank out.

    • Max: So you’re dating the sheriff’s son? Liz: Yeah, it’s like this totally casual sort of…Max, can we just focus here for a minute, please? (she raises her shirt and shows Max the silver handprint on her stomach) I scraped some cells from your pencil. This is really weird to say. I’m trying really hard to keep from blacking out there. The cells weren’t normal. So, Max, what I’m going to suggest to you…is that we just go back in to the bio lab now…so that I can see what I’m thinking is wrong. That I got the wrong cells. Max: You didn’t. Liz: Okay, um. So help me out here, Max. I mean…what are you? Max: Well, I’m not from around here. Liz: Where are you from? (Max points upward) Liz: Up north? (Max raises his finger higher) Liz: You’re not alien, I mean…Are you? Max: Well I prefer the term, “Not of this Earth.” Sorry. Not a good time to joke. Yeah, I am. Wow, it’s weird to actually say it. (Liz stares at him and then starts to leave) Liz: Um, I have to go. You know, I’m going to be late for my US Government class. So I’m just gonna- (She reaches the door but Max holds it close) Max: Liz, listen to me. You can’t talk to anyone about this. Not your parents, not Maria, no one. You don’t understand what’ll happen if you do. Now my life is in your hands.

    • Liz: September 23rd. Journal entry one. I'm Liz Parker, and five days ago, I died. After that, things got really weird...

    • Liz: It's September 24th, I'm Liz Parker, and five days ago, I died. But then the really amazing thing happened. I came to life.

    • Liz: I could feel everything he was feeling. I could feel his loneliness. For the first time, I was really seeing Max Evans. I saw me as he saw me, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, I was beautiful.

    • Max: Liz won't tell anyone, she's different. Michael: Really? So how's she react when you told her? 'Great, you're an alien, that's fantastic.'

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    Notes (46)

    • This episode was nominated for the 2000 Excellence in Production Design Award for "Television Series".

    • Even though he's credited, Colin Hanks (Alex) does not appear in this episode.

    • Even though he's credited, William Sadler (Sheriff Valenti) does not appear in this episode.

    • Even though he's credited, Colin Hanks (Alex) does not appear in this episode.

    • Even though he is credited, Colin Hanks (Alex) does not appear in this episode.

    • Even though he is credited, William Sadler (Sheriff Valenti) does not appear in this episode.

    • Even though they are credited, William Sadler (Sheriff Valenti) and Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti) do not appear in this episode.

    • Even though he is credited, Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti) does not appear in this episode.

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    Trivia (272)

    • We learn that the aliens are able to change molecular structure of basically anything. If so, why would Max not "fix" the bullet hole on Liz' dress, thus removing proof that she was actually shot?

    • When Max healed Liz at the beginning of the episode he had his right hand under her neck and used his left hand to heal her. His thumb was pointed upwards toward her head. Later when Liz showed Max the hand print on her stomach it was a right-handed print with the thumb pointing downward. The hand print was also wrong when Kyle accidentally saw it when he took Liz home.

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode - -Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry -Fear by Sarah McLachlan -I Think I'm Paranoid by Garbage -Boys On The Radio by Hole -Hey Man, Nice Shot by Filter -Shake It by The Hippos -Hallucination Generation by Hexx -Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band -Pick A Part That's New by Stereophonics -Take A Picture by Filter -Novacane by Beck -Torn by Creed -Colorblind by Counting Crows -All I Really Want by Goldo

    • TRIVIA: The powers used in this episode:
      -Max heals Liz's bullet wound, thus saving her life. He is considerably drained by the act to the verge of near collapse, but is able to run out of the Crashdown with vigor.
      -Max's cells are very much alive when Liz views them under the microscope, as opposed to hers. This may suggest regenerative powers.
      -Isabel heats up a taco with the palm of her hand.
      -On the trip back from eating, Isabel is playing a CD by having it close to her ear.
      -Max induces a vision for Liz to see into his past.
      -Max changed the molecular structure of a clay sculpture to appear blank before changing it back.

    • TRIVIA: The part where Max raises his finger to tell Liz where he's from originated from the TV series The X-Files. David Nutter worked on the show and in the episode "Little Green Men". Mike Gomez did a similar thing.

    • When Max's hand is first seen on her belly before healing Liz, there is blood in his nail. Yet later his hand is shown in many shots, and the blood has disappeared.

    • At the start of the episode, Liz says that it's September 23rd and five days ago she died. Then, at the end, she says that it's September 24th and five days ago she died, but wouldn't it be six days by then?

    • TRIVIA: This is the only episode of Roswell that didn't include opening credits.

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    Allusions (59)

    • Valenti: Watch your speed. Arrive alive.
      This was an anti-speeding (and also anti-DUI) campaign that the DMV used.

    • Liz: Okay, I have got one - Sigourney Weaver, that's for you. And one - Will Smith.
      References to two actors who starred in alien movies. Sigourney Weaver is an actress who is famous for her roles in the Alien series of films. Will Smith starred in the Men in Black films and in Independence Day film.

    • Maria: The guy with the gun, was kinda like a muscular Beavis, you know, and then the other one was a like a beefy Butthead.
      This is a reference to the cartoon series Beavis and Butthead.

    • Maria: Okay, so one trip to the eraser room and you’re like above working? Go get your uniform on, Madonna.
      Madonna is an American singer and actress who was known to be quite promiscuus back in the day.

    • Isabel: Ricky Martin in the shower.
      Ricky Martin is a Latin pop star who has had a string of hits on charts worldwide and is also an actor.

    • Topolsky: He hasn't set foot in school since I've been here. But, if Muhammad doesn't come to the mountain...
      Muhammad is a key figure in the Islam faith. They believe that he was a prophet of God and it is said that Muhammad often went to the mountains near Mecca to pray, and in those mountains is where the Angel Gabriel told him about some verses of God, which are now known as the Qur'an.

    • Maria: Admittedly, he's not James Bond, but he's all we've got right now.
      James Bond is a fictional spy and is also known as 007. There have been numerous movies and television shows about the British spy, based on novels by Ian Fleming.

    • Maria (to Isabel): Queen Amidala!
      Queen Amidala or Padmè is a fictional character in the Star Wars films. She was portrayed by Natalie Portman.

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